Strawberry Cough Feminized


Genetics 80% Sativa / Indica 20%
Climate Indoor
Yield 625g/m2
Height 3m
Flowering Time 65 days
Effect Stoned High
THC Level High
Growing Easy


Strawberry Cough FeminizedThe Strawberry Cough Feminized strain hailed from New York, USA.  The strain got its name from its characteristics. The strain is quite expectorant. The taste is like strawberry, thus, the name. Its genetic foundation is a combination of a Sativa strain which has a strong Haze component named Cough, as well as an Indica strain named Strawberry.  This strain came out in the film ‘Children of Men’, making it popular among growers and users alike.

Overall Appearance, Growth and Effects

Because of its Strawberry hint, smokers can expect a sweet and fruity taste of strawberries when smoking this strain. It is a sativa dominant hybrid which is the reason why it grows well as a plant. It comes with a balanced structure, and short distances between nodes. It is very easy to grow with a short flowering time of 65 days. It also results to a stoned high effect, which is clean and long lasting. While it is a 20% Indica strain, the yield is pretty similar to that of many in the Indica family. As a result, the Strawberry Cough Feminized strain is favored by many growers because it yields highly, just like an indica. For this very reason as well, this strain is the best hybrid that can combine together the best of each strains which it has been created from. It adapts to most growing environments, though it grows well indoors. It branches heavily which makes it adaptable to some indoor growing techniques.

Medical Benefits

The Strawberry Cough Feminized strain is one of the medical marijuana available these days. With its sweet and fruity aroma and taste, it is preferred by people who want to have that strong high. Even though the high is euphoric and strong, it is still comfortable and does not have any aftertaste and effects. This has made possible for this strain to attract the attention of medical marijuana users because it has been reported that this strain is good for people who are going through different level of stress and anxiety disorders. While it is a good strain for socializing, it has also been proved effective for people who needs to calm down and relax from their activities during the day.

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