Purple Power Feminized


Genetics 40% Sativa / 60% Indica
Climate Cool/Cold
Yield 450g/m2
Height 200 cm
Flowering Time 8 weeks
Effect strong effects/uplifting buzz
THC Level 5-10%
Growing Easy


Purple Power FeminizedThe purple power strain is a Sativa dominant strain which is perfect for growing outdoors in cooler climates. This strain was especially developed to withstand cold and moist conditions. The name of this strain is worth the reputation as they are more potent compared to the other strains of the purple family. This purple cannabis was particularly developed to become a strong strain, and indeed it has become one of the strongest purple strains available these days.

Overall Appearance, Growth and Effects

Because this strain is Sativa dominant, it grows in the way most in the family do. It comes with dark purple stems with its long finger thin leaves. The leaves just grow all over the plant. As it grows buds, they become tight and dense, thus spreading a very sour and sweet odor. The same flavor can be expected by smokers when they smoke this strain. The effects can be quite strong, giving you a comfortable, uplifting high which ultimately gives you a happy and clear state of mind, without shutting your senses off.

The bunch of purplish buds is the reason why it was given the name Purple Power. It has a very unique smell and taste. The color becomes darker in cooler weather conditions. It gives off a complete purple glow enjoyed by many cultivators.  The Purple power strain is perfect for growing in cooler climates because it has been designed this way. Still, they can be grown indoors. Therefore, if you are looking for a very great tasting high, then the purple power strain is perfect for you.

Medical Benefits

There are no records that this strain has been used for medical marijuana. At least just yet. Among the most common benefits of using this strain is the fact that it gives a very positive high without having to close your senses down. Therefore, if you are expecting to work very long hours during the day and stay as focused as possible, this is the strain for you. It will give you that uplifting buzz that will also allow you to think clearly. Given that it has the ability to change the mood of a person, it can also be quite helpful for people who are undergoing anxiety and stress.

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