Purple Haze Feminized


Genetics 70% Sativa
Climate Sunny / Mediterranean
Yield 400g/m2 (indoor) / 350g/plant (outdoor)
Height High plant
Flowering Time 50-65 days
Effect Positive, pleasant high
THC Level Medium
Growing Easy


Purple Haze FeminizedThe Purple Haze Feminized strain is a descendant of many famous strains. It presents a good combination of an exquisite Haze high, and a resinous production just like the other indicas. Because of its color, this strain got its phenomenal name. As a matter of fact, compared to the rest of the Sativas in their family, this plant has a darker color. The purple color of this plant generally appears towards the end of the flowering phase. At the start of the growing period, you can see deep dark green color which is a common trait among Afghan strains.

Overall Appearance, Growth and Effects

The typical outdoor grown Purple Haze Feminized strain looks very dark, purplish, going towards being black. The leaves are medium green, with brown red hairs that are slightly covered with crystals. Upon breaking the buds up, you can see inside pieces of hash that are very dark. When you try to taste the stems, a hint of peppermint can be observed. The buds smell like chlorophyll and planty, very similar to freshly cut grass.

Growing Purple Haze Feminized is quite easy as they grow in sunny and warm climates. It can also be grown indoor with the use of grow lamps if you desire to. During the flowering phase, you can expect the plant to grow at an average height, but the final height will only be determined after the full flowering phase. Of course, it still depends on where the strain is grown.

Smokers report that upon smoking, the bud really taste quite similar to a grade outdoor Thai strain. Thus, this is perfect for camping and bonfires. It produces a high that is quite uplifting and positive.

Medical Benefits

Because of its notorious soaring high, this strain is perfect for having fun and association. It is also found to be quite effective for people who are suffering from anxiety, insomnia, migraines, and other chronic pains. While the effects are light to act as medical marijuana, they can still work wonders with eliminating pains especially for people who are going through debilitating medical conditions, which can also be acute by nature. Perfect for relaxation too!

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