Morning Glory Feminized


Genetics Indica/Sativa dominant
Climate Indoors/Outdoors
Yield 450g/m2 (optimum indoor)
Height 75-85 cm (indoor)
Flowering Time 5-6 weeks
Effect Active and Happy
THC Level 20%
Growing Easy


Morning Glory FeminizedThe morning glory feminized strain is a cross breed of Hawaiian Sativa, Afghani and Skunk. It is among the popular indica strains from the feminized strain collection. This strain is an early flowering plant that offers a rather interesting combination of spicy and earthy smoke. Being a combination of three powerful varieties, this resulting strain was able to capture all the best qualities coming from the parent varieties. Back in 2002, this strain won a one-time Cannabis Cup, making it among the most patronized strains in the cannabis world. As a marijuana strain, morning gold has a lot of potent and is quite easy to clone. As a result, this has become one of those strains being used to create new ones.

Overall Appearance, Growth and Effects

This strain comes with huge buds that stem from long branches. It offers a strong earthy taste, with a twist of spiciness. In regular growing environment, morning glory feminized yields up to 450g/m2. It is favored even by new growers because they are very easy to grow. The plant can grow well both indoors and outdoors. The feminized version of this plant flowers faster and good for harvesting. In its stable condition, the flowers produce a distinct and strong citrus aroma, with delicate hints of white pepper. As a result, it gives off a very relaxing high that can make a person active and happy. It offers a good combination of strong body and brain effect.

Medical and Other Benefits

With the good, high feeling that this morning glory feminized strain produces, it has become perfect for treating people with mood disorders, and also those who are suffering from unexplainable stress related health problems. It is also perfect as a tranquilizer for people who are undergoing panic attacks, under moderation. More than being a simple medicinal marijuana strain, this is also perfect for people who like to socialize in different events. As long as taken in moderation, it has the power to lift up the mood of a person, making him or her enjoy any social activity and event with an extra active mind and body. Morning Glory feminized gives off that light body bliss which can still allow a person to think clearly.

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