Malawi Gold Auto Feminized


Genetics Sativa Feminized
Climate Indoors/Outdoors
Yield 300 g/m2
Flowering Time  5-6 weeks
Effect Active and Happy
THC Level 8.6%
Growing Easy


Malawi Gold Auto FeminizedThe Malawi Gold Auto Feminized strain is easily revered to as among the most special and popular strains in the world of marijuana. This cannabis strain came from Southern Africa, particularly in the Lake Malawi area, hence the name. This strain is primarily sativa, which gives off its distinct narrow and light green leaves due to the minimum amount of chlorophyll in the plant. It has been carefully chosen for many decades by top growers and breeders. Unlike the non-feminized version of Malawi Gold, this strain is auto flowering, thus growers expect shorter flowering time when growing this strain.

Overall Appearance, Growth and Effects

Coming from the family of sativa, the Malawi Gold Auto Feminized strain grows taller in an outdoor climate. Still, if you simply want to keep your plant at an average height, you can implement growing methods in an indoor environment. This strain is very versatile because it is possible to grow it in any type of environment, whether indoor, outdoor, or even in a greenhouse setup. The plant perfectly grows with a very elegant stem, which has the capability to beautifully branch out. By its appearance, it was given the name Malawi Gold because of its color, that is, with a golden shade. Also, because it is feminized, you can expect an auto flowering strain that flowers in a shorter period of time as compared to the non feminized Malawi gold strain. This strain provides a smooth and vibrant psychoactive effect which can let a user experience being active and happy.

Medical Benefits

This strain is perfect for people who need to experience a certain level of calm and relaxation. Thus, it is recommended for people who are undergoing anxiety, stress and depression. Its psychoactive effect and a bite of spiciness allow a user to feel comforting and pleasant warmth that completely radiates all throughout the body. It is a safe strain because even after smoking, though you can feel the kick of the high, you are still mentally alert. With its THC content at 8.6%, the stoned effect can be felt. The THC level is present since the early cultivation phase of the plant.

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