La Confidential Feminized


Genetics 100% Indica
Climate Indoor/Outdoor
Yield 350-450 g/m²
Height 80-90 cm
Flowering Time 50-55 days (7-8 weeks)
Effect Medicinal yet psychedelic pain relief
THC Level 18%
Growing Easy


La Confidential FeminizedThis photoperiod, feminized strain of marijuana known as L.A. Confidential (not to be confused with L.A. Confidential, the famous Hollywood movie) is “unique” among the hybrid pot for the fact that it’s 100% Indica, which mean it has Indica parentage on both sides, which incidentally are the OG LA Affie and Afghani strains. It provides a stimulating, energetic high, sure, but its physical impact is more profound than its mental by virtue of its Indica roots. Nevertheless, for something that’s completely Indica, it still retains 18% of THC, and more THC effects means there’s still a cerebral experience accompanying your muscle relaxation and stress relief. It’s hard to explain without you having to smoke L.A. Confidential yourself. Even though relaxation and stimulation seem like contrasting effects from one weed, it makes sense to feel stimulated yet stress-free at the same time.

It’s akin to the high you’d get from dopamine (natural high) where your spirits are uplifted yet at the same time your pain goes away, thus it’s both mental and physical in its uplifting effects. The L.A. Confidential is also characterized by the L.A. flavor, which in this case means it has a skunk-like, pungent aroma, like breathing in cheese. At any rate, with its hammer-like potency that brings psychedelic, energetic effects to pain-relieving levels, like an adrenalin rush stimulant rather than a couch-locking depressant despite 100% Indicas being associated with absolute relaxation. It relaxes you in a different way, by cheering you up and relieving your anxiety and stress. No wonder this weed has won many awards, which includes the 2004 and 2005 High Times Cannabis Cups in the Indica Category. With that said, it’s first and foremost a medicinal hybrid.

With that said, even though it’s 100% Indica, the fact that its parentage has mixtures of Sativa between them, it can enjoy uncharacteristically Sativa effects such as helping out with insomnia while relieving pain, like it’s psychoactive instead of a couch-locking weed that gives you the munchies from time to time. If you’re an everyday user, expect a safer psychedelic experience when compared to, say, dropping acid. The two phenotypes of L.A. Confidential differ in hardiness; one has a harder hit than the other, but both can drag out the stone effect for an extended period of time, thus maximizing your investment. The best harvest months for L.A. Confidential are around September to October, so you should plant and care for your seeds around two months ahead, like July to August, to get the best yields (around 350-450 g/m²).

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