Jock Horror Auto Feminized


Genetics Mostly Sativa
Climate Indoors/Outdoors
Yield 200-300 g/m² (indoors); 350-450 g/m² (outdoors)
Height 800-1,000 cm
Flowering Time 50-65 days (indoors); 65-85 days (outdoors)
Effect Head trip, cerebral effect
THC Level 15-20%
Growing Easy


Jock Horror Auto FeminizedThe unusually named Jock Horror is a three-way hybrid of the Haze, Skunk, and Northern Light varieties of marijuana, bringing in the best of not only both worlds, but three worlds, in one jam-packed, mostly Sativa hybrid. As expected of the Sativa strain, the effects are more mental and cerebral rather than physical and relaxing to the point of couch lock. Nevertheless, the buzz provided by the Jock Horror is quite strong and impactful, like its moniker that could serve as a name of a band or a disk jockey. It has high THC, which is evident by its glistening branches full of the agent. This pot variety has a fresh flavor and uplifting buzz that roots from its Skunk parentage. Then again, for something that has Skunk in it, it has the fruitiest, most herbal taste.

There isn’t a chemical aftertaste or flavoring when smoking a joint of Jock Horror. Furthermore, depending on where you plant it and how you plant it (you can use the Sea of Green technique, for example), you can have yields of 200-300 g/m² (indoors, using the Sea of Green technique) to upwards 350-450 g/m² (outdoors) that could flower in 7-9 weeks (indoors) or 9-11 weeks (outdoors). They’re also auto flowering, which means they can flower by themselves without having to adjust the amount of light that the plant receives in regular non-auto strains. The THC resin in the branches indicates one thing: It’s highly psychoactive and mind-altering, so if you want a heady buzz that will knock you out with stars, strains like Jock Horror is the way to go for sure.

As for its Indica-dominant Northern Light parentage, Jock Horror is affected by that strain through how euphoric and positive people feel after taking a hit. Jock Horror even inherited Northern Light’s fan-like leaves, making it an Indica-looking Sativa-dominant plant. What’s more, it’s the fruitiness and earthiness of Northern Light that stops the Skunk strain from making the Jock Horror plant smell pungent. Its Sativa dominance, however, takes the mind-altering buzz it has to the next level, making it stronger and earlier to flower than its contemporary, the original Jack Herrer, of a few years back. For something that reminds people of lemon and orange peels when smoked and tasted, it has a heady buzz that will leave you wanting more. If you want a picker-upper drug for stress relief, you won’t go wrong with Jock Horror.

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