Haze Feminized


Genetics Sativa
Climate Indoor and outdoor
Yield 425-475 gr/m2
Height 80-220 cm
Flowering Time 10-14 weeks
Effect Uplifted
THC Level 22%
Growing moderate to expert


Haze FeminizedHaze feminized is a classic marijuana strain that has various hybrids of Mexican, Colombian, and Thai. It is an award winning cannabis plant that won first place at the High Times Cannabis Cup last 2008 to 2009 and at the IC 420 Grower’s Cup last 2010. It is a mixture of Skunk and sativa from Jamaica. In addition, its seeds only produce female marijuana plants that are good for the strain’s continuous pollination.

Growth, appearance, taste, and aroma

This cannabis plant can only be planted by expert growers because it’s one of the hardest strains to plant among others of its competitors. It can be planted in both indoor and outdoor garden especially in hydro methods and organic systems. Its long growth produces an excellent yield of 435 grams per meter squared or 15 ounces per meter squared in an indoor garden while 475 grams per meter squared or 15 ounces per meter squared in an outdoor garden. Moreover, it takes from 10 to 14 weeks before it produces flowers with a height of 80 cm or 31 inches in an indoor garden and 220 cm or 87 inches in an outdoor garden. It grows tall and features long and narrow leaves besides its flowers are covered with orange hairs and crystals.

Furthermore, the strain produces pasty resins and a potent level of 22% THC. Its buds smell sweet while its taste is like the musk, black pepper, and incense. Its intense and sharp taste lingers in the person’s mouth. Besides it gives him a strong kick of the buds flavor and aroma that give’s the patient an uplifted feeling after smoking the plant.

Medical effects

Its THC level gives its patients a psychedelic experience and a feeling of being uplifted, energetic, creative, and strong. At the same time, for everyone who is taking the cannabis plant can feel smooth waves on their body. It is suitable for all the patients suffering from tension, anxiety, loss of appetite, depression, and spasticity. It can also be taken by people who need to finish loads of works in a day.


On the other hand, if you want to experience a psychedelic feel then visit the Haze Feminized website. There are various websites that offer great deals about the cannabis plant but not all of them are trustworthy. Some of these sites are fraud and steals your money whenever you purchase the product. To prevent this kind of situation, look for websites that include full detailed information about the plant and read the users’ reviews of the certain product. After reading the details and reviews, you can purchase the product online and start to experience an intense and strong kick of Haze Feminized in your body.

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