Great White Feminized


Genetics Mostly Indica
Climate Indoors/Outdoors/Greenhouse
Yield 500-800 grams
Height Medium
Flowering Time 7-9 weeks
Effect Strong
THC Level 14%
Growing Easy to Moderate



Great White FeminizedThis type of strain, known as the Great White Feminized, is considered to be one of the stoutest strains ever to be introduced in the cannabis history. However, given this limitation, one would be able to enjoy its great and bushy trichosomes that are thick and have the capacity to produce very rich and amazing resins especially during its time of harvest.

The Great White Feminized is the product of intense breeding through the combination of the South Indian cannabis strains. These are the Super Skunk and the Brazilian Haze. However, despite their mother strains, the Great White Feminized possesses more of the Indican properties.

What is great about this particular cannabis, the Great White Feminized is that whether one would chose the indoor or the outdoor environment for growing, this strain will still most likely able to survive well. It can also grow well in greenhouse environment. However, one should know that once this will be grown outdoors, one should be very much particular with the harvest time. Usually, this would be around the last week of September. This case is particularly applicable if you are living in the northern hemisphere or even in the southern hemisphere. The month of April during its last night is the best time for the Great White Feminized to be harvested.

The yield that one would expect from the Great White Feminized would be between 500 grams to 800 grams per square meter. When smokers will smoke this weed, one would expect a fruity scent with a wintergreen undertone. There is a slight taste of sourness in this strain and that the potency of the Great White Feminized should be more intense as compared to other cannabis.

In addition, the effects of the Great White Feminized is not only strong, it is also long lasting. This is considered to be very helpful for those people or patients who are suffering from various medical conditions such as pain and other stress related conditions. Anxiety is the major form of neurotic condition which can be best be treated with this strain, the Great White Feminized.


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The Great White Feminized is great for beginners. The main reason why this is great for beginners is that it is very much easy to cultivate. In addition, it still produces the same amount of yield which can be very great. With the right nutrients and proper sunlight, the Great White Feminized is sure to provide the best quality of strain.

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