Early Girl Feminized


Genetics Mostly Indica
Climate Indoors/Outdoors/Greenhouse
Yield 500-750 g
Height 150-180 cm
Flowering Time 50 days
Effect Stoned high
THC Level High
Growing Easy



Early Girl FeminizedThis type of strain, known as the Early Girl Feminized has been considered to be one of the most dependable Indica strains ever. The Early Girl Feminized gained its initial popularity during the year 1980S. By then, it was considered to be the best strain ever. The reason for this is mainly because of its heavy harvest that is being characterized by its healthy and fat buds. Moreover, such buds were heavily covered with oozing trichomes. Such has rendered the Early Girl Feminized to be one of the great strains that have the best and the highest THC content.

There is also an added advantage and feature of the Early Girl Feminized. Unknown to most growers, this particular strain is also a great medicinal herb. It has also been known to relieve various conditions in the body such as anxiety and stress. It particularly targets neurotic conditions and corrects any abnormality that is being found.

Moreover, when such a particular person is suffering from pain, the Early Girl Feminized is also considered to be the best solution among the many cannabis strains. In fact, most holistic doctors and medical experts would recommend a sufficient amount of Early Girl Feminized for their patients especially if they have to deal with an excruciating amount of pain. For those who are planning to gain weight, this particular strain would also help you to gain more weight. In addition, if you have problems about not being able to sleep soundly, let Early Girl Feminized strain fix that for you.

One should know that the Early Girl Feminized has been considered to be one of the sweetest strains ever. It does however must allow the growers to be able to be more equipped when it comes to providing the right kind and amount of nourishment that the Early Girl Feminized should have. Now, if proper care and thorough maintenance and treatment should be regularly provided to this strain, one would be able to finally enjoy a great yield with the best flowering condition that only seldom cannabis strains are able to provide.

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The Early Girl Feminized is actually very much easy to grow with. Even if you are not growing it for commercial purposes, one wouldn’t have to worry about the fact that it may be at risk of dying. See, even an amateur would be more than capable to grow a high yielded cannabis plant known as the Early Girl Feminized.

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