Dutch Treat Auto Feminized


Genetics Sativa / Indica
Climate Indoors/Outdoors
Yield ¼ to ½ lb per plant
Height Medium
Flowering Time 8-10 weeks
Effect Cerebral
THC Level 21.61%
Growing Moderate to Difficult



Dutch Treat Auto FeminizedThis type of strain, known as the Dutch Treat Auto Feminized is a special kind of cannabis strain that is able to provide a very powerful scent that is more into citrus features by nature. Moreover, it is of this very reason why there are a lot of users that have experienced quite a certain level of harshness when it comes to smoking this particular strain. It may have had a similar taste to that of the orange or the eucalyptus.

One should also know that the Dutch Treat Auto Feminized is considered to be great medicinal cannabis. When it comes to relieving stress and other anxiety related conditions, the effect of the Dutch Treat Auto Flowering provides the much needed relaxation that is best recommended for people who are extremely workaholic.

The effects of the Dutch Tread Auto Feminized is so high that it has been noted that it contains cannabinoids added with some extremely high levels of CBD, CBG and THC. Given this circumstance, one would surely be assured of the fact that the Dutch Treat Auto Feminized would indeed be considered as an effective way in order to alleviate the condition of our emotional mood. It provides the right amount of relaxation without ever having to experience a couch lockdown.

When smoked, one would immediately sense that the smoke of this particular strain is very much thick even as you compare it to other types of cannabis. In its worst, one might have to expect a mild to moderate irritation in the throat. Thus, the effect of which might lead smokers to cough incessantly.

The final effect of this strain will provide the smoker a more energized feeling. In fact, even if you are so busy and could be at your peak of pressure, one will not feel too stressed out as what other people would normally feel. This is great because a typical individual would no longer require drinking energy drinks or even coffee just to feel alert and keen. Indeed, the Dutch Treat Auto Feminized is the best way for people to be more energized than ever.

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The Dutch Treat Auto Feminized has a short flowering stage as it would only take between seven to eight weeks before a grower would be able to fully harvest this particular kind of strain. This can be grown on both indoor and outdoor environment. However, one should know that for full and higher and better yields, one must make sure that enough light should be absorbed by the plant.

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