California Dream Feminized


Genetics Indica/Sativa
Climate Indoors/Outdoors
Yield 500 -700 g/m2
Height 50-75 cm
Flowering Time 8-12 weeks
Effect Upper body buzz
THC Level 23.9%
Growing Moderate



California Dream FeminizedThis particular strain, the California Dram Feminized, has that unique flavor of intense citrus tang. This allows the smoker to enjoy a more interesting feeling and a great taste of the said strain. In addition, there is that sweet tang of minty undertone which allows users to be more than satisfied when they smoke the California Dream Feminized.

If one would probably be wondering where does this strain have its name from, it simply states that such strain has been named from where it has been originated. And, it is true that California is the place where this strain was born.

For those growers who intend to grow this plant, the California Dream Feminized may best be able to enjoy higher yield and harvest should the grower would be keen to following the right guidelines to make sure better and higher yield is being achieved. It is of this reason why it is not easy for beginners to start growing this plant as even a slight failure to comply with the general guidelines in growing a California Dream Feminized.

Actually, this type of strain can also be grown in an outdoor environment. However, for best results, this strain can be grown indoors given the fact that the temperature indoors is very much conducive for the said plant and that it provides the necessary nutrients for this strain to survive. If one intends to have this strain be grown outdoors, it would be a very tedious and timely experience as intense monitoring should be provided and given for the California Dream Feminized. But if one insists that this strain be grown outdoors, one has to make sure that the climate is tropical.

If you are living in a cold climate, one should know that it is never ideal that this strain will be grown in an outdoor environment. Surely, such strain will not survive in such a case. The California Dream Feminized is only applicable to be grown in areas where the climate is hot or tropical. This should be the basic rule for this strain.

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This strain, the California Dream Feminized, is best for growers who want to have a higher probability that their marijuana strain will turn out to be females. One should know that the California Dream Feminized is 100% female. Thus, you don’t have to worry about wasting away most of your cannabis plants since they are already in feminized form.

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