Blue Mystic Feminized


Genetics Mostly Indica
Climate Indoors
Yield 350 – 500 g/m2
Height Short
Flowering Time 50 – 65 days
Effect Body buzz, relaxing
THC Level 22%
Growing Easy to Moderate


Blue Mystic FeminizedThe Blue Mystic is a plant that is known to be more on the Indica side rather than the Sativa. This plant is known to originate in the provinces of Oregon and California. This was made by some well known breeders in the place as they were working on making new breeds of strains. This is a plant that was mixed with Thai and afghan breeds since the 80s, and has produced this awesome plant. This is one of the best plants that most smokers would want to taste because this is a modern plant that’s aiming to be one of the best.

Growth, Smell and Taste

This is a feminized plant; therefore, you will only get female genders once that it grows which will produce only buds and not seeds. This plant is known to have a short height, but expect that the yield will be average compared to other variants that have small yield that matches its size. This plant is a little bit stretched compared to the other small plants, and it also looks like a mixture of a broccoli plant and a bonsai tree. This plant also has a colorful display once that you see it as well.

This plant has a scent that is quite sweet, and has a mixture of blueberries whenever you smell it. The scent is really indulging, and same goes for the taste. The taste of the plant is a mixture of blueberries and other fruits which made the plant really tasty and lovely for most smokers and growers. Even medical marijuana patients often see this plant as one of the best strains that they ever tried out.


The effects of this plant is that you will experience a very high dose of uplifting high state of mind together with a mood that will keep you very happy for hours. It also has a body buzz that can make you feel more relaxed rather than dizzy. This is also a well-known treatment for those who have migraine, depression, anxiety and stress. This is one fine plant that you will surely love to try out especially if you are a smoker and someone who wants to medicate.

Take note that purchasing this plant will only provide female plants that grow buds only. Having seeds from this plant requires a male gender. This is one of the finest weed breed that you can always try out, so be sure to purchase Blue Mystic Feminized seeds for you to have a great time!

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