Blue Cheese Auto Feminized


Genetics Mostly Indica
Climate Indoors/Outdoors
Yield Average
Height 60 – 120 cm
Flowering Time 55 – 65 days
Effect Powerful stone, Happy High, Focused Mind, Couch Lock
THC Level High
Growing Easy to Moderate


Blue Cheese Auto FeminizedThis is not the type of food that we tend to dip whenever we eat Buffalo wings, but this plant will make you crave for some once that you get the munchies. This plant is known to be a hybrid of the Big Buddha Skunk and an auto flowering variant. This plant is known to be an award winning strain that has a world class quality in terms of its statistics. This is also common in Amsterdam coffee shops as well. This is a fast growing plant that you will surely love.

Growth, Smell and Taste

Take note that this is an auto flowering plant which means that you will have faster growth for its flowers. This is also a feminized plant; therefore, you need males to clone some. The nug of this plant is known to be really compact and dense. This plant is not blue at all – it has a brown and green mixture in terms of the leaves, hairs and the buds. It has lots of resin in it, and it makes the plant really sticky. Therefore, expect a flavorful smoking session as you use this one out. The yield of this plant might not be that high, but trying out the weed will be really worth it.

The scent of this plant is known to have a cheesy and a strong skunky aroma that made it distinctive from the other variants of marijuana plants. The taste of this plant upon smoking is also skunky with a mix of cheese which leaves an aftertaste as well. Many people also noted out that it has a blueberry taste that has some fruity mix of flavor in it as well. Just imagine a blueberry cheesecake as you smoke this one up.


This plant has an effect that will surely take your mind into a stoned state. This plant will surely make you stuck up on your couch for several minutes as you experience a high state of mind that will leave you thinking about things as well. This is perfect for those who want to have some leisure time with friends or while you are chilling out during a boring weekend.

Take note that this will only provide buds if you don’t have a male gender of this plant, but the results for the flowering period is really worth it because of its auto flowering characteristic. So, be sure to purchase and grow some Blue Cheese Auto Feminized seeds in online weed stores.

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