Big Bud Feminized


Genetics Mostly Indica
Climate Indoors/Outdoors
Yield 600-800g/m2
Height 50-180cm
Flowering Time 9 weeks
Effect Couch-lock
THC Level 8-15%
Growing Easy


Big Bud FeminizedBig Bud Feminized becomes famous because of the astounding yields that it produces. This strain has undergone series of improvements over a period of time in order to produce a more excellent strain. The superlative amount of harvest that it produces makes it a very favorable strain for ambitious growers. It will certainly not fail them in any way. The name was attributed to the size of the buds that it has. Growing a cannabis strain that will create the maximum amount of harvest is the target of most growers. With this strain, it is always possible to bring their dream closer.


This indica-dominant strain makes it possible for growers to plant a strain that will give them more yields on return. For commercial growers, this can be their best choice if they want to expect for a better harvest. This is the characteristic that makes this strain become so popular.


Even if it can promise you a good yield, it must still be noted that it must be properly taken cared of so it can give what you want. Despite the immense yield that it can give, if you won’t take care of it, all will be laid to waste. Because its buds can grow bigger and bigger, you have to prepare to provide support to its branches. The branch might not be able to handle the weight of the buds and it has a tendency to break. Therefore, you must prevent these branches from breaking so provide a support for it. Give support to it properly in order to avoid instances like breaking of the branches just because it fails to hold the buds.


The extra attention that you will give to it will be well compensated. You can get a very satisfactory effect in return. Feel the mix of smooth and sweet taste that it have. Feel the aroma that it will emit. Give yourself the long-lasting effect that you will surely enjoy while you are under its influence. You will also find yourself in a couch-lock position while you are still inside the spell that this strain creates.

When you are planning to commercially grow a certain bud, you can order Big Bud Feminized online or wherever is offering this seeds for purchase. The sweet and smooth high that it gives can do well for a pleasure-seeker like you without compromising quality of the strains in subject.

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