Auto Diesel Feminized


Genetics Indica/Sativa/Ruderalis
Climate Indoors
Yield 300 – 400 g/m2
Height 50 – 70 cm
Flowering Time 55 – 60 days
Effect Uplifting, cerebral high
THC Level 16%
Growing Easy to Moderate


Auto Diesel FeminizedThis plant is known to be a very high quality one. This one is a highly customized plant that came from the New York City Diesel and the second installment of the Lowryder plant. This plant got its short size and medium yield from the Lowryder. It has an excellent statistic that it inherited from the New York City Diesel which compensated its short height and average yield. This is perfect for those who want to plant something indoors as well. Take note that this is a hybrid of indica, sativa and ruderalis genetics of marijuana strains which will surely make you think that this is one of the perfect mixtures of plants.

Growth, Smell and Taste

This plant has a fast growth, thanks to its auto flowering properties, and expect that you will only have female types of this plant as you grow one because it’s already feminized. This plant is really short in terms of size, but is quite higher than the Lowryder. This plant is also known to produce some average yields which is why it’s preferred to grow many of these if you want to have more buds. This can also get larger if it’s planted outdoors, but this one is much preferred to be grown indoors because of its quality. Proper maintenance and care can make this plant grow tall outside and can produce many yields as well.

The scent of this plant is known to have a diesel aroma that it got from the New York City Diesel breed, and it has a potent smell once that it starts to flower which is why it is preferred to keep it in a closet or in sheds. The taste of this is really distinctive, and will make you think that it really is a diesel type of weed because of its chemical-like taste. But still, this plant is worth hitting because the taste is not that strong.


The effects of this plant are potent, and expect that it will make you really high rather than stoned. This plant is perfect for those who want to create ideas, and is also perfect for those who want to feel trippy with weeds.

This is perfect for those who want to have fast result, and for those who want all female plants only. So if you are the type of person that wants to plant something that has a small height, and for those who want to just have their personal weed at home, be sure to try out Auto Diesel Feminized seeds on online weed stores.

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