Auto Berry Feminized


Genetics Indica/Sativa/Ruderalis
Climate Indoors/Outdoors
Yield 350 g/m2
Height 30 – 60 cm
Flowering Time 70 days
Effect Relaxing, couch lock, euphoric and happy high
THC Level Medium to High
Growing Easy


Auto Berry FeminizedFirst of all, take note that there are no berries that will grow out of this one. This is also called as Berry Ryder, and is a mixture of the short Low Rider plant and other strains. This plant is already known to be an auto flowering and feminized since this is customized through the use of thorough breeding. The name of the plant is really indulging as you read it, and expect that this will provide the best buds once that you attempt to grow one. This plant is truly marvelous despite of its short size, and it has a wonderful look which is perfect for those who want to have a colorful pot farm.

This plant is known to be a mixture of indica, sativa and the Russian ruderalis. This is an autoflowering plant which can produce faster than any other variants, and it is also feminized; so expect that it will only produce buds and not seeds. This is a short plant that has thick leaves that are proven to be very tough. This plant is one of the most amazing looking plants because it produces blue colored buds once that it flowers. It is also known that this plant has more bluish hue if it is grown on cooler climates.

This plant has an award winning quality thanks to the sweetness of this plant. It has a sweet berry hint for the flavor which makes it more indulging from the scent itself. The color of the plant is also the taste of the plant because it has a blueberry flavor that’s really fruity and sweet just like any other blueberry product that you ever ate. This is loved by many smokers around the world because of its unique flavor.


The effects of this plant are known to be really pleasant and long lasting once that it kicks in to your system. It has an uplifting high that will surely make you feel like you’re in the skies, and it will also make you feel really relaxed with a smile on your face. However, it can cause dry mouth as you get high with this one. This is also preferred, but not at most times, by those who want to medicate away from stress.

So if you want something that’s beautiful looking, sweet scented, flowers easily and will surely produce all-female plants, then be sure to stick to Auto Berry Feminized seeds. You can always purchase one of these on well known online weed stores. This plant is really worth the try because it will make your farm look and smell better!

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