Auto Afghan Feminized


Genetics Indica
Climate Indoors/Outdoors
Yield 400 – 500 g/m2
Height 35 – 50 cm
Flowering Time 45 – 55 days
Effect Focused mind, relaxing, couch lock
THC Level 15%
Growing Easy


Auto Afghan FeminizedThe Auto Afghan Feminized is one of the most customized strains of the Indica variant. This plant is known to be named from the place where it originated. Take note that the Afghan strain is also a popular one because it is one of the earliest kinds of marijuana breed ever grown. Many people also prefer growing one of these because of its fine quality which made it very worthy to grow for beginners and experts worldwide.

This strain is known to be an auto flowering; meaning that flowering time might get faster. This is also feminized; therefore, you will get only buds out of this one and not seeds. It is really treasured by many growers worldwide because of its rich resins that cover up the buds which made it really sticky. Take note that the stickier the weed, the more potent it is. It has an orange and brown color for its buds, and the hairs are known to be really thick with a shade of green. This plant blooms easily whenever it’s planted even if you are a beginner.

This plant smells like a mixture of peeled mangoes and oranges that has a musty mixture for the aroma. This scent makes the Afghan more distinctive than the other plants of the Indica type. The flavor of this weed is spicy with a sweet taste. This plant is also favorable for those who want to medicate with it because of the sweet flavor that’s worth indulging.

The effects of this plant is known to be really relaxing, yet will provide you a focused mind as you sit back tight in your seat. It has a wonderful mixture of energy and relaxation which is perfect for those who are thinking of some ideas. This is preferable to be smoked in the evening because of its relaxing properties which is perfect for socializing with friends and co-smokers. This plant is also known to be perfect for those who want to treat body pains, migraine, anxiety, and will make you less stressed especially if you are thinking about certain things or ideas.

Take note that you also need male plants if you want to breed or clone more of these plants because this is a feminized plant. This plant is also perfect for those who want to have faster results. If you just love to relax, focus and medicate, be sure to purchase Auto Afghan Feminized seeds in well known online weed stores.

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