Amnesia Feminized


Genetics Mostly Sativa
Climate Indoors/Outdoors
Yield 600 – 700 g/m2
Height 100 – 200 cm
Flowering Time 65 – 70 days
Effect Couch lock, relaxing, powerful stone
THC Level 22%
Growing Easy to Moderate


Amnesia FeminizedA hybrid that originated from Northern Lights and a Haze strain, this plant became one of the most well known hybrids ever grown. This plant is known to be a feminized version of one of the most well known strains in the Netherlands. Amnesia is something that you will often see in Amsterdam’s coffee shops, and it is also known to be the most frequently purchased marijuana strain by many visitors whether they are tourists or someone who lives there. This plant is also known to be an easy one to grow, and it has good effects that you will surely love as you smoke this Haze.

Take note that this is a feminized version of the Amnesia haze; therefore, only buds will be provided if you only plan to grow these one out. This strain is known to be one of the best yielding plants that produced 600 – 700 g/m2 depending on how well you handle the lighting indoors, and is also known to reach more than the usual amount of well taken care of outdoors. It is also a tall plant which is why it is preferable to grow outdoors. Planting this one is easy, but you need to maintain it very well because its body is not as tough as other outdoor plants.

This plant is known to have a dank and sweet smell which makes it quite distinctive from the other plants, while the taste of the plant is just like the regular sativa strains that have sweetness in it together with a strong taste with every hit that you do as you smoke this one. This is a good plant for those who love to consider this as a medical strain.

The effects of this plant are known to be very potent. You will experience an extreme level of stone once that the effects kick in after a few minutes. The stoning effect of this plant will surely make you say that the strain really lived up to its name. It also has a relaxing effect while stoned which will leave you locked on your couch as you think and do some things that you might even forget later once that the effects fade away. This is also a good plant for those who have bipolar disorder, asthma, migraine and stress.

If you are looking for female only plants that have powerful effects, high yield and height, and with good medical treatment for the puzzled mind, then be sure to get stoned by growing Amnesia Feminized. These can be bought in online stores, and make sure to purchase males if you want to have some seeds for your own cloning.

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