AK-47 Feminized


Genetics Mostly Sativa
Climate Indoors/Outdoors
Yield 350-500g/m2
Height 65-85 cm
Flowering Time 56-63 days
Effect long lasting cerebral effect
THC Level 19.22%
Growing Easy


AK-47 FeminizedContrary to its spine-chilling name, the AK-47 Feminized is actually a very remarkable strain that can produce a relaxing effect. The AK-47 Feminized strain is sativa dominant which can produce a long lasting cerebral buzz that can make the user feel mentally alert, creative and as well as sociable. The AK-47 strain is a wonderful and one of a kind combination of Afghani, Thai, Mexican and Colombian varieties. The special qualities of the AK-47 Feminized has made the strain one of the most sought after and awarded strains. The strain has already won several Cannabis Cup awards mainly because of its power packed THC content.

Effects, appearance and growth

The AK-47 Feminized strain is considered as one of the top strains because of its high THC content. In fact, this particular strain is even considered as one of the strains with high THC content which is similar to White Widow and Afghan. The effects of the AK-47 Feminized strain can be very powerful even in just small doses and beginners are highly discouraged to try out this strain because of its robust and dynamic effect. The AK-47 Feminized strain can be easily identified especially with its unique white trichrome crystals that surround the buds. Some AK-47 plants may also have either red and white crystals or just a reddish tint. The buds of the AK-47 strain can be compacted which makes it look like a vegetable that is coated in sugar. The scent of the AK-47 strain is quite powerful and prominent and can even be recognized even from afar. Growers may have to take a few measures to control or mask the smell of the plant to ensure that they will not get any complaints from their neighbors. The AK-47 strain can be grown indoors or outdoors and can also be a good choice for beginners because it is low maintenance. Growing this particular strain indoors would require proper ventilation to make sure that the plant will produce a good yield. Proper ventilation will also prevent any bacterial diseases which is common to this particular strain.

Medical Marijuana

Since the AK-47 Feminized strain is known for its prominent high that is apparent to both Indica and Sativa strains, this cannabis strain is highly recommended for people who are suffering from serious medical conditions such as insomnia or anorexia. The strain is also known to relieve pain and stress but it should be taken in regulated doses.

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