Acapulco Gold Auto Feminized


Genetics Mostly Sativa
Climate Indoors/Outdoors
Yield 500g/m2
Height 80cm
Flowering Time 9-11weeks
Effect long lasting effect
THC Level 23%
Growing Easy


Acapulco Gold Auto FeminizedThe Acapulco Gold Auto Feminized strain is considered as very potent and is also classified as Grade A. This particular strain is sativa dominant and is often described as a strain with very visible THC crystals. This strain is also considered as one of the most popular strains and is also regarded as one of the best strain developed by man. The origin of the Acapulco Gold Auto Feminized strain can be traced back to Acapulco, Mexico in which the name of the strain was derived. The strain was originally developed for indoor growing but recent developments have made the strain possible for outdoor growing.

Effects, appearance and growth

The Acapulco Gold Auto Feminized is known for its long lasting high which takes effect almost instantly. This strain can produce a balanced body and head high which can be considered as a great relaxant. The strong and powerful effects of the Acapulco Gold Auto Feminized are not recommended for beginners. The plant has a light green color with yellowish hues. The buds resemble a gold nugget because of the distinct combination of dark and light orange hairs. There are also patches of brown resin and crystals that surround the bud. The buds are known for their buttery and sweet scent with a bit of saffron and when the bud is broken open; a scent of burnt toffee can be expected.

This particular strain is actually low maintenance which is great news for breeders. The Acapulco Gold Auto Feminized strain can be planted both indoors and outdoors with little supervision and maintenance needs such as light intensity and frequency. Flowering occurs within 9-11 weeks which is basically the same as with the other strains.

Medical Marijuana

The Acapulco Gold Auto Feminized is known for its strong and long lasting effects which are not recommended for beginners. However, this particular strain can be effectively used to treat patients who suffer from depression, stress related disorders and as well as insomnia. Because of the strains’ relaxing effects, the Acapulco Gold Auto Feminized is also great for people who suffer from or experience spasm induced pains. This type of cannabis is also best for patients who may have suffered from PTSD or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. This particular strain can help the patient feel more relaxed minus the pain and can even help recovering patients.

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