Feminized Seeds

If you are a marijuana grower in the cannabis industry, then you have surely heard about feminized marijuana seeds. They are the new staple when it comes to choosing marijuana seeds. Almost every grower makes use of this type of seed because, well, it makes life so much easier. You see, feminized marijuana seeds were developed specifically for helping marijuana growers get the most out of their crops.

Feminized marijuana seeds, as the name suggests, are seeds that have the ability to grow into female cannabis plants without any chance of male plants appearing in the crop. But what exactly makes this important? Why don’t growers want male cannabis plants?


Here is a quick overview of the slight differences between male and female cannabis plants. When cannabis plants reach their “pre-flower” stage, they produce tiny tendrils. By observing these tendrils, a grower can distinguish the cannabis plant’s gender. A male plant will sprout bud-shaped ones while females develop a thinner and longer type of tendril. Once growers are able to differentiate each plant by their gender, common practice is for them to discard the males and keep the females.

What is the point of all this? You see, female plants are what most marijuana growers and users give priority to. They are the plants that contain high levels of THC and CBD that are enough to stimulate “high” sensations. Basically, female plants are the ones safe for consumption. On the other hand, male plants contain little to no THC and CBD. Aside from the ability to pollinate and breed seeds, their uses are pretty limited. Growers look to separate these plants in order to avoid getting any pollen on the female plants. This pollen can cause females to lose their potency and destroy the crop.


Now that we have a basic idea of why growers avoid male plants, we can now start talking about the different advantages of feminized marijuana seeds. As stated above, feminized marijuana seeds give growers the opportunity to cultivate their marijuana seeds without having to worry about male cannabis plants sprouting from their garden. This gives them distinct advantages of using regular seeds. Here are some of them:

  • The most obvious one would be the ability to guarantee 100% female plants. As we have discussed, male plants can be quite a hindrance for growers who do not plan on breeding and producing additional seeds. The use of feminized seeds eliminates this possibility.
  • Using feminized seeds means that the whole gardening space would be used for female plants. This is efficient for maximizing gardening space.
  • It will take a lot less effort to cultivate these seeds. Additionally, feminized seeds can produce very high yields if growers cultivate them properly.
  • Feminized seeds produce better genetics and more reliable origins for your marijuana strains.
  • Because there will be no more male plants in your crop, cloning is a very possible activity to do with your marijuana plants. You can now clone with more control and ensure that they turn out to be of the highest quality. Cloning female plants will result in the production of female clones as well.

Marijauna-Seeds Feminized Strains Library

Here on our website, we have a page dedicated to the list of famous marijuana strains that come in feminized versions. Also, we put up articles and write-ups about how to properly cultivate and care for feminized seeds. You can find all you need to know about feminized seeds here are Marijauna-Seeds. Take a look and browse our different selections that pique your interest.