feminized cannabis seeds

Feminized cannabis seeds are produced in such a way as to achieve plants are all female. Feminized seeds are indeed the “easiest” seeds to develop after the Autoflowers. Feminized seeds mean they are handled to end up making them female (thus the feminized name) so all the seeds could be used to get flowers. In general, breeders purchase feminized seeds besides their strains because they are easier to develop and too uncertain to reproduce, though other people use feminized seed plants to get seedlings, it is recommended to use the female’s seeds from the regular seeds. It is advised to begin growing with Feminized seeds, this would ensure that there would be no unwanted surprises in the final plant such as seeds losing potency because there are no male plants.

How Do Cultivators Make Feminized Cannabis Seeds?

The way growers produce feminized seeds were they cross together two female marijuana plants, ensuring all the resulting child would be female. This is accomplished by spraying a substance that transforms flower development (often gibberellic acid or colloidal silver) on transforming flowers. This cycle is being used to compel one of the female plants, much like a male plant, to begin developing pollen sacs. Through collecting the pollen sacs while using “female” spores to pollinate buds of such a different gender plant, you give only female genetic traits to the resulting seeds, so that none of the plants end up being male.

We have already indicated how simpler to develop feminized seeds, unlike regular seeds. That may be enough to allow your guard down, so don’t be so reckless. Just like male plants with a photoperiod, cultivating feminized marijuana often poses unique challenges.

Indoors and Outdoors

It is necessary to manually adjust your light / dark schedule when growing indoors. Cultivators will typically do the same when plants have achieved a suitable height (about 1⁄2 of the final height they desire).  This is simply because plants sometimes stretch out quickly throughout their flowering period, and they need a grow room properly.

The grower will switch the lights to a 12/12 schedule to initiate the growing season of feminized marijuana indoors. The longer the dark phase will simulate the situations of autumn and causes the plants to begin flowering. It is pivotal to plant your feminized cannabis outdoors in an ideal climate and even during the right season. As the hours of sunlight vary based on the weather and your plants need a particular period to survive. Usually, you’ll want to plant them in spring (when there’s no snow) and harvest them in fall to satisfy this need.

Pros of the Feminizing Marijuana Seeds

  • Each plant will develop buds.
  • A nearly 100 % test average ensures you might not have to worry about spending storage on plants which will eventually be taken out of the growing area.
  • So no need to stress about witnessing plants to see if they are male or female at the pre-flowering stage.
  • There’s no chance of pollination without pollen sacs from male plants.

Cons of the Feminizing Marijuana Seeds

  • If you are planning to produce seeds, they’re not a great option, because those who encourage the formation of male seeds. 
  • If you want to grow new and exciting strains you need male seeds to develop an effective breeding program. 
  • Not that every seller is reliable.   You still could end up to seedlings obtained from a process with low-quality feminization, which can turn into hermaphrodites.

Why Should you Cultivate from Feminized Cannabis Seeds?

There are a lot of benefits for cultivators who begin utilizing feminized seeds in their gardens. Feminized seeds streamline the growing process by removing the guesswork of germinating regular seeds, saving both time and space. That effectiveness is essential for patients with medical marijuana and for recreational activity growers. Given that most cannabis laws restrict plant numbers, growers who cultivate a limited crop of cannabis for personal use want to make sure they get the most from their production.

Neither do male plants only take up space in a greenhouse. They also can drain growers’ time and money. When both females and males plants are around, growers need to grow both till their sexes are clear. Although some strains display early warning signs of their sex before they start to bloom, most marijuana plants do not begin to express their sex until they begin to mature after the vegetative stage. This change occurs as the photoperiod, or sum of light and dark obtained by the plant changes into 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness. For indoor gardens this transition will naturally occur with both the seasons or by human involvement using light timers in more regulated settings like indoor gardens when these plants are old enough, cultivators must go through the trouble of actually deciding their sex, inspecting each individual plant through the guarantee that any males are eliminated before their female counterparts can be pollinated. 

How Long Do the Feminized Cannabis Seeds Grow?

If you are growing up outdoors or indoors, the pacing depends on the pressure, as always. Some strains grow relatively quickly, such as indicas, with shorter development stages of 6 to 7 weeks. Many strains like Hazes take twice as much time to bloom. If you want to reap, plant fast-flowering variety or feminized autoflowers in the fastest time possible. Some of these are only ready for germination 60 days after.

What Kind of Nutrients Does the Feminized Cannabis Seeds Needs?

Your feminized marijuana will need diverse nutrients for healthy growth. To begin, the three main “macronutrients” will need nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Also, it would need micronutrients including calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, and many more. Commercial nutrients for cannabis typically include all the micronutrients macro you need, but make sure you feed as per the prescribed dosages. Please note that during the vegetative and flowering stages cannabis has different nutrient requirements. Marijuana fertilizers also come in two types because of this; one for production, one for flowering.


There are many reasons why cannabis growers use feminized seeds to start their gardens. And one is the idea that you remove from your seed lot the guesswork of developing male plants giving you a smoother growing cycle, saving you time, space and money. When you’re in a state where laws limit the number of cannabis plants in your yard, then ensuring that only female weeds with feminized seeds can develop will do the job. With feminized weed plants, you want to get the most out of your growth for sure.


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