Different Aspects of Hybrid Strains

Hybrid strains of cannabis are those that are born from the combination of two or more other strains that are Indica or Sativa. While there are a lot of hybrids that may be a little more dominant towards either Indica or Sativa, they have more or less equal properties from both types of strains.

Because of the advancements in genetic technology today, breeders can now mix and match the best qualities of different Indica and Sativa strains to produce hybrids that are scientifically designed to produce the specific and desired effects. And, more often than not, these effects help balance each other out even though the new hybrid strain may lean a little bit towards either Indica or Sativa in terms of composition.

With that out of the bag, here are the many different aspects that make hybrid strains so desirable and popular:


Hybrid strains are actually not that easy to breed. No matter how advanced technology has become, it takes time and careful selection to get an ideal hybrid strain. Breeders carefully choose the best plants to use as parents strain for a hybrid to make sure they get the desired effects and qualities. Once bred, the new hybrid needs to go through at least four generations of cycles so that the final product comes out as the cleanest and most ideal strain that’s ready for mass production and commercial consumption.

Because hybrid plants have the properties of their Indica and Sativa parents, they are much more adaptable to almost any kind of climate or weather condition. They can be grown indoors or outdoors and can cultivate well in cold and hot climates. However, since hybrid strains adapt depending on the varying conditions (light, soil, temperature, etc.) on which they were grown, their effects may also vary though they retain the same genetic makeup.


  • CBD content

Some hybrids are specifically bred not only because breeders want to mix and match the effects of certain Indicas to some Sativas but also because they want to control or alter the cannabinoid content.

Cannabinoid (CBD) is a chemical compound that has a lot of medicinal value. To this end, breeders would want to breed hybrids that have high CBD levels and low THC counts to maximize their medicinal value.

  • Resistance

Some strains of cannabis are more resistant to adverse conditions such as diseases or pests. Because of that, there are hybrid strains that are bred specifically to inherit the resistance of their parent strains.

  • Size

The size of the marijuana plant plays a crucial role when it comes to cultivation because it can be difficult to grow a particularly tall Sativa plant indoors. Likewise, others may want their plants to be short if they want to be more subtle with their operations. This prompts them to crossbreed Sativas with Indicas to produce Sativa-dominant strains that grow much like Indicas.

  • Yield

Not all types of strains produce the same amount of yield. To this end, some hybrids are bred specifically to produce a generously yielding product that still retains the properties of its dominant parent.


The types of hybrids and their effects can be divided into three categories:

  1. Indica-dominant

As the name suggests, Indica-dominant hybrids are those that have a higher Indica composition. This means that they lean towards their Indica side rather than their Sativa side.

Because they have more Indica characteristics, these strains typically deliver a type of high that relaxes the body with a buzz that tends to make the user feel lazy and lethargic. But because they also have Sativa properties, these strains also deliver the cerebral euphoric high that Sativas are known for.

Indica-dominant hybrids are suitable for late afternoon or evening uses because of how they tend to make the user feel lazy.

  1. Sativa-dominant

Sativa-dominant strains are those that have more Sativa qualities than Indica. Their composition has more Sativa genetics. This means that they have effects that lean more towards the type of high that Sativas deliver.

These strains are known to induce a cerebral type of high that tends to stimulate the mental faculties of the user. To this end, the user will feel more focused, energized, creative, and sociable. However, because of the Indica qualities that these strains posses, they may also make the user feel slightly relaxed but not overly lazy.

Sativa-dominant strains are ideal for early morning or daytime use because of their energizing and stimulating effects. They may also be used for social gatherings because of how they bring out the user’s sociable side.

  1. 50/50

These well-balanced strains are also called even hybrids because of how they have equal parts Indica and Sativa. Even hybrids are the more popular types of hybrid strains because of how they truly give the user the best of both worlds.

The best part about these types of hybrids is that their Indica and Sativa effects don’t tend to overlap or try to dominate one another but would, instead, complement each other. This means that the user will feel a euphoric high that made even better by the body relaxing effect the Indica side tends to induce.

Even hybrids are all-around strains that can be used at any time of the day and are suitable for a lot of different occasions.


Hybrid Strains display the best of both worlds when it comes to their medicinal qualities. It may not even matter whether they are Indica-dominant or Sativa-dominant. In fact, a lot of hybrids are specifically bred for medicinal purposes because of their wide range of uses.

Commonly, hybrid strains are used to treat conditions such as anxiety and stress due to how they tend to bring about the euphoric high that Sativas induce. Hybrids are also effective at treating chronic pains and headaches because of how their Indica side tends to relax the person’s body.

In a sense, hybrid strains offer the patient a more personalized kind of medical treatment because different types of hybrids possess varying medicinal qualities depending on their genetic mixture and composition. Hybrids are best used on patients with varying conditions that neither Indicas or Sativas alone can treat.


In a sense, yes. Hybrids are the type of strains that are best suited for any kind of use because of their varying effects and benefits. Because everyone’s tolerance level medical condition and preferences differ, it can be difficult to find Indicas or Sativas that are the right fit. In that case, there are different hybrids that cater to the user’s needs and wants.

However, hybrids aren’t miracle makers that can instantly fill in any gaps that Indicas and Sativas have. Think of them as Jacks of all trades, a master of none. Hybrids don’t have any specific effects that really stand out, unlike Indicas and Sativas. If your preference or medical condition calls for either an Indica or a Sativa, then hybrids may not be for you. But for any reason other than that, there is a hybrid strain that fits whatever you want or needs.

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