deep purple power

Deep Purple Power is a Dutch Dope mixed with the famous Super Skunk #1. After a few weeks of high point, the buds turn purple and you can observe the entire circle incidence to produce time. You’ll actually take pleasure in the formation of the violet glow once it begins occurrence. It’s a very steady plant that even grows high-class in Holland with an attractive cold weather position. Even Indoor this plant deep purple power does develop rightly.

Type: Mostly Sativa 
Yield : up to 14 ounces / 400 grams m2
Height : up to 98.5 inches / 250 cm
Flowering period : 8 to 9 weeks 
Harvest : end of September 
Powered or High : Sativa high – Cereberal buzz 
THC level : strong 15% – 20% 
Grow difficulty: Moderate