Chronic cannabis seeds from Serious Seeds. Our most manufacturer marijuana multiplicity, this middle tallness, not too float cannabis plant is the just right combination of good quality yield and brilliant quality. Mariijuana smokers that know and develop, select this crop because of its mixture of look and charming smell.

With its cannabis indica location the Chronic marijuana plant canmake up to 600 g/m2 of marijuana buds without down that connoisseur feeling. Grows an only huge important bud with small side branches. Do not top crops to cheer multiple large buds because this strain does not results fine. Mild, sweet scent develops while high point, get care to dry easily after collect (before packaging) to continue the subtle aroma. 

3rd award High Times Cannabis Cup 1994, better in 2000. 
Flowering period: 53-63 days 
Yield: 350- 600 grams/m2 
Qty: 10 Marijuana Seeds 
Seed Company: Serious Seeds 
Recommended for: Indoor marijuana growing


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