Choosing the Right Marijuana Seed Companies to Buy From

It can be scary to order marijuana seeds if it’s your first time. That is why it is important to choose a trusted marijuana seeds company. Growing marijuana for the very first time can be a bit challenging, especially when you are in the process of buying marijuana seeds.

Whether you are a first time grower or a professional cannabis cultivator it is always important to consider only getting the highest quality marijuana seeds. You can get a lot of benefits when it comes to cultivating marijuana from seeds. To achieve this goal, aside from finding the right seed company, growers must also be familiarized with marijuana different varieties and strains. Additionally, online cannabis buyers must be aware of any problems that may arise when purchasing seeds online.

Facts about Marijuana Seeds

According to the Cannabis industry journal, marijuana plants can either be male, female or hermaphrodites. This is the reason cannabis is considered a dioecious plant because the reproductive organs are located on separate plants. On the other hand, a cannabis plant that contains both male and female reproductive organs is classified as a hermaphrodite plant.

To distinguish male kind of marijuana seeds from a female kind of marijuana seeds the only way are to know how each plant elevates and grows. During the flowering stage that’s when you can start identifying if a cannabis plant is a male or female.

You can tell if it’s a female cannabis plant when:

Small buds start showing on the core between the fledging branch and the main stock during the flowering period.
You can also tell the difference between a male and female cannabis plant by the white pistil hairs that grow where the bud will form, only female plants will start growing like this.

Male cannabis plants, on the contrary, can be identified by:

The pollen sac that the plant creates. It looks like a tulip-shaped bulb that does not have pistil hairs emerging from it.

Take note that when a grower identified male plants it is important to remove it or it will cause the female plants to produce seeds instead of developing flowers once it mature. Pollination must be avoided if you want a successful harvest. This process is being done when breeding plants.

What are the Different Marijuana Seed Types?

Identifying which type of seed you would like to plant is important. Making the initial seed selection will ultimately determine how much care or what style of growing you will need. To help you choose the right seeds we listed below some of the types of marijuana seeds.

Regular Marijuana Seeds ⎯ this type of plant produce both the male and female kind of cannabis plants. Selecting this kind of marijuana seed will result from obtaining 50% male and 50% female plants. Regular marijuana seeds are also completely natural since they have not been chemically or genetically altered. These seeds are easy for first-time growers but it does require sex identification.

Feminized Marijuana Seeds if you want to make sure that only female plant will grow in your cannabis garden then this seed type is best for you. Feminized marijuana seeds are made through a process called feminization. Commercial growers usually use feminized marijuana seeds because it saves them time by no longer needing to distinguish male from female plants. This cannabis seed type is also a good choice for a beginner especially if you are not familiar yet with the different features of male and female cannabis plants.

Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds this is a recommended cannabis seed type for first-time marijuana growers because a specific light cycle is not a requirement to trigger plants begin flowering. Marijuana plants from these seeds will automatically begin their flowering period once they have reached a certain age. Another reason for autoflowering seeds being a top choice for beginners is that it does not need much attention. Autoflowering marijuana seeds can also be bought in the form of feminized or regular strains. This will give you more freedom deciding on what type of growing style you want to achieve.

How to Identify Healthy Marijuana Seeds?

The ultimate way to identify healthy marijuana seeds is to check its physical appearance. Healthy marijuana seeds are plump and rounded as well as manifest dark brown or gray colors with tiger stripes or a mottled pattern. Top-quality marijuana seeds also have a smooth and glossy finish with a hard outer shell that can withstand light pressure without breaking.

On the other hand, awful marijuana seeds are dry and light with pale or white color. It may also show cracks and will likely no longer have the ability to germinate.

Other growers also use the float or sink test. To do this, leave your seeds in a container of water for about an hour. Seeds that sink to the bottom are most probably healthy so you can just disregard the other seeds that didn’t sink.

What is the Right Way to Store Marijuana Seeds?

Now that you have gained some valuable information about marijuana seeds there is still one thing you need to know. Before you look for the right marijuana seed company to buy your seeds, it is important to know how to correctly store marijuana seeds.

There are several ways to keep marijuana seeds you collected or purchased for future planting. Those different storing methods want you to keep the seeds in cool and dark conditions to retain viability. One of the options is to use an opaque and airtight container with a desiccant pouch and place it inside a refrigerator. Additionally, you can also freeze your seeds. If the right conditions are achieved and maintained it is possible to store marijuana seeds for years.

Is it Legal to Purchase Marijuana Seeds Online?

In some states where marijuana is legal, purchasing cannabis seeds online through seedbanks will not cause any legality issues. However, this is not always the case because federal law still classifies marijuana as illegal. The only reason why some states can either decimalize or legalize marijuana is that all states in the U.S. are not required to enforce federal marijuana laws in their jurisdiction. But this also means that the federal government cannot be stopped from imposing such marijuana laws in the country.

If you plan to purchase seeds online from foreign countries and you’re in the United States it will be considered illegal by the federal government. However, so far no news reporting about the federal government taking some serious legal action if in case the package is apprehended upon entering the country.

Having said that, if in case marijuana seeds are sent from within the United States that is when some serious action will be taken by the federal government. This is when most breeders and growers commonly get in trouble. Reputable seedbanks know that it is not legal everywhere to buy marijuana seeds in the U.S. that is why they take necessary precautions to deliver seeds discreetly and safely to their customers.

What are the things needed to consider when choosing the right seed company online?

Purchasing cannabis seeds online can be scary and overwhelming especially if you haven’t done it in the past. But it can also be easy and convenient. Most of the cannabis shoppers online recommend checking first the marijuana laws in your state. This is to ensure that you are not getting yourself into any trouble.

Below are some of the criteria you should consider when searching for the right seed company online.

Offers discrete and safe shipping

  • Reliable delivery
  • Has refund policy for missing, damaged and poor quality seeds
  • Excellent strain catalog
  • Offers discounts
  • Offers loyalty or rewards program
  • Provides top-quality and authentic seed varieties
  • Delivers seeds that are in good condition
  • Multiple secure payment methods
  • Customer reviews about their experience
  • Easy to navigate website
  • The right information is provided about each seed product
  • Replies to customer inquiries


Once you get to know and understand the proper steps to take when choosing marijuana seeds to grow, the next activity to start your cannabis farming should be a whole lot easier. Quality marijuana seeds can be easily found from reputable seed banks. But remember when it comes to choosing the right seed company, you should be always more patient and cautious.

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