Charas Marijuana is indemic to Northern India, Pakistan and the Himalayas. It drama a significant and often essential role in the society and ritual of the Hindu religion, especially among the Shaivs. Easily grown both indoors and out, Charas Marijuana has a high THC content of between 17%-19% and is much sought after for it’s uplifting religious properties.

Charas is the name given to hand-made hashish in India and Pakistan. It is made from the take out of this marijuana plant. The Charas marijuana plant played an essential role in the civilization and ceremony of the Hindu religion, particularly among the Shaivs, investment Lord Shiva to be the highest god. The Charas plant was at first a marijuana sativa but over the thousands of years the Charas plant has been cross breeded tho be a good-looking strong, dark leaved indica. Charas produces big crystallized buds with rather few leaves. Users report a strong dreamlike knowledge where a sentiment of warmth and recreation is knowledgeable. Users often become very laid reverse and relaxed.


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