Genetics Indica and Sativa
Climate Indoors/Outdoors
Yield High
Height Medium
Flowering Time 55 days
Effect Narcotic
THC Level 18-23%
Growing Easy

GodberryGodberry is a mixture of Indica and Sativa marijuana that can be used to cure patients with severe types of illnesses. It is one of the easiest plants to cultivate for at least two months. It produces excellent fruit products that are suitable for beginner or expert plant growers who want high quality cannabis. Moreover, it can be planted in an indoor or outdoor garden. Godberries can grow up to 1.20 m in the indoor garden while it can grow up to 1.80 m in the outdoor garden.

Appearance and growth

The plant is a combination of 90% Indica and 10% Sativa. It features dense and hairy purple buds that are covered in white crystals. It has an explicit taste and smell because it is a hybrid of God buds and blueberries. It smells like pepper and earth while it tastes like berries and spices. In addition, its varieties can be available on feminized and regular seeds that produce high yield production.

It can grow either in outdoor or indoor type of growing method. Aside from soil, it can also grow in greenhouses, Studies and observation Groups or SOG, and Hydro. If it was planted outdoor with a European climate, the plants can grow every September while if it was planted indoor, the plants can grow for about two months. Since it can develop hybrid cannabis, it is suitable for any type of plant growers and any type of patients with severe pains and diseases.

Medical effects

Since it has 18-22% THC, it is an effective pain reliever. Besides its marijuana buds features strong power that gives a high Indan kick to its patients. It gives a narcotic feel and a slight cough experience to the patient who is smoking the plant. It is suitable for patients who have migraines, anxious, insomniac, and stress. In addition, it is also for patients who are suffering from severe types of pains such as chemotherapy, sclerosis, arthritis, and inflammations besides severe types of illnesses like Parkinson’s disease. Moreover, its stone gives the patients a strong buzz effect that can be good for their medical treatment, pain reliever, smoking habits, and emotional mentality. After smoking the plant, the patients will feel relax, sleepy, giggly, happy, and euphoric.


You can order this type of hybrid cannabis online but be careful because there are various offers in the internet. Don’t be a victim of frauds. Make sure that you order on credible websites that include full details and knowledge about the product. Besides, make sure that the website has reviews about the product so you can assure that the product that you will purchase online is effective and trustworthy.

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