Genetics Pure Indica
Climate Indoors/Outdoors
Yield 7-10 grams
Height 4 feet
Flowering Time 63 days
Effect Relaxing
THC Level 25%
Growing Moderate



G-13This type of strain, known as the G-13, is considered to be one of best and the most high quality cannabis strains ever. This is particularly evident on the relaxing effect that it provides for the body. Even with a small quantity, it can provide a great and lasting effect unlike no other.

The particular buzz that it provides has that strong upper body kick and it can give a cerebral high also. This is very much so because the G-13 has its initial roots from the Afghan Indica which has that particular quality.

When it comes to growing the G-13, one should know that this is very much easy to be grown. Even a newbie having no experience in growing cannabis can produce a great quality G-13. However, when it comes to its feeding schedule, one should know that the G-13 may have to require moderate to extreme feeding. It is of this reason why a lot of people must dedicate hours and effort in growing this particular cannabis, the G-13.

To be able to know more of the general features and qualities of the G-13, the single cola of this strain has the capability to produce a great number of flowering buds which are very much potent in terms of its effect. In fact, its THC content may even reach up to 28% which can be very much extreme.

As to finding the origin of this particular strain, there is no direct source of information that can particularly identify its main lineage or history although there were a lot of myths and even urban legends that have been grown and developed as to the birth of the strain G-13.

One of the stories circulating about its origin is on why it has a letter G on its name. Most people think that the letter G is termed as Government and that the government is behind the creation or the breeding of this cannabis plant. On the other hand, the 13 is said to be the Greenhouse number 13, which is primarily where the source location of this breeding was held.

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The G-13 should be one’s ideal cannabis to be grown primarily because of the medicinal values that it possesses. It also has a great high that would be a challenge for most smokers. Although heavy feeding might be required here, it should be noted that it can provide better yields and better quality of seeds.

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