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Marijuana news: Even as a growing quantity of countries execute legalization laws, cannabis strain is alive and well in the U.S. at least according to a study manage on the kinds of bumper stickers that American drivers are willing to put on their vehicles.

Drivers said they would be less available to displaying cannabis-related emblem than those including messages about other controversial issues, such as politics, gun ownership, religion, or even President Trump.

Of all those who do not have a marijuana bumper sticker on their cars, the majority said that they were concerned that this would affect how the cops would see them.

The research of 1,195 people was asked whether drivers might be inclined to show different bumper-stick messages, which include their “support/protest to marijuana.” of any of the topics asked, marijuana was the lowest-ranked, with only 34% of people responding that they considered it would be such a decal.

By contrast, 53% said they’d be willing to promote their viewpoints on gun ownership, 44% said that they would showcase their religious identity, and 42%t said they would share their position on President Trump. Marijuana News is significant to keep you’ll be updated.

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