Cannabis Seeds are Much Better than Hemp Seeds: Here are the Facts You Must Know

For any person who is familiar with the terms, cannabis, marijuana, weed, hemp, THC, and CBD are all pleasant words. However, do you really know the connection and the differences among them? Cannabis and hemp, in particular, confuses some. Is understanding the differences between these two worth it? A lot of cannabis claim that cannabis is indeed better than hemp. In this article, we will learn about the facts that you must know.

Are They the Same?

If you are trying to understand the differences between cannabis and hemp, it is essential to start with a very simple concept – both cannabis and hemp come from the very same plant, but different parts. Whether you refer to it as cannabis or hemp highly depends on a number of factors which will be explained further. Even though the terms are often interchanged, they have separate connotations. 

A study conducted in 1976 performed at the International Association of Plant Taxonomy shows that both varieties are of the same genus. Still, there are a number of varieties under the classification of the species Cannabis Sativa. However, highly depending on how the plant is cultivated and used will ultimately determine which term to use. 

For example, ‘cannabis’ is used to describe a ‘Cannabis sativa’ variety that is grown for its resinous and potent glands, otherwise referred to as trichomes. These trichomes are filled with high levels of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), which is a cannabinoid present in the plant, which is also known for its psychoactive characteristics.

The Debate Continues

Hemp seeds have been present in several health-food stores, being loved because of their nutritional benefits. For one, they are known to be a reliable source of omega-3 fatty acids, protein, and a number of essential minerals such as phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, and iron. In the recent years, hemp seeds have become popular in the mainstream markets. They are added to salads, combined into smoothies, baked with delicious pastries, and even turned into hemp milk. 

Hemp seeds are grown from the hemp plant, which is cultivated mainly because of its fibers and seeds. This is where the confusion usually starts. The hemp plant, for one, looks similar to a marijuana plant. In fact, they are of the same plant species. Still, there are differences that are notable. 

For example, in terms of appearance, cannabis plants are stalkier, while hemp plants are thinner and taller. More significantly, hemp plants contain lower levels of THC, which is what really makes the difference, knowing that a lot of people love cannabis because of their THC presence. 

Experiencing the High

Generally speaking, since hemp does not contain a good level of THC, it is expected not to provide the needed high that is commonly produced by cannabis. This means that hemp seeds are non-psychoactive, which means that you cannot get high by consuming it. This also goes to show that you will not fail a drug test just by consuming them. 

As the controversy continues, a standard was created which set the difference between the two. Indeed, the presence of 0.3% THC has become a standard all over the world, marking it as the official limit for using legal hemp. This has further led to some debates and confusion as to what really constitutes the difference. 

On top of that, your actual location will identify a person’s understanding of what differentiates cannabis and hemp. For example, it is defined in Canada that hemp is products of Cannabis Sativa that contains THC that is less than 0.3%. On the other hand, the law in the US describes hemp as all parts of any cannabis plant that contains no psychoactive properties, with the exemption of certain defined exceptions. 

Cannabis Seeds – Why Better

The explanation above established a general truth – if you are looking for psychoactive benefits offered, then cannabis seeds are the answer. In fact, there are a number of health benefits that are offered by cannabis seeds. 

For one, cannabis seeds are among the best sources of plant-based, natural protein. Now that cannabis is currently gaining legal acceptance, new strains are being created in order to address the issues of several medical marijuana users. 

Cannabis seeds are even known to facilitate weight loss. In fact, there are potent cannabis seed-based diets which have been used in helping people who have weight problems. Aside from that, cannabis seeds are also favorable for a sturdy and healthy heart condition. 


There is no doubt that cannabis seeds are way better compared to hemp seeds, especially when it comes to medicinal marijuana uses. All of the health benefits offered by cannabis make it a good option to include your list of options. With the useful ways in which cannabis seeds can be used, along with the limitations of treatment, logical understanding suggests that cannabis seeds are a good solution.

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