Cannabis Ruderalis

Almost everyone is familiar with the two main types of cannabis plants: the Indica and Sativa cannabis. However, did you know that there is another type of cannabis plant that is slowly gaining recognition? That’s right; the Ruderalis cannabis is one of the main types of cannabis plants. It has recently gained fame and recognition because of providing the famous autoflowering trait into the cannabis industry. When people mention cannabis species, the first things that come to mind are the indica and Sativa varieties. However, thanks to the recent development of technology, people were able to come up with autoflowering seeds. This increased the ruderalis cannabis’ popularity and demand.

Here, we will discuss the different features and characteristics of cannabis ruderalis. Additionally, we will also list down some of the best-selling autoflowering seeds out there today.

What is the Ruderalis Cannabis plant? Where does it come from?

The ruderalis cannabis plant is a species of marijuana plant responsible for the autoflowering trait that is so famous today. It gives the cannabis plant the ability to produce buds and flowers automatically without the reliance on the amount of sunlight consumed. You see, other types of seeds mainly rely on a fixed ratio of 12/12 hours of both sunlight and darkness. This may prove to be quite a hassle for some growers. With the use of a ruderalis plant’s genetics, this problem is removed.

The ruderalis plant was first discovered thousands of years ago. However, the ability to automatically produce flowers was something that people found out about just recently. Many people believe that it hails from places such as Mainland Asia as well as the eastern parts of Europe. It gets its name from the capacity to grow and flourish under harsh and extreme conditions. 

You see, the places in which the ruderalis cannabis plant was found are known to be quite hard for plants. They grow in climates which are either too hot or too cold. Sometimes, it may be even to dry which causes plants to lack water supplies. As a result, the ruderalis cannabis plant was forced to adapt to these weather conditions. Through time, it was able to develop the trait of automatically producing flowers because of the limited amount of sunlight and other nutrients that it was exposed to.


  • They are generally short and stout plants. When fully mature, they display smaller leaves that are fewer in number as compared to other types of cannabis plants. The maximum height that this plant grows is normally around 0.8 meters. Additionally, the color and hues of this plant are generally lighter in color.
  • The flowers and buds that Ruderalis plants produce are small and compact. Additionally, they are capable of growing in any weather condition.
  • They flower very quickly compared to other types of cannabis plants. It takes anywhere around 7 to 8 weeks for Ruderalis plants to fully mature.
  • One drawback of Ruderalis plants is that they are famous for containing fairly decreased levels of THC even for strains known to be potent. However, this still works well for beginners easing their way into the cannabis scene.
  • They have strong roots and branches that are capable of sustaining the plant with minimal care.


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