Cannabis Plants: Male, Female and Hermaphrodite

Yes, cannabis plants have gender. If you are planning to cultivate them, then it is critical that you know how to distinguish male, female, and hermaphrodite plants. Gender plays a very important role in the growth, development, and reproduction of cannabis plants. Growing cannabis plants and buying cannabis seeds online should become a very easy task if you know how to distinguish genders. And if you are looking for great information regarding different genders of cannabis plants, then this article is for you.

Just like any other plants, cannabis can produce either sexually or asexually. When we say asexually, it means that cannabis plants are produced from cuttings. All you have to do is just cut a piece of a plant, which is known as the mother plant, then you will be able to grow a replica. Sexual reproduction means that in order for you to grow cannabis seeds, you need to use male and female cells. Male and female cells are crucial in seed and flower formation. From these cannabis seeds, you will be able to grow new plants.

So what is the difference between male, female, and hermaphrodite plants?

Male Cannabis Plants

It is important to note that although male cannabis plants do not produce buds, they will still have flowers. The flowers of the male cannabis plants contain pollens which help in the cannabis reproduction. Many cannabis growers don’t really like growing male plants because some of them think that it is useless. There are also cannabis growers out there who are scared of male cannabis plants because it pollinates their precious female plants.

If you are going to eliminate male cannabis plants, then make sure that you eliminate those plants that flower too early. You need to make sure as well that you get rid of those autoflower plants. You want to avoid those plants that flower unexpectedly since they are more likely to become intersex. When keeping male plants, make sure that you choose those that have large hollow stems.

Female Cannabis Plants

Every cannabis growers must know how important it is to grow female plants. Female cannabis plants produce very large buds. Although male cannabis plants contain some THC, it is important to note that it is the female cannabis plants that are great for consumption since its buds contain a great amount of THC. Female cannabis plants include pistils and calyces and are known to be able to produce seeds. It produces trichomes and clusters of flowers that are designed for the pollination process.

In order for you to distinguish male from female cannabis plants, you need to check the buds. If there are buds on the plant, then you can be sure that it is indeed a female. Take note that it is the female plants that have buds while male plants have pollen sacs. Also, you will notice that female cannabis plants are covered with a layer of sticky resin and these stick resins are helpful in order to catch pollen from the male cannabis plants. Obviously, male cannabis plants do not have any stick resin coating. Female cannabis plants have these bracts and have stigma curling out of the top. Meanwhile, male plants have this ball-like structure, which then turns into pollen sacs. Before you buy any cannabis seeds online, you have to make sure first that you already have an idea whether it is male or female.

Hermaphrodite Cannabis Plants

Take note that these hermaphrodite cannabis plants have the qualities of both male and female plants. Nature is indeed a great part of the creation. Hermaphrodites existed to ensure that the genes of the cannabis plants survived. We can say that hermaphrodite plants are bisexual. Again, they both have features of male and female cannabis plants. If the marijuana grower allowed the pollen to come in contact with the cannabis buds, then the buds are expected to stop making more buds, but instead is directed to producing more seeds.

Marijuana grower must remove the hermaphrodite plants the soonest time possible or else they will pollinate every crop. Bear in mind that true hermaphrodite cannabis plants will look like male ones. It will also form grape-like balls which contain pollens.

Additional Tips

It is very important that you know how to distinguish the different gender of cannabis plants. Every gender has a role in the reproduction of the cannabis plants. Also, if you are purchasing cannabis seeds online, you need to make sure that the store or the shop has an outstanding reputation when it comes to selling top quality seeds. The best cannabis seed banks out there are those that can guarantee you the right gender of the seeds. It is wise that you check for reviews, testimonials, and feedback from their customers. You have to make sure that their customers were happy and very satisfied with the quality of the seeds that they are selling.

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