Indica Seeds

Many people would usually have a difficult time choosing the right type of strain to grow and use. This is mainly because they don’t have the necessary knowledge and information to understand how different cannabis species work. Broadening a person’s knowledge about cannabis can really help him narrow down the choices when shopping for marijuana seeds online. Furthermore, understanding the different characteristics and features of these cannabis plants can help you realize the many benefits that cannabis indica species can provide.

You see, one such type of species is the cannabis indica plant. This has been used for thousands of years because of its unique properties and many advantages. In this article, we tackle the different things that the cannabis indica plant can provide as well as many more of its details.

History and Origin of the Indica Cannabis Plant

The indica cannabis plant was first discovered thousands of years ago in Central Asia as well as some parts of India. Places such as Afghanistan, Turkey, and Nepal are known to be some of the first places where indicas came to be. For a long time, the indica plant was cultivated for its uses against pain and insomnia. As time passed, so too did the development of indica strains.

Nowadays, people have really started to experiment and study this cannabis plant. Many of the most famous and renowned cannabis strains are indica-dominant. This just goes to show you how versatile and reliable the genetics of indica strains are.

Cannabis Indica: Structure and Growing

As opposed to sativa strains, indicas display a more compact and dense plant structure. They are quite short, growing to heights of about 6ft tall. Additionally, the plant itself can be described as bushy and stout, often tangling leaves together and forming a tightly knitted plant structure. The buds and flowers of indica strains are quite stocky, making them feel much more dense and heavier that natural sativas. Additionally, their leaves are broader and wider than sativa leaves. These leaves tend to display darker and bolder colors of green.

For their cultivation, indicas are typically faster to grow than sativas. They take around 40 to 60 days to fully mature, depending on the strain and growing conditions. Yields from indicas are also quite high as they take more time focusing on the production of buds rather than the development of the plant itself.

Scent, Flavors, and Effects of Indicas

Indicas have been more connected to medical benefits than sativas. This is mainly due to the higher ratio of CBD to THC found in indicas. When consumed, indicas produce highs that focus more on the physical body and head. They induce feelings of being “stoned” with the ability to put users in a state of couch-lock, depending on how strong the strain is. Unlike the sativas which produce uplifting feelings and energy boosts, indicas give a more relaxed effect that calms the body with heavy waves of hits. It can be quite tricky to describe the difference between the two but experiencing them yourselves can definitely clear up any confusion.

As for the flavors and scent, it all depends on the natural strain that you smoke. Some display a strong flavor of sweetness and fruits while others give a more diesel-like kick to it. Overall, indicas come in many flavors and smells. Picking one is definitely part of the fun cannabis experience.

When you find yourself wondering about the different characteristics and traits of cannabis, it would always be a wise decision to do a little research. Being aware of the many traits and qualities that each species possesses can really help people grasp the overall purpose of cannabis.