Canada – The Best Place to Buy Cannabis Seeds

When cultivating cannabis for the very first time, you would certainly want to have a simpler process. However, finding the best place to buy cannabis seeds without any previous experiences and backgrounds may seem like a decision overburden.

With plenty of various strains available out there, and numbers of suppliers, how can you actually start your selection? How would you find reputable and reliable seed banks? How can you successfully germinate the seeds and ensure that you won’t waste your money in buying your seeds? 

Best Place to Buy Cannabis Seeds – Buy it from Friends

If you are pondering on where you can buy your desired marijuana seeds, you have numerous selections. However, one of the first things which you may need to consider is to keep in touch with all of your toking buddies to find out how many of them are keeping some seeds since they began smoking. 

From there, you may opt to buy seeds from your any of your buddies – if any of them have seeds. However, you have to be cautioned: newer and fresher seeds have higher rate of success for germination compared to old bad seeds.

If you take the commercial trail – the contemporary market brings feasible seeds from many of various genetic lines of cannabis. In places where the use of cannabis has been legalized, either for medical or recreational use, the selling of seeds is regulated distinctly.  You may also buy cannabis seeds in cannabis festivals.

Best Place to Buy Cannabis Seeds – Buy it from Online

A lot of marijuana cultivators have the impression that buying marijuana seeds through online can be discouraging and considerably a threatening thought.  Growers who have placed an order for seeds from online seed banks for the very first time may have the uneasiness about the legality of their purchase. 

However, if you are able to transact with a reputable online store, then you are most likely to get a great buying experience when it comes to getting your desired cannabis seed. There are numbers of distinguished seed curators all over the world. With a quick search in the internet, you will find the links to where you can find the most famous distributors of seeds.

The price of these seeds may differ based on the kind of strain being suggested. Since there are no uniformities in the industry, the cannabis seeds you purchase from one curator may or may not be similar when suggested by other curator.

The price of cannabis seeds may differ from several dollars to even several hundreds of dollars based on the characteristics and quality of the strain being assured and whether or not you like feminized or non-feminized cannabis seeds.

Although it is understandable why some have fear in buying online because they don’t feel like getting an assurance when transacting online. Well, some things can be done to save yourself from being hoodwinked online if you buy a cannabis seed online. Here are some tips you may consider doing:

  1. Know more on your chosen seed bank by reading reviews and comments.

Regardless if you are just new to buying cannabis seeds or you have tried buying these seeds before, it will be very helpful if you learn from the reviews posted by different customers. It will be very easy to look for a specific seed bank if you utilize the use of the web. It is important that you learn about each company prior to beginning making an account to begin purchasing seeds.

  1. Aim your attention in learning about the seed you like to buy.

If you are online and you are attempting to purchase new kinds of cannabis seeds, it will be best if you gather more facts about the seed that you are targeting to buy. By doing so, you will have a minimal chance of being scammed. Many seed banks out there who intend to deceive their customers have wrong information about the cannabis seeds that they offer. You may also discover that there are certain inaccuracies in the labeling, photos, and packaging of the seed you like to buy.

Getting enough understanding on the various seeds you like to buy may guide you in finding the perfect online store to buy your seeds from.

  1. Take a look on the FAQ section of the website prior placing an order.

It will be helpful if you also check the FAQ section to illustrate what the store is really up to. Take a look in the sections where the company demonstrates their service to the clients. Know about their policies when it comes to deliveries, payment methods, or promos which they recently offer to their clients.

  1. Know the contact information of the online store.

It is very crucial that you make yourself familiar with the contact information of the online store in the event that you will have some questions pertaining to the service or if you have some queries about your orders. In fact, there can be numbers of reasons why it is really important to get the contact details of your online store such as unrecalled deliveries.

Dependable online stores should have more than a contact number as their contact information. They should have email address, headquarters’ address, and customer contact form.

Search for social media accounts that are linked to the online store. There are online seed stores that own an Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook account. Getting these social media sites could imply that the store values their clients and that they are glad to bring their products online.

Certain stores also promote their marketing strategies such as promos and other deals to their social media sites.

  1. Cryptocurrencies may be a negative indicator.

You certainly would want to transact with an online store which offers convenient payment options. However, you should be cautious on stores that offer cryptocurrencies as their payment method. Online scam websites see this as a method to steal information from people.


Wherever you can see the best place to buy cannabis seeds, remember that your top priority should be the quality of the seeds and the credibility of the source. Whether you get it from a friend or buy it from online, make sure that you have done your part in researching for the necessary things.

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