buying cannabis seeds

Growing up your very own marijuana farm is a very extensive procedure that involves choosing quality marijuana seeds or clippings, putting the right materials, and a lot of patience in dealing with certain situations. You have been given several choices in starting up your own marijuana farm which includes stating off from weed clippings or clones or from marijuana seeds. If you think that it is good to go with marijuana seeds then the first question that should pop on your mind is “Where to purchase cannabis seeds?” or “Is buying cannabis seeds worth it or not?”

One of the biggest notions ever stated in the marijuana industry is if it’s worth it to purchase marijuana seeds rather than get healthy clippings from other plants. The thing is that people have their own preferences when it comes to what they want their marijuana farm to have. Most people would love to start from their own sweat and guidance of growing from seeds to a mature plant while others would typically settle with clippings.

If you’re that type of person that wants to start from mere scratch then obtaining marijuana seeds is the best option for you. But before anything else, we will point out some facts on the advantages of each of these two planting options for your perusal.

Where to Buy Cannabis Seeds?

As a first-time marijuana breeder, you must be aware of the two methods on how to grow marijuana which is either from marijuana seeds or from clones. Choosing the right one for you will help you improve as a future expert in marijuana farming. In this article, we will be tackling the pros and cons of each of these methods but we will be focusing more on the greatness of marijuana seeds as a primary method.

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Seeds vs clones

The clone is a term used to denote a clipping or a cutting coming from a mature plant that can be planted as it is. Some people consider it as a method of replanting the same marijuana in order to increase its population in their farms. The thing is that it is more difficult to handle compared from starting from scratch which is with the use of seeds.

Clones are genuinely alike from their parent plants in a way that if the mother plant has acquired a disease, it is highly likely that the cutting has inherited the same condition as well. This is why this method is not advisable for first-time growers since there is no way one can handle such instance without further experience.

It is also harder to figure out where to get some healthy clones compared to high-quality seeds that are readily available from hundreds of seedbanks. There’s also no guarantee on the quality of the clippings that you will acquire and shipping clones is not a great idea.

Marijuana seeds, on the other hand, is a more easy way of growing cannabis in your location. It is less hassle and more beginner-friendly compared to clones. You should ensure what your plant will become since you have the first-hand experience on buying cannabis seeds.


Moreover, it is easier to acquire marijuana seeds and the quality of it is true depending on where you decide to buy them. It doesn’t get affected with long travels and will remain fresh and healthy as long as no harmful external condition will get in its way.

Aside from that, you have all the control over how your plant will be planted and grown. In this way, you’ll know what goes into your plant and learn more about growing it at the same time.

There are more alternatives with seeds compared to clones

Yes, you read that right. If your primary notice is the level of harvest and the duration from planting to harvest then marijuana seeds give more convenience beyond what you can imagine. In choosing seeds, you can go through selecting auto-flowering once where you can enjoy a bountiful harvest in just a short period of time.

Plants that began with seeds will have a more sturdy root anchorage compared to those of clones. This means it is stronger and is more resistant to diseases that might affect the quality of the buds. There is also a wide array of strains that you can choose from rather than stick to clippings that are only applicable to a handful of strains.

Seeds don’t want that much plant management compared to clones. As a seed develops it can build its own resistance and its healthier than rebuilding a cutting’s condition through planting.

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So, where do we get marijuana seeds?

Now that you’ve come to realize which is better, it is now time to decide on how to acquire premium quality seeds.

There are quite multiple marijuana seed banks present in every state. It can either be through physical stores or on the internet which is way convenient than the former.

In picking the best seed bank, you’ll need to weigh several factors including reputation, quality, reviews, shipping methods, and convenience.

Doing some in-depth studies is the best alternative in choosing where to buy cannabis seeds. In this way, you’ll be assured of the quality that comes with every packet of marijuana seeds that arrives on your doorstep. Nevertheless, it is not that a hard task to accomplish and it will bear more advantages than problems in the future.

You can also ask for some data and suggestions from people who have tried buying seeds of their own. Remember that experience will always be the best possible source of approval of an online marijuana seed bank. You’ll never go wrong with this one.

Marijuana Seeds, Definitely.

Marijuana seeds are remarkably worth it compared to the other mentioned process of growing marijuana. You can be assured of the things that go through your marijuana plant and it will also help you develop your skills as a weed farmer. Once you’ve accomplished this one, there’s nothing more that will bring you down, and in that way, you can produce your own seeds or even clippings.