Bulk Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds: Can you Buy it at Low Cost?

Much has been said about cannabis in the world today as many countries and states are now beginning to accept its use both recreationally and medicinally. Because of that, demand for the product has been rapidly increasing and consumers can’t get enough marijuana. This has led a lot of people to start their own operations back at home.

For a lot of people, growing their own marijuana by purchasing cannabis seeds has become more practical for them. After all, they don’t have to wait for stores for the supply because they themselves cultivate their own supply back at home. And, if done right, growing cannabis at home can be a lot cheaper than buying marijuana.

There are a lot of ways to also become a more practical cannabis grower especially if you are still a novice in the field. One such way is to bulk buy cannabis seeds. Another way is to use autoflowering seeds. And, if you combine those two together, you can actually save more money. For many growers, beginners or experts alike, it is better to bulk buy autoflowering cannabis seeds.

What are autoflowering seeds?

As cannabis plants grow, they need a timed light cycle for them to shift from vegetative growth to the flowering cycle. In a sense, timing is crucial especially when it comes to seasons when days are shorter than nights.

However, autoflowering cannabis doesn’t conform to that kind of growth behavior. Instead, time is the only determining factor when it comes to shifting from the vegetative period to the flowering cycle. In other words, they grow on their own and are not dependent on a specific timed light cycle for them to start flowering.

A lot of autoflowering cannabis plants tend to have vegetative periods that last only about two to four weeks. And, counted from the day they were planted, some of these plants only require 10 weeks to fully grow. However, the taller varieties tend to require more time and will need about three months to fully mature and be ready for harvest.

Why use autoflowering seeds?

  1. They grow quicker

Any grower would want to have this kind of an advantage when cultivating cannabis plants. This is because you want to have a practical operation that is efficient when it comes to time. In other words, you want your investments returned as quick as possible. Because autoflowering seeds normally grow faster than most other cannabis seeds, you can harvest your buds in about eight to ten weeks.

  1. They are great for stealth growing because of their small and compact stature

If you want to be a little bit discreet with your operation, then autoflowering cannabis seeds are the best for you. These seeds grow plants that are typically small and compact. In a sense, they won’t grow too tall enough for everyone in the neighborhood to see. Moreover, their compact sizes can help you maximize whatever space you have for cultivating these plants.

  1. You don’t need to have two separate environments

When growing most cannabis seeds, you may need two environments: one for the vegetative phase and the other for the flowering period. This is mostly true for photoperiod-dependent cannabis strains. However, autoflowering seeds will make you do away with that. You only need one environment because the seeds will automatically shift to the flowering cycle without any intervention.

  1. More harvests

Time is of the essence if you are operating marijuana business. If your plants are more efficient when it comes to harvests, you will be able to realize more profits and returns to your investment. In that case, autoflowering plants will be able to help you because of their relatively shorter flowering period. Because of that, you will be able to harvest more buds in a single year than you would if you use regular cannabis seeds.

  1. They are great for beginners

Beginner growers don’t have the experience and knowledge needed to grow any ordinary cannabis seed because there are a lot of considerations especially when it comes to light. Not all cannabis plants can absorb as much sunlight as possible. In that case, the more experienced growers keep track of how much light the plants have received and use deprivation systems to prevent them from receiving any more light past their limit.

Since beginners don’t have the skill or the wherewithal that the more experienced growers have, autoflowering cannabis seeds are great options in the sense that they can absorb more sunlight in a single day. And as mentioned, growers don’t need to set up two different environments for these plants. That said, autoflowering cannabis seeds minimize the mistakes that rookies or novices might incur.

  1. They are highly resistant to molds and other diseases

Autoflowering cannabis seeds all come from hybrid plants that trace their roots to Cannabis Ruderalis, a type of cannabis that is able to survive in extreme weather conditions and harsh environments. Because of their genetic background, autoflowering plants also tend to be more resistant to environments and weather conditions that tend to cripple other cannabis plants. This helps ensures that your operation is safe from any adverse effect that the climate or the weather might cause.

Because of these advantages, a lot of autoflowering strains have become so popular. One of the most popular is Lowryder, which is considered the first pure autoflowering strain. The creator, Joint Doctor, named the strain after his favorite car magazine and is credited for having been able to develop one of the first bonsai strains in the cannabis world.

Can you buy autoflowering cannabis seeds at low cost?

Now that you already know the wonders of using autoflowering seeds, you may want to improve the efficiency and practicality of your operation by purchasing them in bulk. If you bulk buys autoflowering cannabis seeds, you will be able to receive the same kind of benefits that you would if you bulk buy any ordinary marijuana seed.

Of course, the main advantage of purchasing autoflowering cannabis seeds in bulk is that you would get them at a cheaper price. On your part, you will also be able to become more practical and eco-friendly by buying them in bulk because of the following reasons:

  • Buying in bulk reduces cost per product.
  • You won’t have to waste time and money by repeatedly going to the store or the seed bank to purchase seeds separately.
  • There will be less wastage because buying in bulk means less packaging.
  • You will be using less fuel because you only have to travel to the store once in a blue moon.
  • You get the same quality of seeds because you purchased them all at the same time.

That said, you can indeed purchase autoflowering cannabis seeds in bulk and at low prices. There are a lot of online stores that offer you varying prices. However, the most common feature among them is that you will get bigger discounts if the amount of seeds you order is higher. Some stores even sell feminized autoflowering seeds in bulk.

The key here for you is to purchase these seeds at higher amounts so that you will be able to operate at peak efficiency when it comes to the price of the seeds. The more you buy, the bigger the discounts.

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