blue dream seeds

The history of the Blue Dream seeds doesn’t have a clear background, but it is clear that the past has lost its original strain. What’s suspected is that the famous marijuana breeder DJ Short reworked the original marijuana strain from the Blue Dream into what we recognize and love nowadays.

Placed in the context of California’s Redwood Forests, these seeds were created by crossbreeding by DJ Shorts’ famous Blueberry to a Haze. The product is indeed a Sativa-dominant hybrid famous to all of the world’s cannabis enthusiasts.

The Appearance of Blue Dream

As you search your Blue Dream crop canopy, you will be more than impressed by your garden’s lush leaves, beautiful flower structure, and overall look. Blue Dream seeds are what fantasies are made of, but you should be relieved to learn that it’s not a fantasy for your backyard.

Once collected, you will realize that Blue Dream Seeds will generate a bounty of gemstone-encrusted flowers which will stun even the most experienced connoisseur of marijuana. Blue Dream flowers are distinguished by light green calyxes, complete trichomes coating, and neon orange pistils jutting around the bud.

Effects of Blue Dream

Blue Dream seeds THC and terpene content combine to make an unforgettable effect that can make the user’s body feel very relaxed while making your mind creative robust. Though it is a Sativa-dominant strain, it’s Indica side effects give an extreme relaxation which is not a day ender. But instead, it’s a euphoric high effect that makes these seeds ideal anytime night and day. 

Undoubtedly, Blue Dream is the greatest marijuana strain to experience like you’re bathing underneath the glowing California sun. It provided excellent levels of euphoria and relaxation which have led many others to assume it is one of the best strains of marijuana ever.

Negative Effects

Blue Dream seeds if consumed may have harmful effects. Blue Dream’s first negative consequence is that tons of users feel a dry mouth. Another adverse consequence is it can make your eyes feel dry too.

Although these adverse effects are just common mostly in marijuana strain; and they shouldn’t be considered as causing factors when settling to buy online Blue Dream seeds. Finally, if you used more than the recommended dosage, you will feel slight paranoia and feel uncomfortable. However; because of Blue Dream seeds, it has a possible low-level feeling of paranoia, anxiety, which are not usually paired with the Blue Dream seeds.

Medical Benefits

Originally, Blue Dream seeds were formulated for medicinal cannabis use because they provide significant relief from pain, depression, and anxiety. In addition, these seeds could also be used to improve the appetite, which would be suitable for patients battling cancer. Because of their potent medicinal impacts, Blue Dream Feminized Seeds were also tremendously popular all over the world — especially in the USA.

Without the strong sedative effects, Blue Dream provides fast relief. Thanks to her Blueberry Indica side, she has a sticky, sweet berry taste, but she does show off her Sativa Haze # 1 parentage side in bloom. She will quickly double from size when flowering and grow to a height of even more over 2 meters. All strains come together to balance her perfectly, creating a high which is both soothing and uplifting without making you feel exhausted or nervous.


Above all, Blue Dream Seeds were good for beginners as well as professionals alike. And there is nothing better than cultivating award-winning marijuana without making a sweat — and precisely that is what Blue Dream seeds provide. If it grows outdoors or indoors, these seeds perform with a charm that will impress you. You’ll be shocked by the complexity of other cannabis seeds until you cultivate these seeds.

You will however want to make sure that your Blue Dream seeds are appropriately fed during all growth stages. One of the best growth tips is that it’s not as picky as most other varieties of cannabis, so you can put the nutrients heavier than ever before. Provided that Blue Dream seeds were made and grew up in California’s Mediterranean climate, then you’ll need to do your very best to replicate these conditions in your growing room. When you grow indoors, then the temperature range of your Blue Dream seeds should be 65-85 ° F. Yet the seeds of Blue Dream are hardy, so you can dip without problems above or below this temperature level.

For all marijuana plants, however, frost is unusually harmful to Blue Dream seeds. The same could be said for temperature swelling which will reduce the vigor of your seeds. If you want to grow seeds outdoors in Blue Vision, then you’re in luck. Blue Dream was created for the great outdoors, and as long as it enjoys ample sunlight and moderate temperatures it will do exceptionally well.

If your climate is not close to that of Hot California then you will need to add a greenhouse or make sure that after the last frost you plant your Blue Dream seeds outdoors. 

Once grown indoors, for as short as 8 weeks, Blue Dream seeds will be ready for a bumper-plants harvest. The average time it takes for Blue Dream to bloom though is 9 weeks. Your Blue Dream can be done flowering around 9 to 10 weeks, depending on your phenotype, environment, feeding schedule, and more.

Outdoors provides a small difference, as the climate is not as regulated as that room indoors. Temperature fluctuation, season change, and a variety of other issues can delay your crop harvest.

When growing outdoors, anticipate your yield to be complete after flowering for 9 to 11 weeks (Mid-September through mid-October). Like always, the flowering times are assumptions when cultivating marijuana, meaning you can always use a loupe or microscope to search for trichomes to decide a harvest date. Quick flowering times, magnificent impacts, and huge yields — could this be true? To these seeds, the final yield count isn’t going to let you down.

Blue Dream seeds can yield over 400 grams of buds per square meter when grown indoors. For an indoor plant that is easy to grow, that is a lot. However, you can force this amount pretty close to 500 grams per square meter once you have your method sharpened in.

If you develop outdoors then hold on to your chair as Blue Dream will release more than 600 grams per plant. However, this number can double depending on the size of your Blue Vision. However, unless you grow Blue Dream trees, expect the outdoor yields to stay in the 600 grams. 

If you look at the history of Blue Dream it shouldn’t come as a surprise that seeds of Blue Dream will transform into massive plants. Leaving Blue Dream seeds to their own devices, they can grow above 5 feet without breaking a sweat. If you’re growing up indoors, then considering the height potential of the Blue Dream is essential. To keep your Blue Dream crop in place, using tried and tested strategies, such as topping, low-stress training, and FIM.

Remember, once it hits the pre-flowering stage of these seeds can double in height. You should allow these seeds to reach out naturally while growing in the great outdoors. If you are unable to allow your plants to touch the sky, however, implement height reduction techniques such as topping, FIM, and LST.

Outdoors, marijuana seeds from these seeds may slip past 6-foot, so ensure your neighbors wouldn’t mind. 

There is indeed a reason why seeds of Blue Dream cannabis grow quickly. One factor that contributes to the ease-of-growth of Blue Dream is that it is very immune to mold.

For outdoor and indoor growers the same as each other, molding is one of the most common problems. These seeds are immune and will allow you to think about one less issue in a growing area. Blue Dream plants, however, aren’t immune to spider mites. Spider mites seem to be the bane of all marijuana growers, so make sure you defend your crop from those tiny attackers.

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