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Blue Diesel strain is a hybrid strain with a body high that will last for hours. This fruity strain is a combination of Blueberry and NYC Diesel but despite its well-known parents, it has made its own name as one of the most potent strains used for daytime stimulation. Blue Diesel was originally cultivated by only one popular breeder but now almost all well-known breeders and growers are creating their own Blue Diesel phenotypes.

What is Blue Diesel Strain?

Blue Diesel is an indica-dominant hybrid that is so named because of its deliciously sweet and sour, blueberry.  The fruity strain was created by mixing an indica-dominant Blueberry and sativa- dominant NYC Diesel. This is a strain that can provide you with moderate to long-lasting body-centric effects that lasts for hours.

The Blueberry has a fantastic light berry aroma which is smooth, fast acting and encompassing. This is an ideal daytime strain because it can give you renewed energy. Blue Diesel is a perfect medical strain which is effective in the treatment of medical conditions like depression, stress, pain, and fatigue minus an overwhelming high.

When it comes to growing, Blue Diesel is perfect for growers because it can flower quickly in just 7 to 9 days. You will be greeted with beautiful bright flowers with high amounts of THC. When mature, this plant has a moderate size which may be grown indoors or outdoors.

What are the Effects of Blue Diesel Strain?

Blue Diesel is a 60% indica and 40% Sativa strain and comes with a high THC content. THC levels of Blue Diesel can range from 16% to 23% making it calming but with a powerful high that can reduce all kinds of physical and mental fatigue.  Consume this strain in moderation since the effects of this strain can last for a long time.

Blue Diesel offers a relaxing high that will make you feel completely relaxed. It would seem that all your problems have been cast aside when you use this strain for stress and depression.

You will feel as if your mind and body has been overpowered while allowing you to stay focused. This will make you feel calmer especially when you take a moderate dose.

But if you take a potent dose of Blue Diesel, it would become too difficult to do anything, even to simply move. You may experience dizziness, headaches and slight paranoia.  People who are new to taking this strain may suffer from these side effects.

Therefore, you must take only a small dose of Blue Diesel strain especially when you are taking this for the first time. You can slowly increase your dose once you are used to its many effects and untoward effects.

Blue Diesel also causes severe dry mouth and dry eyes, two side effects which are very common in most cannabis strains. These effects are mostly due to its high THC level at 23%. THC can cause an increase in blood flow to the many parts of the body. And to reduce these effects, consume Blue Diesel in moderation. Never consume large doses that will only lead to more problems than good effects.

What are the Medical Effects of Blue Diesel?

Blue Diesel is a strain with a variety of therapeutic uses. It can help treat depression and stress. It has potent mood-elevating effects which can naturally reduce negative thoughts and stress. You can use Blue Diesel with any medical treatments to stop depression and stress.

You can also use Blue Diesel to put an end to physical and mental fatigue. It is effective for physical and mental stress. It can block pain with its potent natural analgesic effects so you can live pain-free without headaches, migraines, chronic pain, muscle strains, and muscle pains.

Aside from all these, Blue Diesel can also be used to deal with poor appetite in people who are undergoing medical treatments like chemotherapy. This strain is effective in relieving side effects like lack of appetite, nausea, and vomiting.  

If you wish to use Blue Diesel for any medical condition, talk to your doctor. Do not immediately take this strain or discontinue the current medication. Take note that only your physician can prescribe the ideal strain that will work for your particular medical condition.

How to grow Blue Diesel?

Important growing information about Blue Diesel strain

Smell – blueberry, diesel, woodsy

Taste –  berries, sour and woody

Effects – overwhelming mind and body high

Flowering Time – 7 to 9 weeks

Growing – easy to moderate

Height – moderate

THC – 23%

CBD – —-

Lineage – NYC Diesel and Blueberry

Remember the following when cultivating Blue Diesel:

This strain can grow indoors or outdoors. When you grow your plants indoors, you can monitor the growth and health of your plants very closely plus you will be able to check for any pest or mold which can eat your precious plants.

Meanwhile, outdoor growing is a good way to save money and take advantage of the large space to grow more plants. However, if growing cannabis is not restricted in your area, you can cultivate these stealthily indoors.

What is the Best Plant Food for Blue Diesel Plants?

Blue Diesel is an easy strain to grow as long as you cultivate it in its ideal growing environment. You need to provide adequate lighting, the right humidity, and temperature levels and the ideal soil and water pH.

When feeding Blue Diesel plants avoid feeding your seedlings until these have been transplanted to their final pots. Seedlings will use up the nutrients from it’s growing media such as peat cubes or growth cubes or nutrients from the soil where these are placed. Once your plants have grown more roots, leaves and stems, transplant these to their larger and permanent pots.

Your plants should be fed with fertilizer that has more nitrogen because this can help grow stronger and healthier stems, leaves, roots, and branches.  By the time these Blue Diesel plants reach their flowering stage, these will stop growing vertically and horizontal growth. At this stage, your plants need a fertilizer with more potassium and phosphorus and with very low nitrogen. Potassium and phosphorous will grow larger and denser buds and improve yields.

How do Deal with Nutritional Problems?

Incorrectly feeding your plants with fertilizer or nutrients can lead to nutrient toxicity or nutrient deficiency. Nutrients must be balanced to ensure plants’ health and development. Take note that there are some elements that can affect the way other elements are absorbed. Using homemade mixes with questionable amounts of nutrients could pose a risk to your plants. It is definitely better to use commercial fertilizer mixes that are balanced and ready to use.

Training Blue Diesel Plants

Your Blue Diesel plants should be trained early to produce more yields. It can be trimmed, pruned or topped. Trimming by removing large fan leaves located at the bottom canopy is one way to improve air circulation at the bottom area of the plant. Removing large fan leaves will also let light penetrate this area to enhance the growth of premature buds.

This strain will also respond to the screen of a green method to enhance yields. This technique involves growing your plants through a screen. Your plants will remain short to get equal amounts of light. Only the buds are permitted to grow through the screen and thus even the premature buds can have a good chance of getting enough light.

When watering your plants, water only when the soil is dry and never water when it is wet or moist. Doing so can lead to root rot. This may increase humidity in your growing area and lead to mold and mildew growth.

Where to Look for the Best Blue Diesel Strains?  

With almost all major breeders having their own version of Blue Diesel. it becomes a challenge to find the best Bleu Diesel for your needs.

The key is to look for the best dispensary using reviews and trusted recommendations from family and friends. You may also ask a round in social media sites. Look for dispensaries that have guarantees over their products. Don’t be too eager to care for your plants to avoid overfeeding and nutritional problems.  

The price of Blue Diesel strain varies from one dispensary to another to compare the price before you purchase. And if you plan to use this strain for any medical condition, consult your doctor first, otherwise, consume Blue Diesel strains moderately.

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