Blue Cookies VS Girl Scout Cookies: Strain Comparison

This strain originated from Washington and is an Indica-dominant hybrid that has a lineage from Girl Scout Cookies and Blueberry. It is an assurance that you will have an exceptional experience through its potency and flavors influenced by its 90% Indica characteristics.

This strain has a fruity smelling bud with notes of blueberry. Its strong aroma is an indication of its potency. This is a strain favored for those who have a sweet tooth because you will love the sweetness of grapes and cherry flavor that is well enhanced by its strong scent. This strain is one of the strongest strain because of its THC level between 25%-28% and a CBD content of 2%.

Blue Cookies Strain Grow Info

Growing this strain is not recommended for newbie growers because it requires a certain level of skills and experience to maximize its growth. Most growers who had an experience cultivating this strain propose to get clippings from a mature cannabis plant to start with because it is quite difficult to find seeds for this strain.

It can be grown outdoors or indoors but since it has a level of growing difficulty, it is advisable to grow this strain indoors so that you can control its growing environment. It should be grown in an ideal environment with temperature ranges between 70-74 degrees Fahrenheit. This strain grows to be a small-medium cannabis plant making it easier to control indoors. This strain has a shorter flowering time compared to other strains. Whether grown indoors or outdoors, expect a yield that ranges between 12-16 ounces per square meter.

How This Strain Gives You High Yields

Growing this strain may be difficult because there is a lot of factors that you need to control but when it comes to maintaining this strain, there is only one technique that is widely used by growers to promote healthy crop growth and that is the proper technique. Proper pruning is believed to increase yield.

The main goal of pruning technique is to grow the cannabis plant tall and strong by ensuring that the sunlight and water are easily accessible. When sunlight and water are easily accessible by the cannabis plant it does not need to exert effort to compete with other plant’s. When plants are thriving to get sunlight and water from nearby plants there’s a tendency that it will grow wide losing some of its energy and nutrients intended for growth. So when there are light and water supply the plant’s focus is directed in growing tall and healthy.

How to Prune This Strain

You may need to have two kinds of scissors or shear: one for heavy duty cutting and one for lighter cutting. You may want to use gloves because your hands may have stain due to excessive chlorophyll or waxy resin from the buds’ surface. The cannabis plant is delicate, you may damage the plant if you don’t have sufficient knowledge in doing it.

When starting to prune, you need to focus on the lower branches because lower branches tend to provide little assistance when it comes to the growth process and it does nothing but to use important nutrients. Another reason why lower branches are the first one to be pruned is that this is the part where there is a little to no light exposure. If that part of the cannabis plant is not exposed to sufficient sunlight then there is a possibility that it may be infested to bud rot that may affect the overall health of the cannabis plant.

What to Prune

  1. In all the growth areas of the cannabis plant, you want that all its nutrients are used for the plant’s healthy growth. If the plant has dead parts such as leaves, branches, etc. its nutrients are still allocated in places where it becomes useless. Remove any dead part of the cannabis plant to allow the plant to focus on how to grow healthily rather than wasting its energy to maintain dead parts.
  2. Cut out branches that are not directly connected to the trunk especially lower branches. If the branches may seem not to contribute anything for the growth of the cannabis plant especially if t is hidden and it is not receiving light rays.
  3. Cut away the leaves on top of the plant to ensure that the branches underneath will receive a sufficient amount of light and to stimulate new branch growth.
  4. Pluck small buds sprouting located on the lower portion of the plant. Aside from these small buds drain energy from the main buds this small buds sprouting is useless because it will no longer grow further. If you are into using hashish or cannabis edibles, this small buds sprouts can still be used.

This Indica cannabis strain is suitable for use by both beginners and connoisseurs because of its potency, flavor, and aroma. The best way to fully enjoy the consumption of this strain is to grow your own cannabis plant but since this strain is quite difficult to grow, as early as now make your own research on how to cultivate your own strain in the next future.

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