what are feminized seeds

What are Feminized Seeds

Cultivating feminized marijuana seeds have long been popular and all growers today know how important these seeds are. The truth is, marijuana plants come in different sexes. Yes, there are males, females, and even hermaphrodites. All these sexes have their own purpose and function, but...

indica seeds

How to Grow Indica Seeds

After getting a great deal of experience in using weeds, marijuana users often want something more. It is to grow their strains. The task is not an impossible thing to do. There are numerous strains that can be utilized even by novice growers. Indica seeds...

Marijuana Seeds

Choosing Marijuana Seeds

Get marijuana seeds from what you think to be the finest marijuana. Ask someone who bought it before. If you are not well-known with marijuana of specialist quality, look for help. The flavor of the smoke which includes its flavour, aroma, and roughness, depends extra on...