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Growing Dolato Strain from Feminized Seeds


A fully grown Dolato strain is a model of marijuana perfection. It has a deep purple color from the leave to the flowers. The out and inner surface of its buds, together with the sugar foliage, are coated in thick and frosty resin.

This indica strain has a medium-high and very strong. Even with a massive amount of flowers on its stems, it doesn’t need support. Thought it needs to be given a bountiful load of magnesium and calcium. If not, it will show the sign of nutrient deficiency and will suffer from delayed growth. Diminish out the leave, especially in lower areas. It is also hard for light penetration and optimal airflow, and it is sensitive to high humidity and is prone to wet buildup. 

Dolato Strain and other marijuana varieties can survive in mild and warm environments. Parched locations with a temperature of 21 to 26 degrees Celcius, like California and Southern Europe. This strain can produce 700 grams per plant. 

If outdoor conditions are not optimal, it is best to grow Dolato indoors so that vital growth factors can be regulated. During its 8 to 9 weeks of flowering, maintain the RH level around 40 to 50%, except in the last 2 weeks, which should be between 30 to 40%. SOGing is also recommended for maximum fruiting, especially in small spaces. The combination of advantageous technique and suitable agri-environment can generate up to 500 grams per square meter.

Fragrance and Flavor of Dolato Strain

Dolato is not with a polished and fine sweet aroma. Its nugs must be destroyed and are smells closely to the nose to recognized the earthy and fruity elements. It’s smooth when inhaled but also lacks potency. 

Effects of Dolato Strain

The cerebral effect of Dolato Strain obviously fast and gentle. Its euphoric effects boost the mood, giving the users an adding sense of happiness. As the state of mind getting better, a relaxing feeling that gives the intense laziness floods the entire body. No amount of Dolato can take if off, and it’s easy to yield to a body-melting strong feeling.

Currently, the nugs slowly boost sensory perception, which creates almost everything in the neighboring seem increase. Due to its effect, the consumers find that matching the herb with some chilling activities like listening to trippy music and movie-watching or any adventure for the senses. Those who are artistic will be inspired to show their masterpiece. Although, due to strong laziness, inspirations, and new ideas may be delayed, and will only show when energy is regained. Because the strain calm and the consumers need to wait until tomorrow.

Medical Benefit of Dolato Strain

Dolato strain gives health-boosting benefits that reduce the symptoms of different conditions. It is an antidepressant and anxiolytics properties decrease stress, as well as the feeling of depression and anxiousness. Meanwhile, its relaxing effects alleviate hyperactive tendencies and insomnia. 

Besides, short-term emancipation from chronic pain can be attained. Dolato has potent analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and muscle relaxing activities. It is usually used to reduce migraines, PMS, arthritis, and multiple sclerosis. And it may stop nausea, stimulate appetite, and vomiting.

This strain has a 20% THC content which may seem to be modest on today’s standards. Unless one has already developed a high tolerance for consuming high dosage of strain and it will be not needed and likely to be harmful to the beneficial. As proofs of its power, and may bring upon dry eyes and cottonmouth even in moderate doses. On the other hand, overusing this strain can cause anxiety, paranoia, and dizziness. 

Dolato Feminized Seeds

Users with mid-level growing skills are motivated to grow the Dolato strain. Though it is prone to wetness buildup, it produces 700 grams indoor and 500 grams outdoors as long it grows in the best home. That is a big load of relaxing buds that can mitigate chronic pain, insomnia, and anxiety. To create the gardening journey easier, contemplate using its feminized seeds.                               

Here are the Top New Marijuana Strains to look out for in 2020


As the cannabis industry around the world continues to expand, new ideas and innovations are taking place. Research and development of various marijuana strains are now more active than ever before. As such, there have always been new marijuana strains to look out for each and every year. With higher potency levels and unique flavors, new marijuana strains are always an exciting thing to expect as time passes by. 

In this article, we are going to list down the Top New Marijuana Strains to look out for in 2020. With the potential to be considered as some of the best in recent memory, these strains will have a lot to prove coming into the cannabis scene. Let’s get started:


If you feel the need to look for a reason to get hyped about something this 2020, then look no further. The Rare Hindu marijuana strain is a must-try for any cannabis fan and enthusiast out there. Hailing from the state of Colorado, the Rare Hindu is an up and coming marijuana strain that delivers very classic indica effects with each toke. It is the result of crossbreeding the landrace strain of Hindu Kush with some OG #2. It is one of the easiest new marijuana strains to cultivate due to the feminized version that it currently comes in. The medium yields are made up for by the frosty and resinous buds that sprout from each cola. Expect a very smooth and calming high coupled with intense flavors of sweetness and earthiness.  


As the name suggests, the Tropicanna Banana marijuana strain gives off a very warm and tropical vibe. It comes from crossbreeding the famous Girl Scout Cookies and some Tangie. Much like most sativa-dominant hybrids, the Tropicanna Banana imparts strong boosts of energy and productivity, filling your day with loads of joy and positivity. A few hits of this marijuana strain will get your mind racing with all sorts of ideas and happy thoughts. When it comes to Tropicanna Banana’s flavors and effects, it does not disappoint. Strong tastes of banana and fruits will instantly give you a sunny Hawaiian beach vibe. The dank and resinous buds also provide a full-bodied smoke that courses through your throat smoothly. The plant structure of Tropicanna Banana is very robust and compact. It is a rather short plant, growing up to 3-4 feet in height. This strain carries a THC level of up to 25%, well above the standard level in today’s cannabis industry. 


This marijuana strain looks to have one of the highest potentials on this list. The Mamacita’s Cookies marijuana strain carries a distinctive high that resembles both its parent strains well. It comes from crossbreeding the famous Girl Scout Cookies strain with another Colorado hybrid strain called Nicole. Because it derives its properties from two award-winning strains, the effects of the Mamacita’s Cookies are definitely worth all the hype. These feminized seeds will take around nine to ten weeks to fully mature. It is a very generous plant in terms of yield rates, often sprouting around 550 to 850 grams worth of marijuana buds per square meter. With a THC level of 25%, Mamacita’s Cookies are a very potent kind of strain. It is capable of dishing out strong waves of deep relaxation that are therapeutic to both the mind and body. 


True to its name, the South Plant marijuana strain is a mix of genetics that come from both South African and South Indian landrace strains. With a 75% sativa and 25% indica genotype, this strain will give users a very uplifting high that will fill their heads with only positive ideas. Generally known for being an indoor plant, this strain will thrive in warm and controlled climates. Despite being sativa-dominant, the South Plant strain typically grows only up to 2 to 3 feet in height and produces dank, hefty buds. The effects of this strain are where the sativa influences lie. It provides a very strong and cerebral high that gets users feeling giggly and trippy. Make sure to pack some snacks for this high because South Plant will surely cause some good ol’ munchies. 


It looks like we have another member of the “Gorilla” family ready to serve up some hard-hitting blows. The Quick Gorilla, however, isn’t your average new marijuana strain. It carries roughly around 20% to 22% of THC. One thing that stands out about this strain is that the highs it produces don’t really last as long as other typical strains. This may be where the “Quick” part of the strain’s name comes in. Despite this, it is still a very potent and enjoyable strain that delivers an astounding effect. Gorilla Glue was mixed with some OG Kush Auto in order to come up with this strain. It is a 65% indica, which means that users can expect a dreamy and hazy feeling that will get them feeling slightly disoriented and lazy.  


Among every other marijuana strain on this list, perhaps the highest yielder of the group would be the Strawberry Cane marijuana strain. With yield rates exceeding the standard amount of other cannabis strain, the Strawberry Cane is quite truly a dream come true for many growers out there. It comes from the crossbreeding of the Slurricane strain with some Strawberry Stardawg. It is a very typical sativa-dominant strain that induces a very happy and energizing high. The flavors comprise of distinct sweetness and sourness reminiscent of strawberries. It also flowers rather quickly, taking around eight to nine weeks of flowering time. 


Cosmic Bomb Auto is a strain that all autoflowering fans should be excited about. As the offspring of LSD strain phenotype and some African landrace genetics, the Cosmic Bomb Auto is…sure to blow you away. Autoflowering genetics makes it highly resistant to molds and infestations. This strain is fully capable of growing in any given climate. With a THC level of around 16% to 20%, the Cosmic Bomb Auto will do just enough to induce a mind-tingling sensation that will get you hooked within the first few minutes. 


Belonging more to the “luxurious: types of marijuana strains, the God Lemon is a strain fit for those who have a complex palette and sophisticated taste. God Lemon comes from crossbreeding two very luxurious and rare strains: the Lemon Versace and some premium Adonai. The rich genetics of this strain makes it a rather easy marijuana strain to cultivate. It produces medium to high yields and can flower in around seven to eight weeks after germination. Strong notes of lemon and citrus dominate most of the flavors. Of course, you would still pick up a subtle dankness to it.   


Making use of the world-renowned Girl Scout Cookies strain and the legendary Tangie, this Tangie Cookies marijuana strain did have quite the high standards to meet. And true enough, it did well to uphold the parent strains that it represented. Produced with two amazing strains, the Tangie Cookies strain has a THC level that clocks in at a whopping 28%! If that doesn’t seem potent enough for you then I don’t know what will! The strong cerebral and body effects work great in dealing with any nausea and fatigue that you may be feeling. As this strain provides the perfect balance between energizing and relaxing, it will definitely get users feeling refreshed with a new sense of productivity. 


If we’re talking about appearance and overall presentation, then the Purple Lemonade Auto marijuana strain undoubtedly takes home the cake. Emitting a seriously dark shade of purple that glistens under the subtle dustings of crystal-white trichomes, Purple Lemonade Auto is truly a sight to behold. This strain comes from crossbreeding some citrus and purple genetics from California and mixing them with some ruderalis genetics in order to provide some autoflowering features. The strong citrus taste coupled with a very sociable and uplifting high has quickly made it a fan-favorite among cannabis users. 

The beauties included on this list all carry the potential to turn into classic and legendary strains that will forever leave their marks on the cannabis scene. In just a matter of time, these marijuana strains will be staples in every marijuana shop due to their tantalizing effects and unique flavors. So if you plan on trying out new marijuana strains that won’t disappoint, then these are the ones for you!

Marijuana Strain Review 2020: Blueberry Regular


One of the most well-known and best-selling marijuana strains in the world today would undoubtedly be the Blueberry marijuana strain. Highly regarded as one of the most premium and versatile strains ever developed, it has constantly made its way into almost every Top 10 Marijuana Strains list that you can find. With the ability to provide an almost unparalleled combination of flavors and effects, Blueberry definitely has a character of its own when it comes to the cannabis industry. This high profile marijuana strain has garnered a very loyal following of marijuana enthusiasts who, for many years, have cultivated and developed this strain for decades.

The Blueberry marijuana strain carries a legendary status that puts it in a class of its own. With countless marijuana experiences provided by this strain, it has long been considered a fan favorite among beginners and longtime smokers alike. 


Having been around for such a long time, the Blueberry marijuana strain is no stranger to the cannabis scene. It was first developed during the late 70s by cannabis expert and pioneer DJ Short, who is widely known as the Wizard of Weed, the Willy Wonka of Pot, and the Cannabis professor. The Blueberry was also one of the first marijuana strains that he developed and, unsurprisingly, the most famous and successful.  

While it is unknown where the exact origins of this strain are, people believe that it was first developed and produced in Detroit. The Blueberry marijuana strain is the result of crossbreeding three very pure landrace genetics: the original Afghani, some Thai Sativa, and Purple Thai. The Blueberry delivers a very strong and influential genetic makeup that only a few strains can compete with. Throughout the years, the Blueberry marijuana strain was able to rack up numerous awards and accolades because of its decadent flavors and mind-altering highs. It won the High Times Cannabis Cup during the year 2000 as the overall champion strain 


The Blueberry marijuana strain is an indica-dominant plant with 80% indica and 20% Sativa, often displaying strong indica influences in both its effects and plant structure. Because it is a regular marijuana strain, you will have to pay attention to the sprouting of both male and female plants. However, this does not mean that beginner growers cannot cultivate this strain. Regular seeds will make for great practice in order to build up your experience in cannabis growing. The Blueberry marijuana strain much prefers being grown indoors because of the warm and controlled climates. The plant structure is often very short, which is typical for many indica-dominant strains. The Blueberry plant reaches heights of around 3 to 4 feet, making it ideal for saving up some growing space while still being able to cultivate an ample amount. The leaves of this strain are quite wide and bushy, giving it a very dense and compact look. Regular trimming can help bring out the colors of this strain more. 

The cannabis buds of the Blueberry marijuana strain are very tightly-knitted together, forming a nice, heavy bud covered in frosty trichomes. These are also trimmed with pistils that radiate a very vibrant green and blue color. The leaves of the Blueberry marijuana plant give off a certain amber and red hue. Overall, the appearance is a very eye-catching sight that does well to reflect the flavors and effects that Blueberry imparts.   


Medical Value: While Indicas are known to carry very strong medical properties, this powerhouse marijuana strain is no exception. In fact, Blueberry is one of the most frequently used cannabis strains for both medical and recreational purposes. Because of the strong sedating effects, the Blueberry marijuana strain works perfectly for bringing people back up to speed after a long day at work. Often used to combat nausea and fatigue, the Blueberry marijuana strain will keep users’ minds intact while giving off a deep and relaxing feeling. This means that it will do little to cause any paranoia. Cancer patients who are exposed to radiation may feel dizzy and lose their appetites. Well, Blueberry has been known to stimulate a person’s hunger. Furthermore, the cerebral effects give users a sort of hazy feeling that lets people forget about their anxieties and depressing thoughts. 

Additionally, the strong body buzzes will release any pressure that is being built up in your muscles and joints, making it great for treating chronic pain and migraines. Because of its amazingly high CBD level of 2%, the body impacts of this strain help the blood flow circulate better and improve the overall performance of a person’s cardiovascular system. 

Recreational Effects: With a THC level of 15% to 19%, the Blueberry marijuana strain offers a very solid and bold high, often being described as a “one hit and quit” strain. It delivers a full-bodied and thick smoke that coats your entire palette with bursting flavors of fruits and berries. The sweet and slightly sour notes make it a very easy strain to take hits of. It will leave no irritation in your throat as you take deep inhales of this classic. Additionally, the slightly earthy and pine flavors give it a little more character.

Because it is mainly an indica-dominant strain, the Blueberry will impart a strong yet blissful high that sweeps over your entire body. You will immediately feel blanketed with a deep sense of relaxation that soothes every inch of your body. As it is known to be a very effective stress-reliever, smokers will typically light up a joint of this during the night time because of the drowsy effects that is can produce. 

Blueberry has been considered to be Crop King Seeds best-selling marijuana strain for many years now. This is because they have perfected the way of masterfully developing and producing this strain in order to provide only the best and highest quality weed seeds to their customers. So if you plan on purchasing a pack of Blueberry Regular marijuana seeds, then visit the website of Crop King Seeds today! They accept payment methods such as cash, BitCoin, MasterCard, Visa, and Interac (exclusively for Canadian citizens).

Banana Punch Strain Grow- Info


Banana Punch Strain grows immensely in a wide range of areas that develops and cultivates varieties. It is really ideal for our hardworking farmers and dedicated agricultural workers that want to enhance and discover unique ways of growing a massive number of plants.  In the process of genetically symbiotic, this strain bears a crossbreed between the banana kush and the purple punch. This strain grows through its beautiful flowers and abundant seeds. This strain relay equally to enhance its variety that can be of great help to somehow boost the economy and improve social standards. Agricultural workers really believe that this strain is one of the best and creative ways to really discover new innovations in growing certain plants or trees. 

Banana Punch Strain Growing Process

Banana punch strain contains 20% of THC  and is considered as the most powerful cannabis plant. THC stands for tetrahydrocannabinol which is a principal psychoactive constituent of cannabis and is very essential to this strain. This strain organically grows indoors and its flowers bloom around seven weeks in 60 inches tall. However, if you plant a maximum of 6 seeds in a row, it’s estimated flowers length is 56-70 days. Normally, it grows indoors but yet it can also grow outdoors. Moreover, the best results of the banana punch truly grow in a controlled indoor environment. Its plants are colored light green. The banana punch usually grows in soilless soil and it smells like a Christmas pine tree, fruity spice, and candy. This strain is gorgeously flavorful and it is good in the eyes. They grow abundantly in a fine cool and safe locality. It enables a variety that can easily catch people’s eyes. It brings a lot of change depending on how you take good care of the strains. 

Can we clone a banana punch strain? Yes, definitely banana punch can be cloned. It needs a simple cloning area just like the greenhouse effect laboratory, which is a cool place in order to produce different varieties of bananas. It can relentlessly grow through its high maximum temperature whenever needed. 

Banana Punch Marijuana Strain and Its Medical Use

The banana punch also produces seeds that soothe and smells like an overripe banana and cinnamon.  It’s expected harvest of banana punch seeds is within 8-10 weeks after planting. 

The banana punch strain somehow offers health benefits. It is very useful in alleviating chronic pain that can lead to a deep state of body relaxation. This strain significantly offers a mellow bustle that can greatly help in reducing stress and anxiety and is also good in reducing muscle pain in inflammation. 

This strain brings a huge impact on its people. It embodies a joyful and creative style of way of living. It softens our hearts and a gateway to surpass stress. What are you waiting for? Come, brace yourself and be part of the banana punch strain program to ensure a life worth living. 

More banana punches, less stress!

Know More the About Purple Kush Strain

One of the strains that boost the purple aspects in different ways is Purple  Kush. The Purple Kush cannabis strain is obvious because of the colors that show in this strain which is the violet, deep red, and pink. It also tastes like candy, grapes, and wine. With the 100% indica present in this strain it can make the user feels giggle, super relaxed, and happy.

Know More the About Purple Kush Strain

Purple Kush is also knowns as the “Purple Hindu Kush”, it is a solid Indica strain that set its own self aside from other indica hybrids with its beautiful colors, and it’s pleasing taste. It’s originated from the breeders in an area near Oakland, California called Oaksterdam, one of the primary medical cannabis regions of the USA. Purple Kush cannabis strain is the outspring between the two South-Central Asian indica landraces; The Hindu kush is from the peak of Pakistan-Afghanistan borders, and a touch of purple variation of Afghani. It gives ease and tempered full-body stoned with 100% of indica genetics. Purple Kush also has a THC content which is ranging fro 17% to 27%.

This strain is a popcorn-like flower when healed, and has a medium-sized, heavy bud, and have a very thick structure. The leaves can be alike green and purple depending on the phenotypes. The tendency regarding purple selectively produces from the Purple Afghani mother strain, advance when the purple kush anthocyanins- colors are similar to chlorophyll and turn on in cold growing conditions. The procedure is alike to the breakdown of chlorophyll and the revitalizing of the yellow and red color that source of foliage to change the colors in autumn. 

While the mother strains Afghani, Purple Kush cannabis strain has a hugely high volume to make sticky resin, creating it valuable in the manufacturing of hash and other fucoses. The strongly-curled flowers are protected in trichomes, giving the green and purple leaves a wide-eyed while white sheen. Orange pistils, intentional to get pollen from male plants, stick-out against the already glowing flowers.                             

The Purple Kush’s bag appeal is not only restricted to visuals, but the buds also protrude taste. The beginning impression is the same with the smell of Afghani strains, with and almost sandalwood must and earthy. Close examination reveals the sweet and fruity record of grapes. When combusted the flowers had a hash-like smell and smoke. 

Unlike other hybrids that begins with a disorienting high head that fuses into a slow taste of calm, the Purple Kush gives you the feeling of physical relaxation. Although there are some of the mental effects, they have a lot of a psychedelic, twist nature beside a cerebral one. Users may love the soothing effect of tactile surroundings and music. Beside stimulate hyperactive ideas and sharp focus, although these strains bring about cool pleasure. The purple kush can give you a very high feeling and sometimes called Indica knockout. Purple Kush can also be medical use. Ther powerful sedative effects can dull some symptoms of depression and anxiety. It can also be peculiarly successful in relieving pain- both chronic and like aches that come after a workout or just like nerve-related pain from fibromyalgia or cancer. Purple Kush can also be a cure for insomnia. The duration of the purple kush when use is ranging from 2-3 hours. 

As expected in pure indica plant, the Purple Kush can grow bushy and low. Those who tried more in cultivating the strain can successfully grow the strain indoors or outdoors, perhaps it can have more successful growth indoor because the cultivators can control the growing condition for the plant. A lot of plants can effortlessly fit inside a vertically-limited growing space, as they rarely exceed the height of 3ft. To bring out the famous color of the Purple Kush for its filled with visual potential, cultivators need to shock the plant’s inclusive yields. The Purple Kush plants will bloom within 8 weeks when it grows indoors and late September when it grows outdoors.  Under the perfect conditions, cultivators can expect a medium yield of about 73 grams per square area of plants. 

Finally, to the breeder who successfully picked a crop of Purple Kush will desire to properly heal their buds to protect the beautiful colors and tasty flowers, and all of it requires to hang the buds upside down for about a week in a space that maintains 50% humidity and an unchanging temperature of 70-degree Fahrenheit and then secure the dried buds in big-mouth jars in surroundings of 70 degrees Fahrenheit and in the middle of 60-65% humidity.

Finally, those who have successfully harvested a crop of Purple Kush will want to properly cure their buds to preserve the colorful and tasty flowers — all that’s required is hanging the buds upside down for about a week in a room that maintains 50% humidity and a consistent temperature of 70 degrees Fahrenheit and then sealing the dried buds in wide-mouthed jars in ambient surroundings of 70 degrees Fahrenheit and between 60-65% humidity.

Best Marijuana Seeds for Sale

Marijuana seeds might cost a lot of dollars, but it will surely impress you with high-quality seed. With just a single plant, you can get an impressive quantity of flowers. Although it is understandable for a new grower to hesitate on buying seeds for their start-up because of its high-cost. Which is why we always go on marijuana seeds sale. If you’d like to see your favorite strain on sale always keep an eye on our offers.

It is important to buy marijuana seeds on a seed bank that has a good reputation and good feedback. It is hard to buy marijuana seeds online for a new grower because of the certain amount of trust required. That is why we are strongly encouraging the growers to read a lot of good feedback on your selected seed bank. Find a good quality marijuana seeds on a trustable seed bank.

Buying Marijuana Seeds in Canada Legally

Purchasing marijuana seeds became fully legal after Bill C-45. Back in 1908 when the Opium Act was set in place, this revokes drug prohibition in Canada over a century. Back in 1923 when the Narcotics Drug Act’s private confined list of marijuana as narcotics drugs they officially got banned. The involvement came after Canadian officials take part in international negotiations such as the League of Nations assembly. The meeting has prompted the prohibition of marijuana in 1923.

Canadians were able to purchase marijuana seeds from local stores or online seedbanks after the bill was passed in 2018. But still, they need to choose a trustworthy store that sells and delivers authentic and good-quality cannabis seeds.

One of the most trusted marijuana stores online is marijuana-seeds.com, they have the best feedback from the costumers online. They also ship worldwide, you can pay using credit cards, bank transfer, debit, bitcoin, or money to pay for your orders. Their customer service is also great that they can make the costumers more comfortable. Costumers also can get free when they order a lot.

Crop King Seeds also set a good reputation from the costumers online as one of the most reliable seed banks online. They are known as the leader in the cannabis industry, featuring high-potency strains. When you purchase cannabis seeds from Crop King Seeds they directly ship it to you from the main branch in Vancouver, Canada. It is an advantage to you if you live in Canada, to have the best reputable cannabis seedbanks in town. Crop Kind Seeds accepts payment through Visa/Mastercard payments, US/Canadian dollars, Bitcoin, also Interac E-Transfers ( for Canadians).

Where can you Buy Marijuana Seeds?

A lot of new growers and cultivators wonder where they can get the best marijuana seeds for sale. You can find many trusted cannabis seedbanks online. After the legalization of cultivating and growing cannabis seeds in 2018, the cannabis industry in Canada hit the top. Also in the USA seedbanks especially California seedbanks and a lot of Dutch seed banks which are still the most choice for the cultivators and growers due to the history of cannabis and the great genetics.

When planning to buy cannabis seeds one of the first things to do is finding a reliable seed bank where you buy seeds cheaply with confidence and trust. A cannabis seed bank where you have a delivery and germination guarantee, where you buy the best weed seeds and where customer service goes beyond. This is where we as a company stand for.

More Canadian Seed Banks

There’s no doubt about liking Canadian seedbanks when you are purchasing cannabis seeds from them. Where you can purchase cannabis seeds in a most trusted seed bank. Although there are a lot of seedbanks around Canada. 

Canada also accepting other seed banks outside the country. This only means that the customers want the best-quality seeds for their own. Although you have a near physical cannabis store in your town you still choose the best seed to cultivate and grow.

Good-quality Seeds for Cheap Price

Making sure to get the highest standard and to guarantee your order of cannabis seed with the good-quality for the professional breeders and growers. A lot of seedbanks that offer a good-quality cannabis seed with a cheap price. Organic, viable, and completely tested for germination and ready to grow seeds.

Canadian Seed Banks

Directly purchase your cannabis seeds from a dispensary rather than purchasing it online if you’re concerned about being scammed and legal issues. In Colorado, The Green Solution and The Farm regularly promote their stores in online options. If you’re living in Colorado buying cannabis seeds online should be a quick and easy process.

We can only endorse you to buy marijuana seeds for sale online if you live in a country where cannabis is legal to grow indoors and outdoors.

How Do Cannabis Growers Celebrate Canada Day

The federation of four provinces was made by the British North American as the Dominion of Canada on the 1st of July 1867 as the celebration of Canada day with cannabis. Canada has 10 provinces and three territories. Since 2867, the Canada boundaries and The British colonies Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, (known as Quebec and Ontario at present) are among the four provinces that have been included in the federation.

In 1879, July 1 became a holiday also known as Dominion Day. Canada’s Governor proclaimed that the Canadian should celebrate the anniversary of the confederation on the 20th day of June in 2868. There were no official celebrations held until the 50th anniversary in 1917 and the 60th anniversary in 1927. Dominion Day was frequently celebrated and was organized by the National Government, after World War II. The celebration of Dominion Day became common after the centenary of the confederation in 1967. In 1983, the 1st of July became officially Canada Day until the present.

Canada Day is also celebrated annually in London’s Trafalgar Square in the United Kingdom since 2006. The event may be held before or after July 1, depending on the availability of Trafalgar Square.

Cannabis Enthusiasts at Canada Day

Canadian are even more proud of Canada Day. On the 150th Canada Day celebration, the Canadian celebrated it more special though it is annually celebrated.

The celebration of Cannabis Day in 2017 was history and more special for the Canadian because it is the last day of cannabis to be marked as illegal in the country because on that day onward using Cannabis won’t be illegal anymore. Canada Day is all set to be called Cannabis Day in 2018. Canadians are more proud because of the legalization of cannabis.

Make sure to purchase all your good and goodies cannabis on your favorite Cannabis market and celebrate the legalization of Cannabis on Canada Day.

Have fun celebrating Cannabis Day and Canada Day by grooving to the music and get high with thousands of fellow Canadians.  Always remember that the Cannabis Farmer’s Store is always packed with people and goods are always sold out. There is no reservation of having a VIP treatment of that said event. It is always first come, first serve.

Though Cannabis Days are from 12-7 pm, always make sure to put your alarm on at 4:20 pm for the massive smoke-out5e different kinds of beautiful fireworks.

One of the best ways to celebrate your Canada Day is having a blast and joints roll-on Canada Day or Cannabis Day at Thornton Park with thousands of Canadians. Also, experience the Silent Disco on Canada day, the quietest and rowdiest party in Vancouver – should live up to your expectations.  This will be the most unforgettable moment on Canada day in Vancouver.  

Canada now celebrates Cannabis Day and Canada Day with a big celebration, inviting famous artists like Soja, Snoop Dogg, and 2 Chainz, well as a wide collection of cannabis businesses as sponsors. Also, listen and hear a speech from most enthusiasts’ cannabis users in a town like Dana Larsen and Jodie Emery and get to know their stories. 

People just want to get high on the day and also push for the legalization of cannabis in other states.  Even though a lot of states are adopting it. The cannabis legalization protest has tried to bring a more formal aspect to the celebration, organize it as a moment to push their political agenda.

Come and celebrate Cannabis Day at Thornton Park this July 1st in Vancouver!

What Strains Are Perfect For Daytime Use?


Marijuana best for daytime use and providing stoners with a “high” effect that causes them to feel relaxed and somewhat drawn into a couch mood. But contrary to what most people believe, there are actually a lot of marijuana strains that provide the opposite effect. Although typically used as a calming drug, marijuana may also be used to provide an energy boost to the users. A lot of strains are known to increase the productivity of people and these strains are usually taken in the morning, right before heading to work or something of that sort. Think of it as a morning cup of coffee but with less caffeine and more THC.

How exactly does marijuana provide an energy boost that gives off a buzzing high? As you probably know, marijuana is primarily distinguished by belonging to strains of indica or sativa. Now, one of the differences between these strains is that indica usually provides a more “sleepy” or lazy high to the user. On the other hand, sativa strains are known to contain high levels of CBD which helps give off an energy boost to users who consume this type of strain. Depending on the CBD levels and terpenes found in the marijuana strains, sativa may lead to more motivational highs compared to indica. 

Here are five of the popular marijuana strains known to provide users with an energetic high that boosts productivity in their everyday lives:

  1. Jack Herer – Usually containing high levels of terpinolene, Jack Herer works great as a strain that gives off an energetic and buzzing high. Because of its focus-oriented effects, it is currently one of the most popular strains of marijuana out there. With a 55% sativa composition and around a 20% THC level, this strain can be used as an alternative to your early morning coffee. Jack Herer is one of marijuana best for daytime use
  2. Green Crack Punch – Do you have trouble getting out of bed in the morning? A couple hits of this marijuana strain and you’ll have as much energy as a 10-year-old kid in a toy store. Known for its high percentage of sativa of 60% and a high level of THC of 18%, this is sure to give a solid energy boost to whoever needs it. This strain is known primarily for its ability to boost your motivation and supercharge your energy for the day. 
  3. Chocolope – This chocolate-coffee flavored strain is perfect for complementing your early morning cup of brew. Composed of ninety-percent sativa, this marijuana strain will surely smack you right in the face with loads and loads of energy. Often used by people to help battle fatigue and sleepiness, it has a very pleasant tasting flavor which makes it appropriate for even the most inexperienced cannabis users who also have a hard time staying awake during the day. With a THC level of 19%, Chocolope is one of the few weed strains that is pleasant in both taste and smell.
  4. AK-47 – Known to be used for treating anxiety, fatigue, and exhaustion, this marijuana strain is sure to give you the necessary energy needed to go on with your daily tasks. Rightly named after a gun that is famous for its power, this is something that someone must take in regulation because too much of it may cause its effects to backfire and give the user a feeling of drowsiness.
  5. Durban Poison – Known as the “fatigue killer” by many users, this strain is famous for taking effect immediately after smoking. With a high that makes you feel hyper, inspired, and uplifted, this strain works great for people who tend to spend hours in their workplaces. Composed of 100% sativa, it also has a THC level of 26% which is fairly high compared to other energy-giving strains. This strain is one of marijuana best for daytime use.

How Long Does Marijuana Stay In Your Body?


It is no secret that marijuana consumption is being done in many parts of the world. In addition, while the number of cannabis users continues to grow every day, they would frequently ask one question: How long does marijuana stay in your bloodstream?

Be it for medical purposes or simply out of plain curiosity, many people wonder just how long does marijuana stay in your bloodstream. Here, we discuss the different ways in which marijuana can be detected as well as the different factors, which affect the duration it stays in your body.

As many of you know, marijuana contains a compound known as tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which is responsible for the psychological effects of marijuana consumption. And while these effects may last for only a number of hours, the drug may be detectable in your system for weeks or even months. 

The duration of weed staying in your system depends on several factors. Additionally, it also depends on the method used to detect the drug. Before we discuss the methods of detecting cannabis in your system, let us first look at the different factors that need to be considered:

  • How often do you consume the drug? 
  • Amount of THC in the marijuana
  • How does your body metabolize the drug?
  • How much body fat do you have?
  • Your body’s hydration level

All these play a role in how long marijuana stays detectable in your body. For example, people with more body fat means that the drug metabolizes slower compared to people with less body fat. Dehydration also causes the THC in your body to be more concentrated, which in turn leads to a higher detectability level.

So, let’s go back to the main concern here. Just how long is weed detectable? The THC in a marijuana user’s body may be detected in a number of ways, namely: Through urine testing (which is also the most common method), blood testing, hair testing, and saliva testing. 

How long does marijuana stay in your bloodstream, detecting marijuana through urine tests depends on the frequency that the user consumes the drug? For infrequent users, the drug may stay in their system for up to 3 days. Moderate users may have a detection period of 5-7 days. Lastly, heavy marijuana users have a detection period of 30 days or more.


Although not as common as urine tests, THC may also be detected through a user’s blood. It may also be important to note that the THC from marijuana consumption stays in the blood for only a short period of time compared to the other sources. Through this method, marijuana can be detected from a window of 36 hours up to 7 days, depending on the frequency of use. 


Saliva tests may detect marijuana in your system for only a period of 24-48 hours. 


This method of marijuana detection is mostly used for frequent and heavy consumers. As for infrequent users and those who consumed weed just out of curiosity, this method of detection may prove ineffective. The detection window for this method is 90 days.

Although there are a number of ways to help lessen the amount of THC in your system, there is no definite way to totally flush it all out. Hydrating yourself and drinking a lot of water helps lessen the concentration of THC in your body. Exercising before consuming marijuana may also cause the THC in your body to metabolize faster. The best way to avoid any unwanted detections is to be aware of your consumption and understand the way your body deals with cannabis.

Ever Wondered How Long A Marijuana High Lasts? A Guide for Newbies


If you are reading this, chances are you have just had your first marijuana experience and you are wondering how long the effects last. You may be feeling anxious about the effect it had on you and you cannot wait for it to stop. Do not worry; just remember that your high would eventually end.

The effects of a marijuana high are different for each person and how long a high would actually last depend entirely on a number of factors. This is a frequent question asked both by people who are new to cannabis and by long time weed users. Before we start discussing the factors affecting the duration of a high, it would be good to note that a high would generally depend on the amount consumed. Tetrahydrocannabinol, also known as THC, is the chemical found in marijuana that causes most of its psychological effects. Simply put, it’s what gets marijuana users “high” and the more THC that enters your endocannabinoid system (ECS), the longer the effects.


Each of our bodies reacts differently when consuming marijuana and it would be important to know what the best scenario would be for you to have the best experience. One way to do this would be to try it out a few more times in order to see what your body likes and dislikes when consuming cannabis.

Now, let us go ahead and check what factors affect the duration of a marijuana high:


The way you use cannabis affects how long the high lasts. Smoking, which is one of the most common methods of marijuana consumption, can be done in a number of ways. Some examples of these are using joints, bongs, blunts, electronic cigarettes, etc. The duration of your high by smoking would usually last up to 1-2 hours. Edibles, on the other hand, take a longer time for the THC to enter the bloodstream. The effects using this method could take as long as 9 hours, depending on the amount consumed.


It’s no secret that experienced cannabis users are prone to shorter highs because their body eventually gets used to the THC, which means that they need to consume more weed to experience longer effects when compared to cannabis newbies. A few hits by a veteran weed user would most probably do them no good, while someone who doesn’t usually consume weed would be high out of their minds. I guess the upside to this is that the vets get to use a whole lot more of it, right?


This one should be a no brainer. Obviously, the more weed you take into your system, the longer the high is. 


         The quality of marijuana you are consuming may also play a role in how long your high lasts. Top shelf weed would give you a much better experience getting your ganja on than some low to mid-quality weed strains. It would also stretch your high a little longer compared to bad quality buds. If you want to get high, you might as well do it with something worth the money.


Where you consume your weed and who you consume it with could have a substantial effect on how long your high lasts. Some people may feel anxious, nervous, panic, and sometimes even have hallucinations. This may be a result of being in an environment that your body rejects, or feels that it would be the wrong place to get high. Situations like this would tend to slow downtime and make your high feel a lot longer than it really is. Like I said above, knowing what your body wants is key to experiencing an ideal weed high.

There really is no definite way of telling just how long a high lasts. With so many factors to consider, the best way of enjoying weed is getting to know yourself and preparing for it. And like so many people say, focus on the experience and not the duration!

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