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Best Marijuana Strains For Treating Seizure


The use of Marijuana strains for treating seizures is a subject of growing interest nowadays. A seizure is an uncontrolled surge of electrical activity in the brain that happens quickly. It is due to abnormally excessive or synchronous neural activity in one’s brain and it can go almost unnoticed or in severe cases, when your body shakes uncontrollably, it can cause convulsions or unconsciousness. Moreover, seizures are a sign or symptom of epilepsy. Though, not all individuals suffering from seizures automatically have epilepsy. And there are types of seizures known as non-epileptic psychogenic seizures. A psychiatric illness can lead to these, therefore, not a physical cause. Let’s talk about the best marijuana strain seizure a kind that really helps you in a seizure.

There are various kinds of seizures of varying degrees of severity, most of which do not cause convulsions. Some patients can have a seizure without anyone noticing, causing them to be unidentifiable. Drooling, sweating, teeth clenching, mood shifts, huffing, and grunts are the most common symptoms of the best marijuana strain seizure. 

To confirm the cause, persons who suffer from seizures need to go through medical examinations and tests. An individual will need to take one or more anti-seizure drugs to stop further episodes if epilepsy is the cause, or seizures are associated with brain damage, a stroke, or a tumor. Medical marijuana strain is a good alternative. Seizures are a qualifying condition for medical marijuana, including those caused by epilepsy. 

Marijuana Strain As Treatment

A medication consisting of CBD seeds for the treatment of seizures associated with two different forms of epilepsy was approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration in 2018. The medicine is called Epidiolex and can be used in patients who have Dravet syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut syndrome. Studies have shown that taking Epidiolex in conjunction with other medications can reduce the occurrence of seizures in these patients. Cannabidiol or CBD appears to have the most important potential. Cannabidiol is a non-intoxicating substance contained in hemp and marijuana. As such it is theoretically an effective treatment for children. A study by Thiele et al., published in Epilepsia in March 2019, investigated why cannabidiol or CBD affected patients with Lennox-Gastaut syndrome. They have received 100 mg of highly purified Epidiolex to start with. This prescription drug is the only CBD product that the FDA has approved so far. 

Indica or Sativa For Marijuana Strain Seizure

Two species in the Marijuana group of flowering plants are cannabis Sativa and cannabis Indica. All of these varieties have a long history of antiepileptic use, with more psychoactive and relaxing effects caused by Sativa strains and more pain control caused by Indica strains. Cannabinoids are classified as substances found in the cannabis plant.

The psychoactive part of marijuana known as tetrahydrocannabinol or THC and the nonpsychoactive portion known as cannabidiol or CBD are two key components of cannabis. The existence of a cannabinoid from 1 receptor in the amygdala and hippocampus is what makes cannabis an appealing agent for seizures. More clear anti-convulsant effects have been shown by recent studies of CBD, and this cannabinoid has gained attention as a potential seizure agent. 

Many different administration options exist for synthetic CBD, the only THC phytocannabinoid that has been tested for its anticonvulsant effects in clinical trials. The most widely implemented approach is inhalation, either recreationally or for therapeutic purposes. Owing to the extremely lipophilic nature of CBD and its high volume of dissemination, the lungs are an efficient means of distributing drugs, with rapid distribution into the brain, adipose tissue, and organs.

Marijuana Strains For Seizure

  • Charlotte’s Web 

This is one of the most recognized strains recommended to help with seizures. This strain is entitled after Charlotte Figi, a little girl who had Dravet Syndrome, a rare type of epilepsy. The Stanley’s created Charlotte’s Web to assist with the unusual condition of Charlotte. It contains an average of 0.3 percent THC and very high CBD concentrations. As a result, for patients with epilepsy who do not want the risk of exhilaration or intoxication, this potent strain might be suitable. The Stanleys were able to significantly decrease the THC content of the strain while still rising its CBD. They developed a material with an extremely soothing body elevation without any emotional side effects. Charlotte had suffered more serious seizures countless times before she started using CBD. After she began using the high potent CBD cannabis oil, her seizures were decreased in just a multitude each month.

  • ACDC

ACDC is one of the prominent strains of marijuana out there as well. Known to be high in both the level of THC and high in level CBD, this makes it suitable for those who suffer from pain. This strain has little-to-no intoxicating effects and allows patients to treat different disorders, such as pain, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, depression, and chemotherapy’s harmful effects. They might not find this strain attractive at all for some daily marijuana users because it doesn’t really make you high, but there is a slight alleviating and energizing impact that helps you to ease some stress in your body, relieves pain, and inspires you to make life adjustments. Due to the high CBD content available on it, ACDC has received many Cannabis Cup awards. This is a crossbreed between the Cannatonic strain and the Ruderalis strain, and 50 percent Indica and 50 percent Sativa were always a balanced hybrid.


Cannatonic is truly useful for the treatment of seizures and epilepsy, fatigue, muscle spasms, headaches, migraines, and chronic pain. It provides a less cloudy, focus-inducing elevation due to its low THC material, which is between 7 percent and 15 percent. It also has a powerful CBD content of about 12 percent. There is a powerful and calming pressure in Cannatonic that can help concentrate the mind. The persistent numbness and relaxing sensations that pass through the body, however, outweigh the effect. Cannatonic is particular in its chemical composition, which does not have the sole purpose of making the consumer high. Alternatively, from the inside out, it could act on health conditions.

This strain has the potential to raise mood profoundly, as some say it looks as though they are floating on a bubble after absorbing it. Possible results include increased feelings of positive energy and excitement, along with a boost in motivation. Users say that the high is calm, and at any time of the day, the strain is appropriate for use. Cannatonic does not have a serious impact on the degree of motivation or produce any somnolence or sleepiness. Best in treating the Cannatonic in best marijuana strain seizure that really heals your pain.

  • Ringo’s Gift

The strength of this strain is dubious, however, not in the way you would expect it to be. THC levels only hit around 1 percent, with CBD rising rapidly into double digits with deftness. There are many phenotypes of this plant, making its numbers differ depending on what you find. These earthy and delicate buds with light orange sepals and super frosted trichome coverage. In addition to physical relaxation that is anything but heavy, it offers mental concentration and energy. When your mind absorbs its cannabinoids with ease, inflammation and body pain are very easily soothed. Mental issues such as anxiety, tension, and depression often begin to dissipate, leaving you open to whatever comes your way in a position of peace and openness. Ringo’s Gift is recommended for daytime use, although it’s not an excessively energetic strain.

  • Harlequin

One of the most influential Sativa marijuana strains. Harlequin offers clear-headed benefits without pain medication or intoxication and the ability to relax. It makes it one of the most powerful strains for treating pain and anxiety for its high level of CBD content, as cannabidiol can neutralize the paranoia of THC while amplifying its pain-relieving properties. This strain tastes fantastic, helps with suffering, decreases anxiety, and does not have any adverse effects. For pain control and cramps, this is a perfect strain and can relieve the aches associated with muscle spasms and stiffness. They also have strong anti-inflammatory properties that make them effective as a fibromyalgia neuralgic pain medication. A flexible strain of medical marijuana that can be used comfortably during the day or at nighttime.

Final Thoughts

There is insufficient proof of the efficacy of marijuana as an anti-seizure agent to draw a plausible conclusion. Few clinical studies on its use for this purpose have been released, in view of case studies showing efficiency in lessening the frequency and severity of seizures. The use of medical marijuana to help decrease the rate of occurrence of seizures could be a trial and error. If you find a good strain that helps to control seizure disorder, speak to your doctor about the dose and frequency that would be the most treatable while reducing side effects. In clinical trials of CBD as a seizure and epilepsy treatment, patients were given Cannabidiol oil twice a day.

The studies conducted were in particular, poorly guided, lacked detailed data, and used small sample sizes. The long-term study is limited in terms of cannabis administration and its protection and efficacy. Legal limits on cannabis already make it difficult to conduct large-scale clinical trials, as the FDA has classified cannabis as a Category I controlled substance. An evaluation of the efficacy of marijuana for the therapeutic treatment of seizures is not available at this time.  The best marijuana strain seizure is important because of treating experience that really awakens your body.

Best Marijuana Strain to Improve Your Mood


Have you ever wondered what is the best treatment for your disorder? And you’ve come to realize that there are the best marijuana strains to improve your mood, this article is for you to understand that treatment, whatever it is, is the key to cure patients. Treatment is the key for patients suffering from depression, anxiety, or mood disorder. Often people with the disorder feel like it’s something they have to manage on their own, or they’re afraid people see them differently. Therefore, they hide their depressive feelings. In this article let’s talk about the best marijuana strain to improve your mood, also it can give you a benefit that you will never dissapointed.

Unfortunately, without treatment, symptoms of depression can escalate, leading to severe health risks or suicidal thoughts. Each aspect of a patient’s life is influenced by many types of symptoms, including cognitive symptoms, behavioral changes, symptoms of the whole body, and sleep disorders. Its effects on the mood of a patient are one aspect of depression that can be difficult to treat. Fortunately, depression is less stigmatized than it once was. We realize now that it is possible to cope with a significant mental health issue.

Top Marijuana Strains to Improve your Mood

Indicas are one of the three main strains known for their calming side effects, while Sativa is mostly used to enhance energy, and Hybrids combine and take on aspects of both effects. Depending on the strain you pick, cannabis has varied consequences. If you are a first-time user and looking for a strain to improve your mood, below are the best marijuana strains to improve your mood.

Pineapple Express

Pineapple Express is a Sativa-dominant marijuana strain. The Marijuana bred Marijuana Kush is sure to provide a “high” from the plant. It is known to induce a feeling of bliss that helps anyone feel down. When you need a pick-me-up, take a hit on this popular strain. It produces a euphoric high and an increased sense of energy.

Granddaddy Purple

Granddaddy Purple is a THC-dominant marijuana strain and is one of the most soothing strains available. It is the perfect bud that can destroy the symptoms of chronic pain, muscle pain, sleeplessness, and lack of appetite. It can put the mind of everyone at ease. For someone struggling with a tremendous amount of tension, this is the ideal strain. This bud has a sweet grape flavor that can confuse some with a harsh aftertaste.


Harlequin is a Hybrid marijuana strain. This particular marijuana strain will help improve the mood of a person or a patient with depression, anxiety, and PTSD. Its high CBD is highly valued for not giving too much high for users. and its low THC levels will also help prevent the feelings of anxiousness that gives the strain added benefit. It is very effective and ideal to use in the daytime because it clears your mind and gives an improved perspective about life.   


Cannatonic can induce intense feelings of relaxation, just like Granddaddy Purple. It has higher CBD content, so you won’t have to think about the potential signs of anxiety that follow high strains of THC. This strain is lauded for its ability to produce a deep sense of relaxation without the high THC-dominant strains. Cannatonic is a hybrid marijuana strain, this particular strain counteracts mood swings at the same time keeping your head clear.

Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout Cookies will always enrich someone’s day, either in the form of a cookie or in the form of cannabis. A strong cerebral high is created by the strain that quickly brings users to a state of euphoria. It is also used to treat depression, bipolar disorder, and anxiety. Among individuals suffering from many conditions, this common strain is very prominent.

Lamb’s Bread

Lamb’s Bread is one of the great marijuana strains because it produces positive and happy vibes for people suffering from stress or depression. Basically, it’s like an energizer, it is ideal to use if you feel unproductive and unable to do or to get work done, then Lamb’s Bread can motivate you.

Pineapple Kush

Pineapple Kush is a CBD-dominant marijuana train, it is a low THC strain that many people use to help relieve depression. However, it is very common especially among individuals suffering from mood disorders. Therefore, this particular marijuana train, which is Pineapple Kush, encourages individuals to reflect on their decisions.

Northern Lights

Northern Lights is an Indica-dominant marijuana strain. Although it is not 100% clear how cannabis will help with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, many individuals that use Northern Lights believe it helps slow down the mind and body, helping them to regulate those impulses that can contribute to actions like OCD. Northern Lights might be right for you if you’re looking for something more sedative than that. It will melt away fear and anxiety, leaving only deep relaxation and calmness.

How Depression Affects a Person

There are many ways how depression can influence the mood of an individual it includes the following:

  • Mood swings
  • Sadness or depressive feelings
  • Emptiness
  • Hopelessness
  • Apathy
  • Discontentment
  • Frustration
  • Guilt
  • Worthlessness or low self-esteem
  • Loss of interest
  • Loss of pleasure in life


A certain change in someone’s mood can be considered one of the factors that the person experiences from a mental health problem. The reason why mental health professionals check some symptoms before diagnosing the patient with depression. Seeking professional help is better, but trying new things to help ease the suffering is good as long as it is in moderate consumption. 

Best Marijuana Strains: List of Names and Effects


There are at least 800 distinct best marijuana strain names, with new varieties coming and going all the time. They all have different tastes, flavors, aromas, and of course effects on the human body. So, basically, users have their own choices or preferences in terms of finding the right strains for them to use. But it’s difficult for users to know how to find what’s great for them with so much competition in the market right now. The different best marijuana strain names that you will always love and search for.

In this article, we’ll give you a long list of the great best marijuana strain names that you can buy in the market, or in any local dispensaries. 

List of Best Marijuana Strain Names

Acapulco Gold 

One of the best-known strains has been compared to dinner at a five-star hotel. It resembles a gold nugget and when the bud is broken up, the aromas of burnt toffee remain. This is a Sativa marijuana strain and a Mexican landrace coveted for its cheerful, stimulating buzz, has a reputation as one of the best strains of cannabis ever produced.


The most remarkable attribute of the ACDC is its THC and CBD ratio of 1:20, which has a Sativa dominance of the high-CBD cannabis strain Cannatonic. The ratio means almost no psychoactive effects are caused by this strain. Tests have put the CBD content of ACDC at as much as 19 percent, which is very rare.


Herijuana strain is also from the indica variety and derives from the blend of Killer New Haven and the strain of Petrolia Headstash, also recognized as massive strains of cannabis. With levels of THC in excess of 25 percent, it is a very strong strain. This is not a pressure that you should take lightly, but it’s thrilling at all times. With a subtle scent of sandalwood, the flavors are earthy, sweet, and pungent. You will feel relaxed, exhausted, fulfilled, and uplifted by this strain. This strain is ideal for those individuals suffering from insomnia and depression. 


AK 47 contains 16% of THC. This hybrid cannabis strain is a Sativa dominant with a light white color. AK 47 can give the smokers a very soothing feeling to the point that it can make the user stuck on his/her seat. Additionally, this strain can help you increase your work productivity. This strain is best to grow indoors with an average flowering time of approximately 7 to 9 weeks.

Grape Ape 

Promulgated by Barney’s Farm and Apothecary Genetics, is a predominantly Indica strain that crosses three parents of the powerhouse. Known for its distinct grape-like scent, it is known to provide carefree relief. As this indica reaches maximum maturation, its thick, compact buds are wreathed in deep purple leaves that darken.

Northern Lights 

As one of the most well-known strains of all time, Northern Lights is a pure indica, beloved for its resinous buds that have drawn attention to famous hybrids such as Super Silver Haze and Shiva Skunk. Northern Lights have crystal-coated buds radiating poignantly sweet, spicy aromas, which often show themselves in hues of purple. The psychoactive effects of the Northern Lights relax the muscles and pacify the mind in dreamy euphoria.

OG Kush 

For quite a long time, OG Kush seems to have been a favorite cannabis strain and could be featured almost every year in the top list of marijuana strains. This is a hybrid cannabis variety, a crossbreed between the Hindu Kush plant and the Northern California strain, resulting in a nuanced fuel, skunk, and spice scent hybrid with special terpene. With a piney scent, OG Kush is very thick and packed with orange hair and crystals. This strain comprises 19-26 percent of THC, and for individuals suffering from insomnia, loss of appetite, and tension, this is perfect. This is very helpful because it makes the users euphoric and can provide them total relief in the body.


Lemonder is a hybrid that is body-heavy with an excellent fragrance. The strain offers an active mental mind and relaxing body effects, while trichomes glitter in the buds and orange and bronze hairs are tangled. Its scent smells like pine needles, lemon peel, and earthy spice sprinkles. Of all this specialty strain, users can expect an inducing euphoria and a relaxing, nonchalant body buzz. This strain gives you full-body relaxation.


This is an indica marijuana strain. This strain is one of the most iconic strains of cannabis available today. It contains 17% of THC which produces a relaxing euphoria. Blueberry strain has won several awards since the 1970s. This strain is very popular especially to medical users because it can help you relieve pain and stress. 

Cherry Pie 

This cannabis strain is a very well blend of buds that are thick and amber hair with a subtle touch of purplish color that emits a piney hash-like smell. This is the product of Durban Poison and Granddaddy Purple cross-breeding. Also known as Cherry Kush and a strong indica-leaning hybrid, occasionally. It consists of 16-18% of THC and has a scent that is very good. Individuals diagnosed with bipolar disorders, anxiety, and PTSD typically uses this strain. It definitely helps to improve or elevate euphoria, works to calm the body and mind, and increases an individual’s moods. This pressure has a very powerful head effect, calming the body just moderately enough just to keep the user active.

Pink Kush 

This is an Indica-dominant hybrid with strong body-focused impacts. Pink Kush has traces of sweet vanilla and candy perfume in the aroma, pink hair bursts from light green buds barely visible. This strain’s potency could be considered overly strong, and low doses are often all you need. Growers have to wait for the budding of Pink Kush for 10 to 11 weeks, but the high yields of the highest buds are worth the wait. Pink Kush has body-focused effects and can relieve stress better than a massage. 

Sour Diesel 

This marijuana strain is quite well recognized to medical users and with mild physical indica relief, it has Sativa mind-altering effect. In a pleasant and rewarding head rush, the high that emits of Sour Diesel immediately goes on to users, which is why this is so appropriate for those who deal with mood disorders such as psychotic disorder and depression.

Larry OG 

Another member of the popular ocean-grown family is Larry OG also called Lemon Larry. This indica, originally developed in Orange County, produces a powerful but easy buzz of the body that will allow you to relax while doing stuff. This is an indica-dominant hybrid marijuana strain. Larry OG has citrus flavor and euphoria up to 11.


By crossing Cinderella 99 with a fast-flowering Sativa selected for its rich grapefruit flavor, this potent Sativa has been developed. Grapefruit’s tropical, citrus scent combines with energetic effects to give you a happy stress reliever. This Sativa brightens the atmosphere and elevates vitality with a taste that perfectly explains the name.

Dutch Treat 

Dutch Treat has become an important strain of coffeeshops in Amsterdam. The thick sticky buds have an intense scent of pine and eucalyptus trees mixed with sweet fruits. The cerebral high is rapid and makes customers feel uplifted and euphoric while minimizing tension and calming their minds.

Pineapple Express

This is the combination of potent and flavorful forces of Trainwreck strain and Hawaiian strain. This type of strain has predominant Sativa genetics. It has a very fast flowering period, and by the end of the flowering phase, the buds will be full of THC already. This type of weed can grow indoor and outdoor as long as the air temperature is normal – not too cold, and not too warm. The smell of this strain is very similar to the smell of fresh pineapple and mango. This strain is perfect for a workaholic individual because this can help them to be more productive and energetic. 

Blue Dream 

Among West Coast strains, Blue Dream, a Sativa-dominant hybrid that originated in California, has achieved legendary status. By crossing the Sativa Haze with a Blueberry Indica, Blue Dream combines full-body relaxation with amiable intellectual restoration. The level effects of Blue Dream, which gently ease you into a relaxed euphoria, are enjoyed by both inexperienced and veteran users.

Cherry Pie 

This is a crossbreed of Durban Poison and Granddaddy Purple. This strain is a well-balanced hybrid that emits a similar pine scent with flowers that are thick and orange hairs with a slight touch of purple color. It contains 16-18% of THC. This strain is commonly used by patients who are suffering from bipolar disorders, anxiety, and PTSD. It truly helps in increasing and uplifting euphoria elevates the moods of a person and soothes the body. 

Super Lemon Haze

Has a Sativa dominance and a two-time Green House Seeds Cannabis Cup winner, Super Lemon Haze is a multi-colored, kief-caked wonder. This strain has good lemony features, as the name says. The scent is lemony flavor, citrusy, and a little sweet in particular. The effects of this strain make you energetic and lively. 

White Widow 

White widow strain is an offspring of South Indian indica strain and Brazilian Cannabis Sativa. It has white glass-like resin flowers. This is also one of the well-recognized hybrid cannabis strains. The white widow became very famous in coffee shops in the 1990s, its popularity has then spread around the world. It has a powerful burst of euphoria and can boost your energy immediately. White widow has a short flowering period and that makes it an ideal cannabis plant for a newbie grower. 


Before you try them, it’s important to look up data on your Indica, Sativa, and hybrids to get an idea of what to expect from your cannabis in terms of its flavor, texture, scent, therapeutic and psychoactive effects. As you can see there are many options of best marijuana strain names for you to choose as mentioned above. Whether you are looking for a cerebral head-high or glued-to-couch state of relaxation, these best marijuana strain names got you covered. Marijuana has a variety of medicinal applications but certain strains are better than others for some conditions. The possible adverse effects of the strain are also worth investigating. Many of the more popular strains that you can find mentioned above have the potential side effects of dry mouth, dry eyes, and dizziness. Marijuana also has the ability to interfere with drugs you might be taking. Perhaps this the best marijuana strain names that you will never forget in your entire life.

Best Soil for Cannabis Growing


Growing marijuana in the soil is an advantage and is a great way to abundantly harvest tasty flavorsome sprouts. Besides, the soil is one of the most forbearing coatings. So have you ever wondered what should be the best soil for the best crop of cannabis? Are there any steps or procedures to have the best soil for the best outcome? Choosing the best soil is significant in growing marijuana. However, having the best soil is hard to do because you have to undergo the process and steps for the best result. You have to griddle and do the step by step procedure which starts from a specific soil next to the general substrates than to the type of before the fertilizer, and the complete level of choices can be prodigious for the beginners. However this is important to remember about best soil for cannabis growing, read until the end to get some ideas.

Best Soil for Cannabis Growing: Certain Facts About It

Remember that you have to choose and pick the best because not all of the soils are suitable for your cannabis, as well as not all of the cannabis is essentially the distinguishable kind of soil. Selecting the perfect soil hangs on the king of cannabis you are cultivating, as well the weather either your cultivating indoor or in the outside environment. In the way of taking care of the cannabis in soil, the performance of your plant depends on how essential and vital you choose or make a combination of the soil. Soils that are found on the surface of the earth are the basic ones, and where the plants grow which are the combinations and contain clay, rock, and organic remains particles. But there is a lot to consider in growing high-quality best soil for cannabis growing in a perfect ideal environment. 

Common traits of Cannabis Soil;


The best and comfortable to your plant is a light thin, lean, and movable loose soil texture of the soil. The roots develop easily in a light texture as well it contains a lot of oxygen which holds the roots for perfect growing and robustness.

Drainage Ability

Outstanding sewage is highly recommendable in the soil. Your water should not be gathered around your plant as if it is making a pool on top. There is a possibility for your plant to die or either become less healthy because of having bad drainage. 

Water retention

The same with its essential quality of drainage, the solid should have water retention also which is the capacity to grasp the water. For productive cannabis, your soil must control the balance of water drainage as well as retention. 

Amendment Traits of Cannabis Soil


Among all soil recommendations, perlite is the most regular and common. For those first-time farmers or beginners in planting cannabis, this is what we advise for any soil mix that finds insufficient or hard to have some. We could compare it to popcorn for it really looks like popcorn with its light white airy rock as well it increases its oxygen level as it drains. We recommend adding at least 10-40% of perlite to mix the volume. This is much compatible with water retention and needs fewer nutrients. Because somehow perlite becomes a parasite to your plant if you supply it with so many nutrients. But for preventing the burning of your plant, plenty of perlites are much needed. 


Vermiculite is the best if you want to loosen up or lighten up your dense soil as well as help to enhance water retention. Farmers and growers use vermiculite and perlite reciprocally, but they are much different from each other. Verlite is not applicable in adding drainage. But others prefer to use a few more of those two. But if you want to increase the amount of vermiculite no need to follow the same level of perlite as well as conversely. Remember that both of these two vermiculite and perlite would not be put up to 50% of the soil, just enough and the needed one. 

Coco Coir

From its name itself, it comes from the husk of the coconut. When buying the mixing pot make sure to rehydrate before using it or if you buy the loose coco coir which is recommendable as well as the coco bricks. I assure you that this is ideal and perfect for your cannabis plant. From the coconut itself, coco has very rare and exotic elements that provide the perfect supply for the mixing soil of your cannabis. This is best also in making your pot refine the water retention but it doesn’t add up the heaviness of your soil. Coco coir is the best because it does not make your plant agonize due to too much watering and your plant becomes progressively developed faster and gorgeously. Remember that if you tend to plant using this make sure to have at least  10-30% coco coil in mixing in the soil is recommendable. 

Worm Castings

Literary form the poop of the worms which your cannabis plant loves the comfort it provides. It does enhance the wetness retention, drainage as well as texture. With the proper mixture of nutrients that seize up leisurely. The worm is very essential in our soil because it provides a high-level benefit of microorganism which undergoes the digestive system of the worm. Too much can be over dosage also so you have to apply at least 30% of worm casting towards your soil. 

Famous Soil for your Cannabis

  • Almost Any Organic Soil Potting Mix 

Finding the special soil online is kind difficult to order, the best way to find is to have a conversation with the natives and ask for the best soil in your local market. The organic potting mix soil for growing cannabis is useful enough and there is no waste left. Organic for a reason that having such soil cannot grow diseases on your plant and is rich in nutrients and provides so much nitrogen. For example tomatoes, you have to plan out your goal by putting out nutrients towards the water when your plant ages for a week and two then the roots will slowly out and get all the nutrients. We recommend for you to look for a dark one and movable texture-rich soil. Remember that the soil showing a little mix of white pebbles is the best soil it is you call perlite that could help make your soil drain enough. Take note that if the soil is a kind of muddy and dirt disregard that soil. 

  • Roots Organic Original 

Having this soil for growing cannabis is one of the best so far because we tend to use this already and it was the best experience for first-timers. Just like the other soil mixed, you just have to maintain its supply for plants plus extra care and nutrients as weeks go by. 

  • Fox Farm Happy Frog soil 

This soil is great for seedlings because this mix of soil jointly needs a few nutrients. The best advice to apply is to supplement your plant with nutrients starting from seeds until the cropping period. 

  • Fox Farm Coco Loco Soil 

Adding a few nutrients for a week could make your plant progress until harvest. You have to start supplying your plant that ages 2-3 weeks for a coco loco. It is the best potting mix you just have to add water for the best result of growing. This coco loco soil grows healthier and excited for harvest when supplied with enough water for its bath the best soil for a productive harvest. 

  • Fox Farm Ocean Forest Soil 

This is a full package kind of mixed soil for it is rich in nutrients inside. You can already plant the seed directly to the pot with ocean forest soil although at first, the seeds might kind burn don’t worry soon they will get adjusted and comfortable with their habitat. This soil contains a lot of nutrients already that could stay for a while but of course, you have to maintain the supply of your plant like an extra abundant of nutrients, and once the sprouts are starting to come out for you to crop the best yields buds quality and density. You must make your plant full of supply and not neglect it, especially in its flowering stage. 

Deliberately soil recommendations will contain catalogs that seize up all organic nutrients they possess.  Many of the companies who manufacture soil that provides the best and great source of structure and superb nutrients and also gives you the opportunity depends on your likes. And for those beginner farmers, we suggest you have a standardized pot for soil that will produce your plant sufficient nutrients to make them into at the point of the cycle of their growing development without any additives like water or nutrients. 

Final Thoughts

You have to be very mindful and careful with your moves in transferring the plant inside of them if it happens that you have chosen such. Plants are very sensitive especially their roots, if the roots were broken they will stop growing and focus on fixing the roots instead of growing beautifully and productively. Be careful with the pot you use, make sure that your plant would not drown because of too much water so you have to make a hole at the bottom of your pot for water to drain out. Be very careful also with the hole you make because there is a possibility for soil to tumble out, we advise that have a few rocks inside of the soil to keep your drainage manageable. Be practical with the soil you use and be mindful enough with the things you put in your plant, plant more to harvest more.

Best Marijuana Strain to Raise Metabolism


Most of us are aware that if we eat too much it easily gets your weight add up in volume. Then are you wondering of all drugs why marijuana is a recommendation? Maybe because you already know that cannabis are not just tablets of drugs you brought to the drug store but are a plant. This  belief that they may vary and differ in strains and cannabinoids. The reason why pharmaceutical made proof and lab results is the variation of cannabinoids to sprout. Make sure to stay here before anything else why you have to continue reading and find out the result you desire pertaining to how you look like it seems is not exactly it’s supposed to be. You need to focus in this certain point that what are the best marijuana strain that raises metabolism.

Importance of Marijuana Strains in Raising Metabolism

Losing weight and taking marijuana is much different in all aspects. Munchies is the famous one in this field. It has been approved by medication for the reason of raising appetite. Lots can prove that chemotherapy usually loses all appetite not related to marijuana. 

According to the study cannabis may have influenced the structure which precipitates the mood of hunger in our brain, particularly to the one that free our hormones for receivers. It has been studied that smoking does not really make us gain weight but those only who carry the cheetos munching stoner standardize. Some findings believe that many marijuana takers possess stylish shank compared to those who don’t smoke, the same with less in fat quantity. And this is a fact that has been proven true surveys and samples nevertheless of the size of sample or either any factors including gender and age. 

According to research short term increase of weight comes from the reason of marijuana which is truly is correct. But it is also contradicted that your ways of gaining wait permanently may be restricted in the availability of information. Marijuana apparently cannot aid to reduce your BMI and you have to take note that weeds are not the best medication for fitness. You must have to remember also that marijuana smoking may bring you with some problems like schizophrenic disorder, problem with breathing, and many other symptoms related to nasal activity as well as becoming moody or having bipolar disorder. None of those research proves that marijuana smoking could assist your fitness objective. You have to make a goal and make exercise as your habit to work with your goal. 

Other Medical Benefits

Marijuana may still influence the neurobiological circuits that hold appetite, and a reason for short term add up of munchies may if you eat or smoke. Not having an appetite for extra activity which is the doings of neurons leads  you to increase your food cravings. Note that this result is acceptable and is well known which might be useful in the practice of medical to retractive greed to those cancer patients with advanced HIV infection and other fatal medical disorders.  

People always conclude without basis of cannabis users and that they do finger food.  It has been said that your weight would be increased specifically to men. The said result on weight varies by plant sprout, way of admiration and the usual availment. With the combination of different strains of cannabis like cannabidiol (CBD), terpenes and tetrahydrocannabinol or THC differ in focus. This plays an important role in processing stress, appetite, and close to pain in all of the main points resulting in an increase of weight. These are psychoactive toxicating  doing  on CB1 and CB2 receptors in the mind that connect through the endocannabinoid system. 

However,  hunger encouragement does not follow interpretation of weight gain.  Marijuana somehow is helpful to HIV patients to decrease their mass but don’t expect that it could transform all with those sincere disorders. It only  implies that desire restoration is just a part that provokes to  attain weight in some marihuana intakes.  It has been presented that those takers of marijuana been observed to lose their interest and become less productive, being steady and only consuming 6 hours time. It might be the best if exploring extreme activities like rock climbing, weight lifting heavy metals is kind of dangerous but somehow makes you muscle relax. Inserted some of the strains that can obtain the best marijuana strain that raises metabolism.

Some Marijuana Strains That Raises Metabolism

Take note of these marijuana strains that encourages taste conquering namely:

  • Tangie (Skunk lineage)

Tangie is a hybrid strain with sativa dominance. It is a really powerful marijuana strain with THC content for about 19 to 22% and CBD level for around .1%.

  • Jack the Ripper (JTR marijuana strain)

Was named after the famous killer in London. This strain gives users a strong cerebral effect with mild body high. It has a sweet lemon flavor and is really ideal for daytime use.

  • Dutch Treat

This strain is an Indica-dominant with CBD content around 0.1% and THC level within 18% to 30%. The aroma of this strain is very pleasant and it is ideal to use in nighttime interaction events.

  • Willie Nelson Marijuana Strain

This strain is good for morning or daytime use due to its sativa-dominant which produces creative and euphoric effects in the body. This was named after American famous musician. This is also good in terms of alleviating the effects of inflammation and nausea. 

  • Durban Poison

This strain has a THC content around 16% to 25%. Durban poison offers the smokers a high that can help them focus and without having a couch-lock effect. This particular strain is ideal for the people with a creative mind, it may be in arts, music or any art-related medium.

  • Girl Scout Cookies 

This is a hybrid marijuana strain with THC content around 28% and CBD level of only 0.1%. The flavor and aroma of Durban Poison is really enticing to the point that you think you can smell a sweet dessert after opening its pack. Though this strain can indeed give you a couch-lock effect.

Many could be benefitted from THCV which has been mentioned earlier by those intakes who manage to  make use of strains. You should test micro dosing if it happens that you have been selected to ingest THC merely to drop weight. One of the factor that can increase the best marijuana strain that raises metabolism.

Well if you are an avid fan of marijuana smoking and finding ways to drop your weight, be choosy and practical enough to the food you eat and maintain your smoke habit but make sure that is in moderation. Experts share their thoughts that to lose weight is to eat less with a lot of healthy nuts, fruits and vegetables as well do a regular exercise or visit a gym for a while, be picky about the junk foods you eat and also drink more water. Smoking cannabis could not necessarily mean that you’ll lose weight yet it could simply just avoid gaining weight, the best is to exercise and have a healthy diet lifestyle. Being sensitive with the food you eat could accomplish best marijuana strain that raises metabolism, but you have to be mindful enough with the food you eat. Eating healthy and nutritious and standardized food helps you become physically fit and emotionally conditioned, remember that you have to consider your health and emotional health to have a healthy life. 

Final Thoughts

As you have observed, different strategies and techniques to lose weight may be effective but be mindful with the food you eat and make exercises your habit and then after a week or two you have to rate yourself to prove that you have successfully attained your goal. In order to make the most from THCVs Diethylpropion either THCs munchies, make it a habit to devour it regularly in a way of  a bong, oil and also jay it depends on your distinct selection. Moreover slimming, marijuana cannabinoids is perfect and a complete package the moment you take it and that is very much beneficial to your health. Take good care of your emotional and mental health and everything will follow, just be happy and you will glow. As you read the article about best marijuana strain that raises metabolism send us your feedback, reviews that many consumers love to read as the guide for them.

Marijuana Strains as Treatment For Schizophrenia


Schizophrenia and paranoia have an intricate relationship with marijuana. Some campaigns about marijuana also argue that the weed can induce schizophrenia and insanity, but recent studies show that some strains might actually benefit. It is not unusual for lovers of cannabis to consider the drug as a miracle cure for any physical or emotional issues and illnesses. Nevertheless, though marijuana has significant beneficial effects and recreational and medical effects, it is indeed crucial to highlight that schizophrenia is a completely different game. But it is important to discuss first what schizophrenia really is, what kind of mental health illness is this, and what are the signs and symptoms before jumping to our main topic which is the relation of marijuana and schizophrenia. Now let us look more closely at schizophrenia and psychosis, as well as how individuals with these medical disorders can benefit from marijuana. Why not try to use the best marijuana strain to help with schizophrenia?

What is Schizophrenia?

Schizophrenia is a serious psychological disorder. Symptoms may lead to risky and even self-destructive actions which can have a negative effect on your everyday life. People may regularly experience or feel the symptoms or they could come and go in stages. People with schizophrenia would seem to be out of reality, which causes the person, their family members, and friends considerable distress. The symptoms of the disorder, if remains unaddressed, may be chronic and debilitating. Efficient therapies are, however, accessible. Therapies can allow diagnosed individuals to participate in school or work, gain independence, and enjoy personal relationships if only administered in a prompt, organized, and maintained manner.

Symptoms include:

  • hallucinations
  • speech difficulty
  • delusions
  • inability to function
  • unpredictable behavior

Even though experts said that there is still no cure for this condition, attentive lifelong therapy is needed for schizophrenia. Working with a psychiatrist to develop a care plan that discusses the symptoms is very necessary. 

Other Information About the Best marijuana strain to help with schizophrenia

While schizophrenia has no cure, with effective interventions and medications, the complications are manageable. The antipsychotic medications used today for the treatment of the condition, however, arrive with a whole range of side effects, from pacing, reduced muscle control, and facial twitches to neurological disorders such as depression and wrath. Adverse effects such as these restrict patient adherence because many prefer the symptoms of the condition to the therapies. So, in order to treat their illness, many patients look to medical cannabis for schizophrenia without wanting to cope with the undesirable side effects of antipsychotic drugs.

Researchers discovered that cannabidiol (CBD), one of several main active compounds in marijuana, provides antipsychotic effects as it stimulates the endocannabinoid system’s CB2 receptors. Psychotic conditions are associated with changes in the immune system that are designed in controlling the endocannabinoid system, as per reports. It could amplify your immune system as CBD stimulates your CB2 receptors and thereby decreases psychotic symptoms. Other recent findings indicate that CBD provides relief from schizophrenia by calming the condition’s symptoms. Studies have shown that daily administration of CBD induced the antisocial behavior and cognitive deficiencies of schizophrenic individuals. Researchers have discovered that CBD helps improve cognitive function and recognition back to normal levels and social behavior. The interesting thing about this is that CBD may not be able to relieve any symptoms with other drugs.

Research on Medical Marijuana as Treatment for Schizophrenia

Study into the effectiveness of medical marijuana as a cure for the condition is limited because cannabis has been identified as a trigger of schizophrenia. Other psychotropic drugs are equivalent because they can benefit certain patients and make it even worse for others. Yet there is a marijuana-related perception that does not impede the prescription of these other drugs. However, several experts have defied this stigma and carried out studies, recognizing that it is urgently important to find a solution to schizophrenia. Such studies do not include human studies, but instead are analyses of the chemical reactions that medical marijuana has made.

Research indicates that in schizophrenic patients, normal endocannabinoid levels are off. If this variation in the role of endocannabinoids varies between people with schizophrenia, this can clarify why others respond well with medical cannabis, while others respond poorly.

Best Strains for Treatment of Schizophrenia

Although people with schizophrenia might want to stay away from certain kinds of medicinal marijuana plants, such as THC, which activates an already agitated mind, a strong antipsychotic is the CBD non-psychoactive agent. CBD also neutralizes THC’s influence. Fully understanding this, you would like to search for THC-low and CBD-high strains.

Be careful to search for lab-tested drugs if you intend on engaging with schizophrenia and cannabis strains high in CBD. Doing so could help you to understand what might be in your drug so that too high THC can be prevented. Below are the possible strains:

  • Dinamed CBD

Being such a Sativa dominant strain has 20 percent CBD levels and 1 percent THC levels. In medical uses, it is actually beneficial and highly suited for schizophrenia and psychosis. The strain arrives with a very powerful, soft, fruity, and citrus-like fragrance. This is the perfect source for CBD for those who want to use medical marijuana and yet have no urge to get high. 

In addition, it not only offers relief from various medical problems but also relieves tension. It boosts your mood and keeps you relaxed and friendly. 

It is good for people with insomnia, like the one that comes from hallucinations and nightmares since it helps you easily feel sleepy. Since people with schizophrenia or psychosis will still display these signs, providing a wonderful night’s rest guarantees relaxation all the way through.

  • ACDC 

A high CBD Sativa dominant weed is the energy-producing cannabis strain. It lets you concentrate on accurate information, including a particular decision or feeling. This enables it as one of the best treatments for schizophrenia. Other than that, it offers a cure for depression, pain, and stress.  A smidgen of citrus taste goes with it. It has a 15:1 CBD: THC ratio, whereas others have ratios that are as high as 28:1. This is not only significant in the treatment of various mental disorders but also suitable for epileptogenic treatment. At almost any cannabis store out there, these strains are widely available.

  • Harlequin

It has 8-16 percent CBD and 4-7 percent THC rates, implying you would get a mild buzz from this cannabis, so you should never encounter either anxiety or paranoia as may occur with other strains of this kind. It offers a clean, vibrant high that can help generate innovation and enhance concentration. It is also used to treat conditions such as depression, and anxiety, and can also alleviate pain and inflammation. This strain’s negative effects include dry lips, so drink lots of water and keep hydrated.

  • Sour Tsunami

The Sour Tsunami was bred specifically to get a high CBD volume, and it really fits the bill at 10-11 percent. The wonderful feature about Sour Tsunami is it has THC levels that are equivalent, which makes it a very stable strain. This sativa-dominant combination was developed by Lawrence Ringo, a leader in the field of high CBD strains, and is a cross between Sour Diesel and NYC Diesel. This strain has hints of diesel, a slightly sour, citrusy scent, and flavor. It delivers a moderate, soothing high and could be used to relieve stress and pain for medicinal purposes. Negative impacts may include dry lips or headache, but neither anxiety nor paranoia.

  • Ringo’s Gift

Ringo’s Gift is a 60 percent sativa-dominant strain developed by CBD high ACDC and Harle-Tsu. There’s plenty of Ringo’s gift mutations that differ in the levels of CBD and THC. With a 50:50 CBD/THC ratio though some phenotypes have a ratio as high as 24:1. Depending on which phenotype you pick, the outcomes of this strain can vary, and you can anticipate a calming high that influences both the mind and body. This is perfect for those who suffer from PTSD, anxiety, and stress because of its earthy and piney flavor and aroma. It has hardly any side effects, but you’ll have dry lips. This is possibly one of the best strains to use for therapeutic usage, due to its high CBD to THC ratio.

Final Thoughts

It is vital that you proceed to obtain the necessary medical treatment whether you have schizophrenia or psychosis. Marijuana is not a prescription substitution, and without consulting your doctor first, you should never quit taking prescribed medications. In selecting a strain for schizophrenia or psychosis, you must also be extremely careful, because an incorrect one might eventually make it worse. Speak to a licensed medical professional regarding if marijuana is an effective medication for you, and if your conditions get worse, avoid using it right away.

List of Best Marijuana Strains for Sex


To improve both your mental and physical pleasure, there is nothing quite like adding cannabis to your sexual experience. Marijuana is good for calming, and your sensations are also heightened. It’s helpful to remove sexual inhibitions as well. These effects can be achieved by several strains, although some are better at this than others. You need one which does a lot of it all if you’re looking for the best marijuana strain for sex. If you want an earth-shattering pleasure or a soothing, gentle cuddle, the first move is to put a little thinking into it. In this article, you will learn about the best marijuana strains for sex.

Best Marijuana Strain for Sex

If you don’t use cannabis for your sex life yet, it’s a great idea to get started. Regular marijuana users appear to have much more sex than non-smokers or occasional users, according to research. The reason behind this may be because the right marijuana strain can improve your performance and it makes it better. Using marijuana for sex, everyone is most likely to enjoy it and they even want more of it. 

If you need help of finding and choosing the best marijuana strain for sex to improve your sex life then this article is made for you. Below is the best marijuana strain for sex you can use before doing sexual intercourse with your partner.

Bubblegum Strain

Bubblegum is an indica-dominant strain that will not ease an exciting orgasm that will make you continue to think of how to put treatment on the many bruises after sex that run on your back. Speaking of happy orgasm, the waves of satisfaction will run through your mind and body for hours with just eye-contact with your mate. Literally, it’s a happy and comfortable high that may take a while before your body is affected. Usually, as it starts kicking in it does with a tingle around your face, neck, and temples and it will make your cheeks blush. Mental and physical tension would then withdraw to the rim to make it easier and more profound for the user to breathe.

Bubblegum strain gives citrus with good effects of the combination of orange and sour lemon but has a little sweet taste on it. But do not expect that this strain will give you a sugary sweet bubblegum flavor. While it is not a high energy pressure, there is a noticeable giggling propensity that can provide a romantic and pleasant vibe for the consumer.

Granddaddy Purple

Granddaddy Purple is the product of two popular Indica strains, the Big Bud and the Purple Urkle, which in the 2000s struck the California marketplace and made a reputation for itself by offering euphoria both physical and mental effects of relaxation. Because of its effects, many users usually refer to it as a green viagra. Consumers love the beautiful, dreamy buzz that makes them do sexual intercourse that is gentle, slow. This strain is good for calming self-consciousness as it enhances the sense of pleasure. Users are not distracted from getting used to it to alleviate pain and stress.

Granddaddy Purple has a combination of grape and berry scent, reflecting its taste profile. You will definitely enjoy the taste of the berry and grape flavor if you’re aiming for an absolutely delicious draw and awesome effect. Using this is above its prescribed dose, due to its very high Indica material, it can make you motionless, however, this strain is not really great for all time sex. 


Trainwreck is a Hybrid marijuana strain with a Sativa dominance and that has just 10 percent Indica content. That just means that this marijuana strain brings an intense high in the brain that lifts your mood and takes the feeling of euphoria, but it also gives a bit of a seductive, warm body buzz. Although the name of the strain tends to be very good for hook-ups consisting of dirty messes, the name actually relates to the actual train wreck that happened to be near the original growing area.

The trainwreck has a fruity and earthy taste, but the presence of both pepper and pine notes is also noticed by a lot of consumers. Its high THC level content is good for washing the pain out so many people suggest that it be used for extreme sex with discomfort as much as possible. This strain, though, makes the consumer do a lot of sex that is meant to be unpleasant, so this strain is more appropriate than anything else for the unpleasant BDSM attempt.

Jack Herer

Jack Herer is a 55 percent Sativa-dominant hybrid variety, and it was named after a long-term marijuana advocate. When you’re using it while having a hectic day, there seem to be a lot of notable features. It works rapidly and provides a stimulating headrush that turns into a twitching that travels down the body all the way. It gives a mind buzz and pleasure at the same time, it is awesome to use for great sex, inspiration, and a focused mind. The visualizations are greatly improved, so imagine enjoyable lovemaking that involves slowly telling your mates your sexual urges in their ears

Bruce Banner

This marijuana strain, also a Sativa-dominant strain, has a very high THC content that reaches up to 30 percent. Both the cannabis Indica and Sativa components of the Bruce Banner were combined to offer a tickling feeling. The user can feel the extreme and rapid impact of this pressure until it cools down, generating innovative thinking and an uplifting feeling for the users. Almost all of its Sativa effects influence the mind of the user,  and they can also sense body relaxation. 

Bruce Banner’s strain sounds exciting in doing sexual activity. Consume a handful of this and try new kinds of positions or foreplay that you have fantasized about. This strain is a Strawberry Diesel and OG Kush blend that gives both the diesel and sweet smell and the taste associated with both strains as well. While it may not be the tastiest buds, Bruce Banner is a good strain to use and makes it totally worth it with an incredible effect on your sexual behavior.

Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel strain is an incredibly well-known Sativa-dominant strain that works rapidly and, along with some moderately cerebral effects, gives consumers rapid energy. It precisely restores neuronal activity in the brain of the users, so it is a slightly up-roaring high combined with a little physical soothing impact. This strain produced insatiability such that the individuals using this strain enhance their sexual behavior. This strain is suitable for sexual encounters whenever the consumer feels like their heart is pounding, increasing arousal, and sometimes because of feeling excited, the skin gets too hot. This strain is one of the greatest strains of cannabis for sexual activity.

Blue Dream

It is one of the finest marijuana strains you can purchase for sexual arousal. This Sativa-dominant cannabis clears your mind and soothes you down, providing you with a small amount of mental relaxation that contributes to thrilling lovemaking. This strain can give you euphoria and does not make you get a couch-lock look after using it. Your negative feelings are diminished, and your confidence is increased. Users claim that Blue Dream is an efficient injection of energy that contributes to pleasure sex that makes it perfect for the lovers.

Final Thoughts

It is recommended to ask a regular marijuana user for a better understanding of the effects of those strains mentioned above when in terms of sexual activity. Sometimes it takes trial and error for you and your partner to finally find the best marijuana strain for sex and the right strain suited in your bedroom activity. You also have to take note to use marijuana strain that comes from a reputable and trusted source or dispensaries. If you already make up your mind, then give it a shot and enjoy! 

Best Marijuana Strain in New Mexico


There are so many types of strains around the world. But aren’t you curious what’s the best marijuana strain in New Mexico? In this context, we are going to discuss the most popular variety of best marijuana strain in New Mexico 

In the year 2007, Mexico established medical cannabis laws that allow certain individuals to consume marijuana as an alternative or treatment to cure specific diseases. In other words, marijuana has great effects that could be used to help patients suffering from pain, discomfort, chronic illness, and the like. Interesting thing is that patients or qualified consumers can take an average amount of 8 ounces of a particular marijuana best for their certain type of sickness for a definite 90 days. 

Growers are allowed to cultivate 16 medical marijuana plants. In New Mexico, marijuana is legal for medicinal and recreational purposes, currently, there are above 70,000 patients that are considered as users of this medical marijuana. On the contrary, recreational marijuana is highly prohibited in New Mexico. After passing legislation, penalties were reduced associated with whoever users were found consuming cannabis. For the second offense, higher penalties may undertake or worse put you into jail. 

With that being said, consuming marijuana for medical purposes is quite legal in New Mexico. On that note, this article will provide you with the best marijuana strains in New Mexico, their various effects, and the like.

How To Find The Best Marijuana Strain in New Mexico

Choosing the best marijuana seeds is as easy as it starts with the best producer or grower. Regardless if it’s your first time to crop cannabis or you have enough experience in this craft, having background knowledge about the best cannabis use is an advantage to understand the process and the right way to yield the best and healthy crop. We will also discuss how to germinate your cannabis seeds and the proper steps in the latter part of this context. 

Best Marijuana Strain in New Mexico: The Germination of Marijuana Seeds

Germination is basically a process in which a new plant starts to develop from seed. The main step in beginning your marijuana garden is sometimes called “popping”. Cannabis varies from the quality and the source of the seed. Make sure that the seeds you’re going to plant are matured, it should be hard and already has dark to light brown accents to it. If it still looks fresh and green it means that the seed has not reached the maturity stage.   

Germination Process 

  1. Put the seeds inside a container with distilled water, make sure that it’s at room temperature level and the seed is soaked into the water. Then, let it saturate for approximately 14 to 18 hours.
  2. After saturating, get a dye-free paper towel and pour all the seeds on top of it. Then, cover the seeds with the same paper towel and place them in a dry, cool, and dark area. Occasionally check the paper towel if still moist, then spray some water if necessary.
  3. After a week, the seeds will be in full bloom, it will open and the main roots will show. The taproots usually reach .5 cm. to ¾ inch, with that length you can already transplant them.

There are instances that after a week or so the seeds did not go into full bloom or the sprout did not come out. The cup method is advisable for emergency cultivation. To do this, put the seeds inside a small container filled with distilled water. And then, let it soak until the sprout comes out. After that, take all the seeds and carefully put them in a dry paper towel. Keep the seeds covered until they reach ½ inch length. 

Best Marijuana Strain in New Mexico the Medical Marijuana

Fortunately, medical marijuana is legal in New Mexico. It allows qualified individuals to consume 8 ounces of medical marijuana over 90 days or more if prescribed by physicians. With this legalization, it permits people to cultivate their own cannabis at home up to 16 cannabis plants, specifically 4 matured and 12 immature plants. 

Medical marijuana is legalized for treating the following conditions:

  • Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Anorexia
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Cancer
  • Epilepsy and Seizure Disorders
  • Chronic Diseases 
  • Spinal Cord Damage
  • Opioid Use Disorder
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Recreational Marijuana in New Mexico

As mentioned before, marijuana is legal but for medicinal purposes. However, new legislation was approved to decriminalize consumers taking it for the first time and reduce the penalties for whoever caught consuming it. Subsequent offenses of an individual for consuming half an ounce will subject you to jail. Under the state law, possession of 1 ounce is already a misdemeanor and you are accountable to pay $100 and punishment of 2 weeks in jail for the first offense. 

Top 5 Best Marijuana Strain in New Mexico

1. CBD Shark

CBD Shark is an Indica-dominant strain. It offers an earthy and pine-like aroma that tastes like sweet fruit, mixed with nuts and herbs. CBD Shark is highly in demand because of its equal distribution of Cannabidiol or CBD and Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. This particular best marijuana strain in New Mexico is a pungent hybrid which means it can give you a clear head experience and free from anxiety, stress, and depression. 

2. Critical Plus

Critical Plus is popularly known for providing relaxation and great relief from anxiety, depression, and stress, it can also reduce body pain and migraine. This particular best marijuana strain in New Mexico has high CBD content, which makes it popular. Critical Plus produces large amounts of flowers that have a strong and disagreeable aroma that for sure you wouldn’t like. It yields flowers with a fruity-citrus taste mixed with spice and herbs.

3. Jesus OG

Jesus OG is a Sativa-dominant strain. It has a strong and powerful scent of fresh lemon and tastes like citrus. This particular best marijuana strain in New Mexico is the one that most people are looking for. Jesus OG provides calmness, which means to say that it keeps the body composed and the mind attentive. 

4. Kryptonite

Kryptonite is an Indica-dominant strain. It offers a great scent of aroma, sweet and tropical fruits, mixed with earthy and pine-like flavor and with a hint of sugar. This type of best marijuana strain in New Mexico is popular because of its ability and capability to treat illnesses or hard to treat pain without the use of sedatives. It eases the pain of patients who experience intensive pain.

5. Strawberry Cough

Strawberry Cough is a powerful Sativa strain. It provides a euphoric effect and great relaxation or calmness. This particular best marijuana strain is probably the most prominent marijuana strain in New Mexico because of its fresh strawberry and berry aroma. The name implies itself that’s why it makes it great and a lot of smokers use it also because of the taste that it brings. 

Final Thoughts

The above-mentioned strains are carefully selected and technically proven that these are the strains that could be used for medical purposes. Hope you find some insights in this article. And always remember that you are accountable and responsible for your own doings. On a lighter note, consuming marijuana is legal for medical use but in moderation. 

Medical Marijuana Strains For Parkinson’s Disease


Parkinson’s disease is a long-term neurodegenerative disorder that mainly affects the motor system. It is a disorder where the parts of the brain become gradually damaged over the years. The symptoms often start with a slight trembling in one hand (asymmetric resting tremor) and eventually stiffness of the body. This is a result of a fall in dopamine levels in the brain of the person. Over time, the patient may experience cognitive impairment, masked facial expression, difficulty in walking, trembling of both upper and lower extremities. In this article, you will learn about the best marijuana strain for medical Parkinson’s.

According to the study, up to ten million people suffer from this disorder and it is found out that men are 50% more likely to have PD than women. Even Though Parkinson’s Disease is not lethal, it can substantially reduce the quality of life, even with appropriate treatment.  

Causes of Best Marijuana Strain Medical Parkinson’s

A single cause that can be directly linked to the onset of Parkinson’s disease is yet to be identified by scientists. However, the loss of neurons in the brain responsible for the synthesis of chemical dopamine is a symptom of PD. Once dopamine levels have decreased, irregular brain activity may result in Parkinson’s symptoms.

Several Risk Factors That Can Attribute to PD:

    • Gender – as mentioned above, 50% of men are more likely to have Parkinson’s Disease than women. 
    • Age – almost 96% of Parkinson’s Disease patients are aged 60 years or over.
    • Genetics – sometimes PD appears to run in families, but it may not always be hereditary. They are uncommon, barring cases where PD affects many family members. The risk is also increased by unique gene mutations, but each genetic marker itself carries a small risk.
  • Toxins – The risk of developing the condition may be increased by prolonged exposure to environmental toxins. Some environmental toxins such as pesticides, herbicides, solvents, and other pollutants.
  •  Lewy Bodies – a person with PD may have protein clumps in their body and known as Lewy bodies. Lewy body dementia is a distinct condition, but Parkinson’s disease is linked to it.

As for diagnosis, there are no specific tests that exist that can diagnose Parkinson’s disease. Your doctor or your neurologist will diagnose PD based on a review of symptoms, your medical history, and a physical and neurological examination.

Conventional Medical Treatment for Parkinson’s

PD is not curable but there are still medications you can find in the market that are intended to help monitor and control the symptoms. While these medicines can lead to gradual improvement over time, their effect wears off. Examples of possible alternatives for treatment include:

  • Dopamine Agonists – This therapy imitates the brain’s dopamine effects.
  • Carbidopa-levodopa – Doctors observe that this is the most effective treatment for Parkinson’s disease. Levodopa is a natural substance that transforms into dopamine and goes into the brain. It is paired with carbidopa because, outside the brain, the latter prevents levodopa from being transformed into dopamine.
  • MAO B Inhibitors – This set of drugs averts dopamine breakdown by impending the brain enzyme MOA B, which absorbs dopamine.

Studies About Medical Marijuana and Parkinson’s Disease

This continuing scheduling of marijuana means there haven’t been enough studies into the possible effect of cannabis on Parkinson’s disease. Though many interesting studies have been published that highlight the potential for cannabinoids to help with Parkinson’s disease-related symptoms.

The endocannabinoid system or ECS in the human body is made up of cannabinoid (CB) receptors and their associated neurotransmitters. Brain cells that control a range of motor and cognitive functions are related to these receptors. Cannabinoids are neuroprotective, which means that their activity can help shield nerve cells from injury. The potential effects of cannabis on best marijuana strain medical Parkinson’s were investigated in research published in Innovations in Clinical Neuroscience in 2019. Researchers concluded that marijuana “has been shown to amplify Parkinson’s disease motor and non-motor signs and symptoms.” They even indicate that with cannabis products, some of the neurological manifestations of PD may be alleviated, though such assertions are yet to be established in relation to patient-specific factors. 

Another research, published in the European Journal of Internal Medicine in 2018, reported that “cannabis therapy is medically beneficial” for elderly patients trying to cope with the symptoms of different diseases, including Parkinson’s disease. The study also found out that more than 18 percent of cannabis-using patients were able to avoid or minimize the prescription of opioid-based painkillers. Over 70 percent of those surveyed reported moderate to substantial progress in their health in the six months trial period. 

Additionally, a publication in Cureus in June 2019 claimed that marijuana can be used in adults with the best marijuana strain medical Parkinson’s as an alternative medication option to help improve the overall quality of life. The researchers also stated that medical marijuana improves both motor and non-motor symptoms, like rigidity, bradykinesia, tremor, pain, and sleep,  and that approximately 46 percent out of 85 Parkinson’s disease patients recorded to have symptom relief.

Marijuana Strains For Parkinson’s Disease

For those interested in using medical cannabis for PD, it is important to point out that in terms of physiological impact and intoxicating potential, various marijuana strains can have very different effects.

Below are the different kinds and types of marijuana strains and their phytochemical related effects.

  1. Kush Strains – the Kush high is usually incremental, and some consumers can not even feel it when they are fully relaxed. Kush strains are also regarded as large boosters of appetite. Many may experience an itching sensation that soothes tight muscles as the elevated one makes its way down the body. Kush strains are extremely sedative strains and are mostly used at the nighttime. They deliver a blissful high in the body that can lighten the mood, ease tension, alleviate stress, and spasticity.
  2. Diesel Strains – some of the most popular landrace varieties of all time include diesel strains. There are extremely powerful strains that have tremendous effects that alter minds. However, there is considerable potential for pain and muscle spasm relief in combination with the extreme elevation that is achieved. For beginner marijuana users, diesel strains are not recommended particularly those with PD who have little to no experience using marijuana. Some of the medical marijuana diesel strains are Jack Skellington, Sour Diesel, and Sour Chem.
  3. Citrus Strains – for newbies, citrus strains are rarely recommended in terms of THC quality. They sometimes boast well over 20 percent of THC content, and many users feel the effects within minutes. These strains produce an ecstatic head high, and users will experience a numbing sensation throughout the body that helps soothe the muscles. A variety of sweet fruity scents are produced by citrus strains and are known for their aromatic terpene profile. Pineapple Express is one of the popular citrus strains. 
  4. High-CBD Marijuana Strains – most of the high-CBD cannabis strains come from hemp which is high in CBD but has THC levels of 0.3 percent or less,  meaning they do not cause a high. CBD is considered to have a number of therapeutic advantages in terms of possible use by PD patients. That includes spasticity relief, muscle relief, and even sleep assistance. But it is important to bear in mind that neither marijuana nor hemp is a medically approved treatment for best marijuana strain medical Parkinson’s. Some of the popular high-CBD strains are Harle-Tsu, Harlequin, and Ringo’s Gift.


Once again, we clarify that the above list is not a list of the best marijuana strains for PD, rather it is simply a list of different strain forms intended to help users gather information about the potential of using marijuana strains for the best marijuana strain medical Parkinson’s symptoms after talking to their doctor. We also want to make it absolutely clear that marijuana strain does not cure the best marijuana strain medical parkinson’s, nor is it an acceptable alternative for the condition’s medical or clinical care. However, it is conceivable that a variety of marijuana forms can help to provide symptom relief and improved quality of life, based on available empirical and research evidence.

Everything you Need to Know about the Best Marijuana Strain in the Netherlands


Did you know that some of the best marijuana strains in the world can be found in the Netherlands? Amsterdam, Netherlands is the cannabis capital in Europe. Unfortunately, in the best marijuana strain in Netherlands, cannabis is highly prohibited, but Dutch lawmakers today approved the legislation that would allow cannabis to be cultivated professionally. On the other note, the Dutch climate is not ideal to plant such marijuana strains outside. But there are a variety of the best marijuana strains in the Netherlands that will flourish and grow with its cool wind every summer, heavy rainfall, chilly winters, and strong winds.  

A lot of travelers and influencers around the world travel and make the pilgrimage to taste and try fine coffee houses in Europe. When it comes to cannabis use, growers in the country are spoiled for options, but what strains do they enjoy growing the most? In this article, we have identified the best marijuana strains in the Netherlands and the most common strains among cultivators. In addition, feminized strains and the best auto-flowering strains were featured in this context, perfect to grow in the best marijuana strain in Netherlands. 

Growing Marijuana in the Netherlands

As mentioned before, the Dutch climate is not perfect for cultivating marijuana. Technically, marijuana often lives in a warm, dry, sunny, or hot climate. Normally, the Netherlands has a chilly, cold, cool, and moderate climate unlike in some other countries in Asia. During fall and winter, Atlantic low-pressure systems brought strong wind, wet weather, and heavy rainfall that might cause problems throughout the country. While during summer, easterly winds sometimes brought dry and warm weather. Rainfall is equally distributed in the Netherlands and the dry season occurs usually around April and September. 

If you’re fond of growing plants outdoors, particularly cannabis, then you have to wait for the winter to end.  The month of May is the ideal period to propagate your seeds. Selecting the best quality and fast-flowering specimens can be very crucial if you want to grow your cannabis plants outdoors. If the rainy season comes and your cannabis plants are not yet ready to harvest then some mold might be found in your crop. 

In relation to that, below are the top five best marijuana strains in the Netherlands.

Top 5 Marijuana in the Netherlands


Amnesia Haze contains a massive amount of THC level of 22%. It provides a great earthy aroma and citrus terpenes. Amnesia Haze is very popular in some coffee houses throughout Amsterdam, Dutch growers have a soft spot for this particular strain, which is a strong Sativa hybrid. Her vigorous high motivation moves up a notch and leaves users searching for something to achieve. There is a close connection between the Netherlands and Amnesia Haze. Breeders worked their magic after original Haze genetics entered the country decades ago and developed Amnesia Haze within the Dutch borders. Medium CBD levels tend to balance out the high and avoid the overwhelming of items. Amnesia Haze is an ideal strain because it offers a great yield of the crop for both indoors and outdoors. If planning to grow cannabis indoors, it ranges between 80 to 140 cm tall and produces 650 to 700 grams per meter squared. After a flowering time of 11 weeks, the plant will reward you. On the other hand, outdoor plants range 210 cm tall and produce 700 grams per plant. 


Huckleberry is loved and adored in the best marijuana strain in Netherlands. Truly a monster, containing a high THC level of 27%. It makes it prominent because of its monstrous and captivating crop. Huckleberry yields compact flowers that look so dominating and powerful. Huckleberry is a cross between OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel. Shaded with dark green and a hint of orange makes this cannabis plant extraordinary. This makes it the best marijuana strain in the Netherlands because it produces 450 grams per meter squared in a span of 8 to 10 weeks. Huckleberry occupies a lot of space, therefore it is better to plant outdoors. The plant grows 200cm tall and carries 650 to 700 grams per plant. Huckleberry is a Sativa-dominant high that will immediately put you in a supercharged cerebral high and run through your system after a single hit. Keep things minimal so that you can still enjoy it fully. 


Cookies Gelato is primarily the winner when it comes to the taste and potency of cannabis. It contains a THC level of 28%. Users obtain notes of sweetness, fruity, candy, and a touch of earthiness in this extremely aromatic variety. These phytochemicals and well-balanced cannabis strain is a cross between Girl Scout Cookies and Gelato 33. It has delightful and excellent terpenes that strengthen these flavors, these include humulene, limonene, and caryophyllene. This best marijuana strain in the Netherlands offers 500 to 600 grams per meter squared, after a flowering period of 9 weeks. If planning to grow it outdoors, better plant in the middle of October because it yields 600 to 650 grams per plant.  It has a dense and orange-green flower pack. It brings users into the stratosphere for a long period of time, definitely be easy with this particular strain. 


Purple Queen has the most beautiful exterior compared to other mentioned strains.  Purple Queen generates a THC content of 22%. The flowers that grow on this cultivar feature a very light green inner core with dark purple and pink-purple fan-like leaves that surrounds it. Purple Queen in an Indica strain, specifically a cross between the Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani. Aside from its aesthetic look, it also provides heavenly tastes of fruit like citrus and brings a euphoric effect once taken. If planning to grow indoors, this cannabis is good because after a flowering stage of 9 weeks it produces 450 to 500 grams abundantly. If outdoors, it favors a mild climate and has great resistance to pests and other unnecessary insects that could ruin your desired plants. With that, expect a harvest of 650 to 700 grams per plant. What a great deal!


Fat Banana is one of the best strains in the Netherlands. It is an Indica strain that contains a THC level of 25%. It is a cross between Banana and OG Kush. This mouth-watering name loads greater traits than its taste alone. This strain is an ideal strain because it has a great amount of THC content and a short flowering time. Fat Banana boosts the mood of consumers as well as reduces and removes tension or stress. Fat Banana will keep you relaxed and enjoy its powerful fruity tropical taste. This is perfect for evening consumption because it will help you sleep after a time for meditation. If planning to grow Fat Banana indoors, it produces 350 to 400 grams per meter squared in just a  span of 14 days. While, planting outdoors yields a maximum amount of 500 grams per plant, ready to harvest at the end of September. 


There you have it! Top 5 best marijuana strains in the Netherlands with their corresponding THC content, specific taste and flavor, and production. Hope you find this article informative so that it will be easy for you to look for the best marijuana strain in the country, which is the Netherlands. 

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