black widow strain

The Black Widow Strain is the dark deflection of its sibling White widow. The two strains are mixed with a South- Indian India and Brazilian Sativa. This strain is critical breeding on White Wodpt to make a strain that’s easy to cultivate and can produce great yields with a THC content level that is over 20%. The super thick bright green nugs are covered with orange-red and fine purple hairs and coated with trichomes.

This strain lived with its dangerous name, giving a really bad potent THC levels that reach 24% in other tests. That made the Black Widow Strain on the list of extremely strong cannabis strains of all time. With its Sativa-dominant genes with the ratio of at least 30:70, this strain gives an unusual head high with really intense euphoria, deep relaxation, powerful happiness, and some major case of munchies. Black Widow strain is only advised for patients who are taking for a while, as its strength can overwhelm new consumers and can trigger panic attacks. For those indulge the venom, this strain is good for chronics pain headaches, muscle spasm, depression, and everyday stress. It is also great for reducing hunger and for patients who have eating disorders.

It is best to grow both indoor or outside the greenhouse because the rainfall can reduce its yields. This strain is naturally resistant to mildew, pest, and molds that made it a great choice for the amateur breeders. It needs and 8 to 10 weeks to flower when grown indoors. On the other hand for outdoors in the Nothern Hemisphere, the plants if ready to harvest by the end of September or early October, even though it was planted in late June. An amateur can harvest 300 to 400 grams per square meter outdoors, and 350 to 350 grams indoors. 

While the new breeder may have fewer yields volume, those growers who waited until the end of the flowering stage will have frosted nugs, which can make it worth the effort. The male strain is best for crossbreeding with the other strains. The Black Widow feminized strains have a 28% THC level, this strain should not be taken lightly because one careless move of using this strain can knock you out. It is only used in a moderate mode to avoid the immobile state. One of its features that are eye-catching is her flowers that are coated with so many shiny crystals that produce a lovely frosty appearance.

Effect of Black Widow Strain

The effect of this strain is pretty uplifting, give and energetic feeling, being talkative, and feeling euphoric high. The Black Widow Strain is not the usual indica smoke, although it can make you extremely high, It can make you do more. Consuming a higher dose can make you put on an immobilized state. This strain is very aromatic that possesses a very incredibly cannabinoids and terpene image. It tastes like sugar, pine, fruit, and spices. As a friendly strain, it is easy to grow in both outdoors and indoors, and won’t disappoint you with its medium-high yields.

Expect bloodshot eyes and dry mouth, while headaches, dizziness, and paranoia are some possible side effects. It is sold almost everywhere, but it is well-known in the legal markets in Colorado, Washington State, California, and Michigan. This strain is usually used to add up the appetite of the consumers. Though some of the consumers use it for stress, anxiety, or insomnia. It cal also helps reduce chronic pain, because of its Indica properties, it also reduces the feeling ko sleepiness and laziness and is recommended for night use.

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