Black Widow Seeds Feminized Review

One of the classic cannabis strains is the famous Black Widow strain. Initially bred for potent recreational effects, this strain has also become more popular for its medicinal effects as well. Black Widow was originally bred by Shantibaba co-owner of Green House Seeds. This breeder left GHS and founded Mr. Nice Seeds and took Black Widow to create renowned strains, one of these is the equally-potent White Widow.

If you are searching for black widow seeds feminized information to help you with your plants, you will be able to find these here. Leafly says that Black Widow is considered by many as the true “White Widow” that is available in seed form. Only Mr. Nice seeds have the original provider of Black Widow and are the only seed breeder to have the original Black Widow genetics.

Why grow feminized Black Widow plants?

Black Widow feminized seeds makes it easier to grow this very potent strain. Feminized seeds are seeds that have been developed to have no male chromosomes. You can be sure that Black Widow feminized seeds will grow only female plants. There are many advantages to using feminized seeds than regular seeds.

For one, you will finally rest assured that you are using female plants. You will be able to confidently grow all your female plants without worrying about male plants pollinating your females. You don’t need to grow more seeds just to compensate the possible males that you will grow. This happens when you use regular seeds where you get a very small chance of getting female plants.

Feminized cannabis seeds will free you from the need to identify the gender of your plant. You don’t need to throw away male plants too because you will be growing all female plants. Afghani seeds will let you save on money, time and effort spent on growing male plants. You can put all your efforts and all your resources into growing all female plants. And finally, you will only grow the number of plants you require. If you want to grow a dozen plants, you simply have to grow a dozen seeds. Nothing is wasted and nothing is ever thrown away.

Black Widow feminized seeds are available only from top-notch, reliable cannabis seedbanks online or from local seedbanks. You will be able to purchase regular Black Widow and feminized varieties but growers agree that the best way to grow this strain is to use feminized seeds. When choosing the ideal seed bank site, check reviews, look for any comments and complaints about the seed bank you want to purchase your seeds from. Shop smart and you will be able to buy top quality Black Widow fem seeds.

Introduction to Black Widow strains

Black Widow is the product of mixing an original Brazilian sativa female and a South Indian indica-dominant male. This strain is very popular because of its very potent effect plus its ease of growing. You will feel a totally, overpowering kick when you take this strain that you will remember the first time you take it for the rest of your life. Black Widow has a very high THC level at 28%  which is responsible for its very potent effects. Users who have luckily experienced Black Widow personally have felt that buzzing head high which translates to a satisfying euphoria. This awesome effect has been sought by first-time users as well as seasoned consumers. And because of this strain’s potent effects, you can count on its medicinal effects such as the ability to relieve pain, stress, depression, fatigue, and insomnia.

The effects of Black Widow

You can count on Black Widow’s potent effects to keep you on your toes. You will feel relaxed to the point that you are able to forget all your worries and your stress away. Because of being relaxed, you will be able to remove all inhibitions and start talking, socializing and mingling. This strain will generate that feeling of happiness and euphoria. And because of all these positive effects, consumers prefer to use this in the morning especially the morning after a very hard night. This strain is also a good strain to use in social events. You will feel yourself casually opening up to conversations and to circumstances when you will meet new people.

Any medicinal benefits of Black Widow

You can use Black Widow to get rid of stress and depression. This strain has natural mood elevating effects which can help improve your overall mood and disposition. You can use Black Widow as a natural treatment for stress alongside medications and treatments that you are currently taking. You can also use Black Widow for pain. You can bust headaches, migraines and muscle pains with this strain’s natural analgesic effects. Black Widow can also treat insomnia. Its natural relaxing effects can help improve sleep. You will be able to use this strain for physical and mental fatigue. The relaxing effects will also soothe you and help calm you so that you can get rid of physical and mental worries.

Possible side effects of Black Widow

Black Widow has extreme recreational and medicinal effects. However, this strain can also cause some negative effects which can intensify when you are new to consuming this strain. Black Widow can cause dry mouth and dry eyes. These are two very common side effects of cannabis use usually due to very high or moderately high THC levels. THC in the blood can increase blood flow and this can bring heat and redness to different parts of the body even the eyes and oral mucosa causing dry mouth and dry eyes.

Another side effect of Black Widow is anxiety and dizziness. These are due to the strong relaxation effects brought about by this strain. Novice users are prone to having these side effects, therefore, moderation is the key to consuming very potent strains like Black Widow. Some users that have consumed Black Widow before have reported slight paranoia and this is common to first-time users.

Growing Black Widow feminized seeds

Black Widow feminized seeds are the product of combining a Brazilian sativa and a South Indian indica. This strain is sativa dominant at 65% sativa and 35% indica. This strain will flower in just 63 to 70 days. When grown indoors, Black Widow plants will yield about 12 to 16 ounces per square meters and around 11 to 14 ounces per plant. This strain is easy to grow because it is resistant to pests and to common molds and mildew. This strain can grow up to 3 feet indoors but can grow up to 6 feet outdoors.

The very first step in growing feminized Black Widow strains is to germinate your seeds. It’s best to germinate these using the damp paper towel technique. Seeds should be carefully placed in between two plates under a blanket of damp paper towels. It could take around 3 to 5 days to germinate these seeds but once these open up to reveal the taproot, it won’t take too long for the rest of the plant parts to sprout from the seed.

Placing newly sprouted plants under intense lighting is important to ensure proper growth and development. You must also water at least once a day but only when the soil is dry. You don’t need to worry about mold and mildew infestation because this strain is resilient to these but it is still best to keep the soil damp to dry.

Use the ideal type of soil to grow your plants. Use sandy-clayey soil which can hold much water and nutrients and will also drain the excess. This type of soil will also let oxygen move to the roots to improve root health and development.

You can grow this plant indoors or outdoors or you may wish to place your plants inside a greenhouse. If you plan to grow it indoors, make sure that you provide adequate space for your plants because this can grow taller and may also branch out as well. When grown outdoors, place your plants in a shaded area in your garden and not under direct sunlight.

When giving your plants the right fertilizer, make sure to use a fertilizer that fits your plant’s growth stage. Growing or vegging plants need fertilizer with high amounts of nitrogen to improve plant health and growth. As your plant enters the flowering phase you can switch to a fertilizer with potassium and phosphorous because these will help improve yields.

Training Black Widow feminized plants can help improve light distribution to all the parts of the plants and will also help improve yields. There are many ways to do this. You can trim or prune your plants or you can top or fim your plants. Topping is cutting the topmost cola to multiply the number of buds. This training technique can cause stress to plants, therefore, you must perform topping only to healthy, well-developed plants.

Finally, buy your Black Widow seeds feminized variety from a reputable seed bank.  Whether you are going to grow plants for recreational or medicinal use, using top quality seeds is always the best choice.

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