best soil for cannabis growing

Growing marijuana in the soil is an advantage and is a great way to abundantly harvest tasty flavorsome sprouts. Besides, the soil is one of the most forbearing coatings. So have you ever wondered what should be the best soil for the best crop of cannabis? Are there any steps or procedures to have the best soil for the best outcome? Choosing the best soil is significant in growing marijuana. However, having the best soil is hard to do because you have to undergo the process and steps for the best result. You have to griddle and do the step by step procedure which starts from a specific soil next to the general substrates than to the type of before the fertilizer, and the complete level of choices can be prodigious for the beginners. However this is important to remember about best soil for cannabis growing, read until the end to get some ideas.

Best Soil for Cannabis Growing: Certain Facts About It

Remember that you have to choose and pick the best because not all of the soils are suitable for your cannabis, as well as not all of the cannabis is essentially the distinguishable kind of soil. Selecting the perfect soil hangs on the king of cannabis you are cultivating, as well the weather either your cultivating indoor or in the outside environment. In the way of taking care of the cannabis in soil, the performance of your plant depends on how essential and vital you choose or make a combination of the soil. Soils that are found on the surface of the earth are the basic ones, and where the plants grow which are the combinations and contain clay, rock, and organic remains particles. But there is a lot to consider in growing high-quality best soil for cannabis growing in a perfect ideal environment. 

Common traits of Cannabis Soil;


The best and comfortable to your plant is a light thin, lean, and movable loose soil texture of the soil. The roots develop easily in a light texture as well it contains a lot of oxygen which holds the roots for perfect growing and robustness.

Drainage Ability

Outstanding sewage is highly recommendable in the soil. Your water should not be gathered around your plant as if it is making a pool on top. There is a possibility for your plant to die or either become less healthy because of having bad drainage. 

Water retention

The same with its essential quality of drainage, the solid should have water retention also which is the capacity to grasp the water. For productive cannabis, your soil must control the balance of water drainage as well as retention. 

Amendment Traits of Cannabis Soil


Among all soil recommendations, perlite is the most regular and common. For those first-time farmers or beginners in planting cannabis, this is what we advise for any soil mix that finds insufficient or hard to have some. We could compare it to popcorn for it really looks like popcorn with its light white airy rock as well it increases its oxygen level as it drains. We recommend adding at least 10-40% of perlite to mix the volume. This is much compatible with water retention and needs fewer nutrients. Because somehow perlite becomes a parasite to your plant if you supply it with so many nutrients. But for preventing the burning of your plant, plenty of perlites are much needed. 


Vermiculite is the best if you want to loosen up or lighten up your dense soil as well as help to enhance water retention. Farmers and growers use vermiculite and perlite reciprocally, but they are much different from each other. Verlite is not applicable in adding drainage. But others prefer to use a few more of those two. But if you want to increase the amount of vermiculite no need to follow the same level of perlite as well as conversely. Remember that both of these two vermiculite and perlite would not be put up to 50% of the soil, just enough and the needed one. 

Coco Coir

From its name itself, it comes from the husk of the coconut. When buying the mixing pot make sure to rehydrate before using it or if you buy the loose coco coir which is recommendable as well as the coco bricks. I assure you that this is ideal and perfect for your cannabis plant. From the coconut itself, coco has very rare and exotic elements that provide the perfect supply for the mixing soil of your cannabis. This is best also in making your pot refine the water retention but it doesn’t add up the heaviness of your soil. Coco coir is the best because it does not make your plant agonize due to too much watering and your plant becomes progressively developed faster and gorgeously. Remember that if you tend to plant using this make sure to have at least  10-30% coco coil in mixing in the soil is recommendable. 

Worm Castings

Literary form the poop of the worms which your cannabis plant loves the comfort it provides. It does enhance the wetness retention, drainage as well as texture. With the proper mixture of nutrients that seize up leisurely. The worm is very essential in our soil because it provides a high-level benefit of microorganism which undergoes the digestive system of the worm. Too much can be over dosage also so you have to apply at least 30% of worm casting towards your soil. 

Famous Soil for your Cannabis

  • Almost Any Organic Soil Potting Mix 

Finding the special soil online is kind difficult to order, the best way to find is to have a conversation with the natives and ask for the best soil in your local market. The organic potting mix soil for growing cannabis is useful enough and there is no waste left. Organic for a reason that having such soil cannot grow diseases on your plant and is rich in nutrients and provides so much nitrogen. For example tomatoes, you have to plan out your goal by putting out nutrients towards the water when your plant ages for a week and two then the roots will slowly out and get all the nutrients. We recommend for you to look for a dark one and movable texture-rich soil. Remember that the soil showing a little mix of white pebbles is the best soil it is you call perlite that could help make your soil drain enough. Take note that if the soil is a kind of muddy and dirt disregard that soil. 

  • Roots Organic Original 

Having this soil for growing cannabis is one of the best so far because we tend to use this already and it was the best experience for first-timers. Just like the other soil mixed, you just have to maintain its supply for plants plus extra care and nutrients as weeks go by. 

  • Fox Farm Happy Frog soil 

This soil is great for seedlings because this mix of soil jointly needs a few nutrients. The best advice to apply is to supplement your plant with nutrients starting from seeds until the cropping period. 

  • Fox Farm Coco Loco Soil 

Adding a few nutrients for a week could make your plant progress until harvest. You have to start supplying your plant that ages 2-3 weeks for a coco loco. It is the best potting mix you just have to add water for the best result of growing. This coco loco soil grows healthier and excited for harvest when supplied with enough water for its bath the best soil for a productive harvest. 

  • Fox Farm Ocean Forest Soil 

This is a full package kind of mixed soil for it is rich in nutrients inside. You can already plant the seed directly to the pot with ocean forest soil although at first, the seeds might kind burn don’t worry soon they will get adjusted and comfortable with their habitat. This soil contains a lot of nutrients already that could stay for a while but of course, you have to maintain the supply of your plant like an extra abundant of nutrients, and once the sprouts are starting to come out for you to crop the best yields buds quality and density. You must make your plant full of supply and not neglect it, especially in its flowering stage. 

Deliberately soil recommendations will contain catalogs that seize up all organic nutrients they possess.  Many of the companies who manufacture soil that provides the best and great source of structure and superb nutrients and also gives you the opportunity depends on your likes. And for those beginner farmers, we suggest you have a standardized pot for soil that will produce your plant sufficient nutrients to make them into at the point of the cycle of their growing development without any additives like water or nutrients. 

Final Thoughts

You have to be very mindful and careful with your moves in transferring the plant inside of them if it happens that you have chosen such. Plants are very sensitive especially their roots, if the roots were broken they will stop growing and focus on fixing the roots instead of growing beautifully and productively. Be careful with the pot you use, make sure that your plant would not drown because of too much water so you have to make a hole at the bottom of your pot for water to drain out. Be very careful also with the hole you make because there is a possibility for soil to tumble out, we advise that have a few rocks inside of the soil to keep your drainage manageable. Be practical with the soil you use and be mindful enough with the things you put in your plant, plant more to harvest more.

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