best marijuana strain for working out

Some of us are having a hard time getting to the gym, best marijuana strain for working out is not an easy task, it requires a lot of hard work, determination, and perseverance. But with the help of weed, fitness fans have flocked to soothing cannabinoids and motivating strains to recover from or boost daunting workouts. As a warning, you can’t presume to hint at a very dynamic strain right before yoga and feel completely blessed. The trick to mixing weed and exercise is to choose the ideal strain to increase your concentration, mental capacity, and energy for your favorite intensive workout. 

Before you go to the gym or try an intensive workout, you can try smoking marijuana, and also if you’re not a fan of heavy workouts and costly supplements in general, a hint of joint won’t cause anything. The recent boom of cannabis strains, products, and equipment has rocketed the industry to almost infinite heights, and it is growing. In fact, smoking has a very unjustified reputation for making its users exhausted and lazy but, that’s not always the case. There are many strains of cannabis that can help stimulate the users with an energetic high and intellectual capacity, that not only provides the perfect incentive to hit the gym, but also gives you the energy necessary for an intensive and heavy workload. 

Marijuana has come a long way. In some legal countries, it is considered to be used for medicinal and recreational purposes. Therefore, this is a supplement that can be used before working out or doing any recreational activities. Plus, it is all herbal!

In this article, you’ll figure out what is the best marijuana strain for best marijuana strain for working out and its best capacity to invigorate a consumer. Without further ado, below are the top 10 best marijuana strain for working out.

Top 10 Best Marijuana Strain For Working Out

1. Pineapple Express 

It contains a THC level of 25 % and only 1 % CBD. Consumers say that Pineapple Express produces an energetic buzz that turns a boring training session into a fun and interesting one. Consider using it if, for instance, you intend to embark on a long hike on a mountain or doing a triathlon. 

2. Harlequin 

It is known for its relatively strong combination of THC as well as CBD. You could get up to 15 % of each level. Consumers experience a sense of lightness but never feel in danger of an intoxicating high crushing them. It contains myrcene, which is a terpene noted for its anti-inflammatory effects that are very evident.

3. Sour Diesel

It is the most classic cannabis strain. Sour Diesel offers a euphoric effect, as well as intellectual high to its users, so it may be ideal for doing meditation or yoga, or any other workout that above all else involves the power of the mind. It also happens to be one of the best strains to boost your workout. 

4. Green Crack

It has an Indica-dominant variety that will give the consumers more of a relaxed feeling, calmed and collected which may also work well for yoga and other recreational activities that require peace of mind and silence. For the whole workout session, this daytime pressure is sure to keep you focused and energized and won’t make you collapse at the end of the activity. It also compromises another Sativa-dominant hybrid strain, which invigorates its consumers with a sharp mental buzz and a massive energy boost.

5. Super Lemon Haze

It has a reasonably high THC level of about 25%, so make sure not to use it that much before going to the gym, or else you will have too much of a high as you work out. It is considered as another Sativa-dominant combination and is expected to give you more than enough energy that you need and its cerebral results will surely inspire someone to hit the gym. 

6. Chocolope

It is not one of the most common strains around but a punch is certain to be packed. The highly-cerebral Sativa provides its consumers with an uplifting and inspiring high that will get you out of bed and into the gym without a doubt. Make sure to try some before your workout if you manage to get your hands on some Chocolope. 

7. Durban Poison 

It contains a THC level of up to 20%. If you are embarking on a high-intensity aerobic exercise, Durban Poison will be the best for you and a suitable choice to be exact. 

8. Orange Diesel

It is widely used in medicinal patients to treat ADHD or ADD, this is another Sativa-dominant strain. And this might be the ideal strain for you if you have trouble concentrating, or bringing yourself to get through a workout. This works whether you’re having a hard time getting out of bed or lazy to start the day. A couple of puffs of this will bring out all the energy you had to even climb a mountain.

9. Ghost Train Haze

It usually contains a 25 % amount of THC level. This is another Sativa and is one of the strongest cannabis varieties on the market. While low doses are great for stimulating creativity and concentration, too much of this could probably make the consumer freak out a little bit. As long as you don’t smoke or consume Ghost Train Haze too much, this is a perfect strain to smoke before a heavy workout.

10. Jack Herer

It gives you enough energy to get through a workout, without much of a crash at the end. One of the market’s most common strains and one of the best strains to boost your workout gives an uplifting and euphoric effect to its users. This is the ideal strain to do just that, if you’re still down on yourself and want to become more involved, you must try Jack Herer.

Final Hit

If you smoke the right amount before the gym, though, you can be sure of having the best workout you’ve had in years. Before going to the gym, just make sure you don’t get too stoned because of that sort of defeats the intention. 

Although these strains are mainly Sativa-dominant, they still provide distinct highs for their consumers. Both of which are ideal for exercising best marijuana strain for working out and other recreational activities. You can now forget to load up on coffee or take some pre-workout vitamins, or some energizer, you can now use some good herb, to make you feel good and full of energy before the workout starts.