best marijuana strain for weight gain

The capacity of the weed to actuate such a rampant and wrenching appetite can be attested by almost anyone who has smoked or consumed cannabis. This condition generally referred to as “the munchies”, led many smokers to invade their fridge almost bare on many occasions. This almost uncontrollable appetite is catalyzed mainly by the highly responsible psychoactive cannabinoid, THC. THC interacts with the endocannabinoid system, a set of receptors located on the membrane when smoked or taken orally. There are two primary receptors known as CB1 and CB2 which are located in the endocannabinoid system. You will learn about this in the best marijuana strain for weight gain.

One of the functions of the endocannabinoid system is to regulate energy homeostasis, impacting the central nervous system’s food intake centers. Therefore, the ingestion of cannabinoids such as THC will impair this system’s signaling. When CB1 receptors via THC are activated it releases hormones that facilitate the feeling of starvation. The potential advantages of this THC side effect will go well beyond loving the taste of food while being elevated. For instance, for patients who are suffering from illnesses, such as anorexia or the side effects of chemotherapy medications or taking drugs that significantly suppress their taste preferences, THC is best to enhance their appetite for it has massive therapeutic potential. 

In this article, you’ll be able to find out what’s the best strain for the best marijuana strain for weight gain. This will give you ideas and open your mind about how certain cannabis works. How this marijuana affects your appetite and how it reduces such illness. This will encourage you to give it a try and gain weight in a period of time. 

Top 10 strains known for its Capacity to Stimulate Appetite

The following are the top 10 strains known for their capacity to stimulate the appetite.

  • Royal Cookies- this medicinal powerhouse consists of 80 %  genetics of Indica and 20 % genetics of Sativa, making it mainly stoned in nature. 
  • Somango XL- it comprises 75 % Indica genetics and generates 18 %THC content (with a medium CBD content)
  •  Pineapple Kush- to ripen its buds, it prefers a mild setting. It will only be ready for tantalizing if the time of flowering comes to an end after a short period of 7-8 weeks, the tastes of sweetness and tropical fruits and THC levels of around 18% is perfectly done.
  • Purple Queen- It features 22%THC levels. Along with heavy Indica genetics, like the huge capacity of this cannabinoid, it makes you feel elevated and melts you into the couch. It has a euphoric effect that induces hunger quickly and makes food taste better.
  • Critical- it consists of 60% Indica genetics and 40% Sativa genetics and slightly Indica-dominant. 
  • Haze Berry- comes from Sparkling Silver Haze and  Blueberry, a blend that gave this cannabis 80% Sativa genetics. The high stimulates the mind and produces feelings of optimism and efficiency alongside a subtle stoning effect that grounds the body. A 20 % THC material is nothing to mess around with.
  • Sour Diesel- it is composed of 70% Sativa-dominant with only 19 %THC value is the product of this medley. It features a high that is strong and cognitive but leaves the mind clear and ready for a creative and productive day at work.
  • Amnesia Haze- it offers Sativa-heavy and a high THC value of 22%, which provides an extremely potent high. This high lasts a long amount of time but gradually tapers into more of a body stone, which returns in full force when the munchies come. 
  • OG Kush- after its flowering period of 7-9 weeks, it produces very modest yields; however, the size of the flowers is definitely greater than average.
  • Bubblegum XL- it consists of 60 % Sativa genetics and 40 % Indica genetics, it comes from parent strains Santa Maria and Power Plant. This near balance gives her an impact that improves concentration and speeds up cognition while offering a relaxing body high at the same time.

One of the most strange side effects of cannabis is how it gives the potential users “the munchies” effect. Pot-induced hunger is frequently laughed at and is the butt of many jokes focused on marijuana. However, it actuates anxiety and can make you feel out of sorts with an insatiable appetite that results in the best marijuana strain for weight gain. This side effect is not severe in general and will vanish once you continue your medical marijuana treatment.

One of the reasons medical marijuana is sought after is its hunger-inducing side effect. Patients undergoing chemotherapy or those with AIDS and certain diseases lead to severe problems that can impair the ability of the body to heal, such as weight loss and malnutrition or reduced appetite. Cannabis is one of the few drugs that can be used both safely and efficiently to improve the appetite of a patient.

Causes of Pot Induced Hunger And Best Marijuana Strain For Weight Gain. 

You might be wondering that when you’re using marijuana you’re so ravenous. A number of contributing factors that make cannabis consumers so hungry tends to exist, these are as follows:

  • Increased Smell Sense: The sense of smell and taste are closely related to each other. This kind of strain provides you with a stronger sense of smell. It gives you the power to savor the food and make it taste ten times better. 
  • Dopamine surge: Dopamine is a chemical that acts as a neurotransmitter, carrying signals between cells of the brain. When intake, it carries out a feeling that drives us to do pleasurable physiological activities. 
  • Ghrelin release: Your body secretes a hormone called ghrelin when your stomach is empty. Ghrelin, also known as the “hunger hormone,” increases your appetite and prepares the body for food intake.

The munchies are not all negative with the combination of increased ghrelin, which prepares the gastrointestinal tract for the consumption of food, and an increased sense of smell. In reality, food tastes fantastic when you take pot-induced hunger. It is very effective for patients who experience nausea or difficulty eating due to sickness, that’s why it’s such an effective therapy. In case you might be wondering, the long-term side effect of this medical marijuana is the urge to overeating. Cannabis will press your appetite to overdrive even though you’ve just eaten it. If you want to remain safe and healthy you have to be mindful of its side effects in advance and always be vigilant of the precautions. 

The Best Strains for Appetite Stimulation

Cannabis is a method that can be used consciously to create an appetite in the absence of one. It is a drug that helps many people to maintain their healthy best marijuana strain for weight gain. Some stereotypical smokers can enjoy eating a bag full of waste after a session but, if they stick to other strains that do not raise their appetite, their body will thank them later. 

A lot of people are searching for the best strain to induce their appetite. Thousands of options were available to help and satisfy the patients. 

7 Best Strains for Appetite

  • Blue Dream 

It is a hybrid strain that provides a great balance between work and an increase in appetite. Avoiding the couch-lock that some Indica-heavy strains can cause, provides a clear feeling of hunger. Blue Dream is a perfect strain to use when you’re looking for the opportunity to get some work done after you eat. 

  • Critical Mass

This leans strongly to the spectrum’s Indica side and provides a relatively high content of THC. It’s piney and earthy flavor perfectly contributes to the hunger it produces. Since it’s a heavy Indica, it will drag you immediately to sleep once you’re done eating.

  • Lavender Strain

It is an aesthetic purple bud, a perfect complement to cannabis with any pre-meal ritual. With the use of Lavender being an Indica it will give you enough excitement and energy for lunch, but it won’t make you feel sleepy, unlike Critical Mass.

  • Blackberry Kush

Another strain used in the treatment of stomach problems. It is also an Indica-dominant hybrid that is widely used to improve appetite. Once consumed, people become more food-driven, have a powerful appetite boost, and equally strong psychoactive reactions. Popular for the euphoric state it induces,

  • Girl Scout Cookies

It is a great source of Indica in increasing hunger. It also pushes your body to take in more calories as possible. Girl Scout Cookies are widely known for their euphoric state or great feeling of happiness and excitement.

  • Giga Bud 

It is a heavy Indica that elevates a healthy GI system. It is popularly recognized for making its consumers into ravenous eaters. Giga Bud is a standard for keeping people who experience nausea and patients with chronic diseases in losing weight.

  • NYC Diesel

 Known for its floral and fruity scent. It is one of the lists of Sativa-heavy strains. It delivers an uplifting strain that fills you to the brim and a blissful experience. NYC Diesel is fit for consumers who are too tired to raise up their appetite.

 Final Thoughts

To sum it up, the strains above reflect the ideal selection of best strains for someone to try in order to induce or enhance their eating habits. Cannabis is good once it is moderately consumed. However, negative effects will come out if one of this cannabis were overused. Hope you find this article helpful and lots of ideas to choose from. 

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