Benefits of Northern Lights Cannabis Indica

Have you ever been to the north of Iceland? Or maybe have watched a video or viewed a photo of the remarkable Aurora dancing skies at night? If you have been, then probably the Northern Lights is the one strain that can take you there where you would like to make peace with a higher sense of euphoria, psychedelia, and of course, the couchlock think you could be craving for a long time already. Now, immerse and indulge yourself into an indica experience of a lifetime in every smoke of the Northern Lights and as you read this article, you could probably give yourself a tap on the shoulders as to how proud you can possibly be when you finally identify the benefits and importance of this strain to your mind, body health, and on other things such as economics, commercial value, and growing terms as well. You’ll get that naturally good feeling as the Northern Lights Cannabis Indica is here to set your sight on one of the best feelings ever – the association of solid high and the focused state of being in every smoke.

Most smokers and marijuana growers out there are probably hooked by how the Northern Lights indica strain is able to make them feel relaxed, euphoric, and sustainably high for a given moment. But more than that, this well-known indica strain possess medical use that helps those who suffer from mental concerns to everyday stress management.

What are the Northern Lights?

The Northern Lights is an indica strain that is known to be at the fore of every wish list among smokers, growers, and business people engaging with marijuana. It is an indica strain that is born out of the combination between the Thai sativa and an Afghan indica. So, its composition is useful among those who seek both the high level of THC cannabinoid content and the solid high that is unique to itself as well.

According to Rebert Bergman, a famous marijuana critic, reviewer, and grower, the “Northern Lights was created. Hailing from the outskirts of Seattle, Washington, it was propagated out of the Netherlands in 1985 and has since become a legend in its own right.”

Since its rise to fame in the 1980s, the Northern Lights has gained so much attention that a lot of people may derive and attribute their personal well-being, euphoria, and positive experience to it as well. But, more than just a recreational strain, the Northern Lights is a proud indica which attracts people who lack enough sleep, who are restless, too stressed out, and those who have mood disorders as well.

What is an Indica Strain?

Indica is a gene lineage of a marijuana that is useful particularly in helping anyone feel more relaxed, calm, and composed. As an indica cannabis, the Northern Lights is packed with enough THC content level that can help you think positively and only focus on happy thoughts. More than that, it is also used to assist anyone to feel less stressed and clouded with negative thoughts. That is why indica cannabis are go-to strains whenever you feel like you cannot think of anything good at all.

What Makes It Naturally Special?

Now, what makes the Northern Lights so special? Some would just tell about the recreational benefits that they can get out of every smoke of this indica but some may also add in its mental and medical benefits.

In a review by the MarijuanaBreak, an independent website reviewing marijuana strains of all sorts, the Northern Lights “has dreamy and euphoric effects written all over it, often sending consumers into a blissful, altered reality, where they can be peacefully relaxed and physically lazy.”

More than just that dreamy feeling and the euphoric high that is remarkable, the Northern Lights can give a lot of benefits that address people who realize that they need help from mental concerns all the way to physical needs and attributions. Thus, the nomination of this strain to be one of the most famous, go-to strains among many smokers around the world. Now, let us take a look at how this cannabis is beneficial on so many levels.

Benefits of Northern Lights

Mental Health

  • In terms of mental health, the Northern Lights is known to help people who are dealing with mood disorders such as depression, anxiety, and even Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). These are the top mental situations that are addressed with a smoke of the Northern Lights. More than that, it can also help people who undergo mood swings as it can balance out your thoughts and then provide a more relaxed feel into your head in no time.
  • In terms of mental health, this cannabis strain works with the solid high from the beginning and then transitions into a more relaxed feeling, so your body is numb enough to just feed yourself with positive thoughts. Aside from that experience, it can also help reduce the amount of depressive thoughts because, in every smoke, it has sweet hints combined with fresh pines and earthy flavors as well.

Physical Health and Well-being

  • In terms of the physical blessings that are present in every smoke of the Northern Lights, you cannot just miss out on the good effects. The physical benefits start with the attack on pain points such as muscle spasm, headache and migraine, neck and back pain, and of course the overall bodily pain. As a medical marijuana that helps address these painful health concerns, the Northern Lights has since then gained trust from many medical patients who seek relief from too much pain and issues especially the migraine. But more than the physical remedy against pain, the Northern Lights is also used to help reduce the level of stress that people experience from problems, work, and other family or personal issues. Through one smoke, it can relax the nerves and clear your head for a more focused and productive day ahead.
  • The blog site, MarijuanaBreak even added to their article that Northern Lights is a famous “full-bodied and bliss-inducing reefer would become the result. Bred by combining the genetics of two powerful landrace strains, Afghani indica and Thai sativa were matched together to birth Northern Lights. With a 90% indica and 10% sativa ratio, do not expect this cannabis strain to energize you or make you become hyper and focused.” So, what can you possibly take out of it in terms of physical benefits? Relaxed and focused demeanor, huh?

Commercial and Economic Benefits of Northern Lights

  • In terms of the economic and commercial value of the Northern Lights, you would not get a bad review. You can totally trust this strain as it has recently gained so much love from a lot of people across the globe. In fact, it has been named as one of the most famous strains – indica strain to be exact – that are currently available out there at your local dispensaries. More than the popularity, the Northern Lights has also been dubbed as one of the marijuana industry’s hall of famer because of its recreational and medical use. This strain has earned a spot worldwide for winning the Cannabis Cup awards since the 1990s. So, definitely a hall of famer!

Growing Benefits Out of the Northern Lights

Growing the Northern Lights marijuana is relatively easy both indoors and outdoors. It can be easily grown indoors especially on grow tents and grow boxes. It grows in relatively small stance so space is not going to be your problem at all. When grown indoors, the Northern Lights can fully thrive after about 7 to 9 weeks. Just make sure that it happened to be sitting on a well-ventilated space.

In terms of growing outdoors, the Northern Lights like to be exposed under a quite sunny climate and a warmer environment. When grown outdoors, it can typically yield up to 22 ounces after about 9 weeks as well.


Whether you do not know it or you are already quite familiar, the Northern Lights is definitely a winner among many cannabis fans, smokers, and growers out there. It has propelled itself at the top of the board because of all its benefits from medical, physical, to even the financial side of growing. More than that, it can be easily found elsewhere. So, the relief on your pain points is as easy as one local dispensary away.

Now that you already know the possible benefits of Northern Lights to you aside from the recreational experiences. Make sure that you can get a hang of it especially when you desire it for every time. More than that, with the growing tips that we have provided, you have probably been more familiar with how the Northern Lights would be highly effective for you today and in the long run.

So, go and get your dream destination with the Aurora Dancing Northern Lights wherever you are with the Northern Lights indica marijuana. Reap out all of its benefits buddies!

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