Avoiding Scams

Tips on Avoiding Scams in Purchasing Marijuana Seeds 

Purchasing Cannabis seeds could be risky with all scammers and fakers that could give you fraud information, reviews, and products. Meeting this kind of people is inevitable in both real and online markets especially with Weed seeds trading. Keeping in mind the following tips on how to avoid scam transactions could save time and money.

 Search the Source if Legitimate

Do some research about the company selling the weed seeds to check its reliability. Always think that it is fake source until proven and convinced about their business. Being skeptical at all times can be very helpful in being cautious.

 Search for Testimonies and Blogs

Check for honest testimonies and blogs online that could testify for the website. Be very careful in buying sources outside the country due to the fact that it takes time and effort to report and catch scammers. Try to research if weeds are legally sold in a particular country before buying anything to avoid any issues.

 Avoid Paying with Cash

Most scammers want payments to be in cash in order for them to retain no record of the transactions. Paying electronically with Credit Cards could leave records of trades that help in tracking the scammers. There is also higher chance that money taken due to fraud be reimbursed.

 Don’t Rush Buying Anything

Beware of sellers that pressure buyers in purchasing weeds right away. This could give no time to properly think and decide about the products or the reliability of the source. Always take time in choosing the right type or strain of Marijauna to also prevent future disappointments in yields and effects. Don’t believe if they say you will lose a big opportunity when purchased later. It could be a part of their marketing plan.

 Be Updated with Strains

Being aware of old and new strains can help figure out the availability or characteristics of the seed. Some product reviews might right the THC or CBD levels to be very high than that they are in reality. Reading and researching about marijuana in reputable sources can help giving updates.

 Know Some Dead Strains

Know strains that already been lost through time. There could still be people that advertise pot seeds that are no longer grown or bred. Examples of these are strains of Columbia Gold, Acapulco Gold, and Panama Red which have been dead long time ago. Some strains have been gone before seed banks can save them.

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